The Philadelphia Magazine 50 Best Restaurants for 2013

These are the restaurants we want to eat in right now. Not yesterday. Certainly not last year. Maybe not even tomorrow. But right now.

Philadelphia, at this moment, is in a state of flux that mirrors (and in some cases heralds) the changes happening in the restaurant industry at large—a movement toward a new casualness, where the best meal you’ll ever have is one you eat in blue jeans while sitting at a rough wood table in a neighborhood you wouldn’t even have driven through a decade ago. In this brave new world of cuisine, the restaurants our parents and grandparents knew—those temples of white-tablecloth haute cuisine—are struggling to find or recapture relevance. And in many cases, the cooks who trained at them are now the chefs who are taking their trade away.

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In order to put together this year’s list of Philly’s 50 best, we started with a total of 170 restaurants, then spent three months eating and arguing and researching and arguing and revisiting and arguing over who belonged where. The question was not only who seared the best foie gras, but which restaurants in town had the most weight. The heaviest gravity. We wanted to suss out which mattered most at this contentious moment in time, and then to figure out why.

This list is our answer to those questions, compiled with a total disregard for history or nostalgia or debts owed. It’s a snapshot—a frozen instant that, we hope, serves as a window into a changing world of cuisine.

Welcome to the revolution.

  1. Stateside*

  2. Marigold Kitchen*

  3. Vedge*

  4. The Farm and Fisherman*

  5. Le Virtu*

  6. Sbraga*

  7. Fond

  8. Amis

  9. Vetri

  10. Bibou

  11. Blackfish

  12. Brauhaus Schmitz*

  13. Osteria

  14. Zahav

  15. Vernick Food & Drink*

  16. Will*

  17. Fork Restaurant

  18. Zeppoli*

  19. Han Dynasty

  20. Fountain Restaurant

  21. Amada

  22. Dandelion*

  23. Tashan*

  24. Little Fish*

  25. JG Domestic*

  26. Le Bec Fin*

  27. Zama*

  28. Jamonera*

  29. Il Pittore*

  30. Alla Spina*

  31. Pub & Kitchen

  32. Pumpkin

  33. Barbuzzo

  34. Kanella

  35. Sovana Bistro

  36. Bistro 7

  37. Nectar*

  38. Bistrot La Minette

  39. Oyster House

  40. Butcher & Singer

  41. Lacroix

  42. Standard Tap

  43. Matyson

  44. Koo Zee Doo

  45. Percy Street Barbecue

  46. Federal Donuts*

  47. Supper

  48. Mica*

  49. Talulas Garden*

  50. Parc

* New to list.

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