The Philadelphia Magazine 50 Best Restaurants for 2013

These are the restaurants we want to eat in right now. Not yesterday. Certainly not last year. Maybe not even tomorrow. But right now.

Philadelphia, at this moment, is in a state of flux that mirrors (and in some cases heralds) the changes happening in the restaurant industry at large—a movement toward a new casualness, where the best meal you’ll ever have is one you eat in blue jeans while sitting at a rough wood table in a neighborhood you wouldn’t even have driven through a decade ago. In this brave new world of cuisine, the restaurants our parents and grandparents knew—those temples of white-tablecloth haute cuisine—are struggling to find or recapture relevance. And in many cases, the cooks who trained at them are now the chefs who are taking their trade away.

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In order to put together this year’s list of Philly’s 50 best, we started with a total of 170 restaurants, then spent three months eating and arguing and researching and arguing and revisiting and arguing over who belonged where. The question was not only who seared the best foie gras, but which restaurants in town had the most weight. The heaviest gravity. We wanted to suss out which mattered most at this contentious moment in time, and then to figure out why.

This list is our answer to those questions, compiled with a total disregard for history or nostalgia or debts owed. It’s a snapshot—a frozen instant that, we hope, serves as a window into a changing world of cuisine.

Welcome to the revolution.

* New to list.

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  • Captain Jimmy

    Isn’t marigold on the verge of closing

  • denright

    any chance of publishing the original list of 170?

  • Duff Beer

    This list is pretty ridiculous…. Federal donuts beats Parc, Talula’s garden & Supper?!?
    You’ve got to be joking!
    Marigold Kitchen at number 2!?! Wait is it 2006?!?

  • mlop

    I’m am SHOCKED that Stateside is #1. I’ve been to almost every restaurant on the list–and I agree with most. However, Stateside was a MAJOR disappointment. The service was slow and rude (that’ s an understatement). The food was definitely nothing to write home about. By the way did I mention they were out of 2 beers that we ordered. The waitress did not tell us they were out of the beer and instead brought us replacements without asking. She never told us it wasn’t what we ordered–when we tasted them and realized they weren’t what we were expecting, we asked her if she gave us the wrongs ones, and that’s when she told us they were out. NOT #1 service.

  • bobsbigboy

    not anymore

  • Little Timmy

    Where’s pizza brain?

  • Kate

    I’ve been to 9/10 restaurants on your top 10 list and am shocked that Zeppoli is #18. Zeppoli should be in the top 2 in my opinion. Shocked at how high you ranked Brauhaus Schmitz. Also, what happened to Fuji of Haddonfield?

  • katecurry

    Stateside does not belong in the first five. The food is good (Fond and Le Virtu are better) but the service is beyond rude. I have overhead strangers talking about how they would never go back there due to terrible service.

  • mygoodness

    federal donuts isnt a restaurant,
    jg domestic (when was the last time you ate there/)
    p & k over pumpkin?
    zeppoli and nectar are not in philly, neither is blackfish
    does anyone eat at supper?
    farm and fisherman over Vernick?
    does anyone who even reads this blog eat at the fountain? i highly doubt it
    I agree statesides service does not reflect the food coming out of that kitchen, its like a bunch of teenage girls run the front of the house.
    to be a great restaurant food cannot be the only thing that draws in guests,you have to give people an experience along with that.
    this is the most displaced list ive ever seen.
    All i have to say is wow

  • Dan

    Yes, this list makes abundantly clear to all that Solomonov/Cook’s people have philly mag on retainer.

    To be clear, they own 1 restaurant justifying inclusion on this list: Zahav. Including a quick serve donuts-chicken shop with virtually no seating and a decent but nothing special BBQ joint on here is ludicrous.

    This following the inclusion of their places on the list of best bars in the city has shattered any hint of credibility.

    I wonder what the cost-benefit ratio is for them. How many folks from the suburbs will try the latter two places, particularly the struggling Percy Street in light of this list?

  • barryg

    Yeah the service has been shit at Stateside ever since Anthony left. It’s a shame. Even just on the merits of food, it should be on the list but it is not #1. FedNuts… just trying to stir controversy I assume. I wonder who fought to get Parc squeezed in at #50, the food is terrible and I’m guessing the people on the panel know that.

  • Andrew

    This list is beyond a joke. As other commenters have pointed out, federal donuts is not even a restaurant. Maybe City Sports can get on next years list?

    How does La Calaca Feliz not even make the top 50? It is the best and most inventive mexican food in the city, a 3 beller, etc. Not even on the list?

  • Forking ridiculous.

    Everyone knows this list is based on if you advertise in their magazine or not. It’s a huge sham. Check out local blogs or non biased websites if you are looking for a good place to eat. Half these places stink. Any Starr joint for instance. Can’t even get an honest review anymore. It’s shameful.

  • Ams

    Morimoto is not a top 50 restaurant in the city of Philadelphia? Wow. All I need to know about this “list”.

  • barryg

    Yeah if FedNuts qualifies as a “restaurant” where are Paesano’s, John’s Roast Pork, and Capogiro?

  • Peter Breslow

    Great list! Pretty close to being right on the money. I’ve been to all of these and I agree with most of the choices. You left two off that I feel belong more than Tashan and Koo Zee Doo, but I’m not going to complain like the bitches above.

  • ap1

    i’ve been to ALL of these restaurants aswell. while i agree with most of the ranking- i actually pefer the restaurants #13-23 way over #1-9 on this list. it should be reversed lol but thats just me.

  • mlop

    Thank you…as agreed above, STATESIDE should NOT be #1..not even class.

    And…if Federal Donuts makes the list even though it’s definitely NOT a restaurant, where is HipCityVeg? Talk about innovative and reaching a new group of foodies…that place has given a whole new place to Vegan-ism in the city (fyi, I am NOT a vegan nor vegetarian).

    Also, as stated above, where is La Calaca Feliz? How about Lemon Hill?

  • ThisDontMakeNoSense

    I really dont get this list. In years past, you’d scroll down and you might argue about a placement or two, but it was hard to disagree with anything on the list. This year’s is just plain puzzling and bordering on ridiculous.

    First of all, I would love to meet even one person in this city who thinks Stateside is the best restaurant we have. You go there for a beer and some small plates, not the best meal ever. Come on. What standards are used to determine the list? How did Vetri and Blackfish all of a sudden just decline so far as to be only a notch or two about Brauhaus Schmidtz? How did Barbuzzo fall all the way to #33? I’ve never been to Dandelion, but everyone I’ve ever spoken to about it calls it so-so, yet here its top 25 in the city? And finally, while Percy St BBQ is weird enough, Federal Donuts on here is downright stupid. It’s top 50 Restaurants, not eateries. If that’s the case, yeah, you might as well throw in some food carts, Whole Foods, some coffee places, etc. Makes no sense at all. I guess rather than make a real list, theyd rather make something that people will talk about, albeit negatively. In that case, well done.

  • Hreese

    This list is totally ridiculous. Stateside #1? A place that serves fried chicken and doughnuts (Federal Doughnuts) in the top 50???? No Morimoto, Bistro LaMinette beat by Brauhaus Schmitz??? What the hell is going on here? Did you NOT consider chef talent, service, atmosphere, etc??? Seems like this year maybe you paid for your slot instead of earned it. This list is totally ridiculous and seriously disappointing. I feel for the real chefs of the city who work hard and are either not on the list or have been placed wrong.

  • Bella Mia

    Forking ridiculous said it all for me. Thank you.

  • Austin

    2013 locks:

    – Serpico
    – Fette Sau
    – Royal Sushi & Izakaya
    – Volver (if it opens by summer)

    Surprises for me for this year were no Khyber Pass (I guess too much of a bar) or Melograno (I guess too “not of the moment”).

    Oh, and poor Pickled Heron. Great spot but brutal location (esp. for the concept).


    STATESIDE….HAHAHAHAHAHa…Got people talking….Undeserved on so many levels!!!

  • Couldyoubemorebitter

    This list is a definite indication of NEW, modern, inventive eating! The restaurants might not have white table cloths, but you can definitely count on them for dishes that you haven’t tried before and atmospheres that are fun, exciting and comfortable.

  • CaptainLogic

    Stateside fucking rules. Rest of list is meh. Opinions are like assholes…ya know?

  • BJ Guzzi

    I am proud EPX is so well represented on the listing…Stateside left a bitter taste in my mouth where on a Tuesday night I brought 5 friends (Non-EPXers) with me to try the place. There were 6 open tables and the hostess refused to move tables together for the 6 of us to eat together, until the table of 6 had left…needless to say, the table of 6 started opening presents and we were there 45 minutes waiting around like a bunch of idiots, left and walked to La Cantina and had more fun. The atmosphere in there is a little too pretentious. I’ve had great dining experiences there before where that was not that vibe but I guess all this FooBooz praise is making the restaurant feel superior. I’d opt for Jamonera over Stateside these days.

  • barryg

    @BJ, it’s not pretension, the hostesses are just dumb and rude.

  • thesestreets

    They’re pretty clear about their criteria (which is pretty cool – a shade of nuance beyond “best restaurant”) and I think this list fits that pretty well. A few of the restaurants aren’t actually in the city, but, neither is Phillymag really. They’ve one toe just barely dipped into town with the other foot, hands, and car keys firmly in the main line.

  • Brian Higgins


    Won’t debate the rankings, but just want to say BRAVO on bringing the Philadelphia Top 50 Restaurant List back for 2013 — you have done the city and Philly Mag’s readers a great justice! Thanks again.

  • Eddie money

    No Cambridge or barrel house? Lame

  • Lou

    Don’t feed the trolls. They clearly have bad taste anyway based on some of the comments here.

  • A. Marc

    Yes Marigold Kitchen at number 2, and anyone who has yet to dine there under the expert culinary tutelage of Chef Proprietor Rob Halpern cannot really chime in on any of the comments honestly. With that said, no; it is not 2006. In fact, it it is on the cusp on 2013. As people taste in clothin’ changed, as life progresses, as technology becomes more advanced, and as people’s palates becomes more seasoned, chefs must also adapt to these changes as well. It is important for Chef proprietors and restauratuers to adapt to the ever changin’ trends in foods and adapt in order for his or her establishment to stay ahead of the competition! Chef Rob Halpern takes on this challenge culinarily through innovative, thought-provokin’, and carefully planned mise-en-place that heightens ones palate and as well as his or her dining experience! I should know bein’ as though I work here!

    Although there are some places one may think may be better than another, one cannot really say unless he or she has actually dined at both places. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, but to bash certain places out if sheer ignorance is uncalled for! Homework, palate research, and a true genuine approach to dining out to different places are needed to actually have something worth saying. We all love food and dining out, but one should know what he or she is talking about before responding!

  • becca

    i like these lists and the conversation they start but i do just want to point out:

    pub & kitchen = #1 bar, #31 restaurant

    stateside = #1 restaurant, #14 bar.

    guess you can make an argument that one aims to be a restaurant and one aims to be a bar but i dont find their approach/concepts all that different.

  • James Cagney

    That’s a very good point Becca. Conceptually they are practically the same restaurant.

  • rory

    lol @ “carefully planned mise en place” heightening an eater’s palate. fancy word fail.

    anyway, there are a number of laughable additions (fednuts is just absurd in this list. and i love me some solomonov and didn’t mind the zahav addition to the bar list. though i know better restaurant bars, fwiw), some questionable misses (really, no or lemon hill? amongst others), and weird rankings (Brauhaus Schmitz, as noted, as well as Han. Sorry, but Han’s overexpanded. deal with it), and not a single interesting inclusion. this is the 50 most talked about more than the 50 best. I’d wish the list were more about expanding palates to see all of what philly offers (shit, Bourdain did more to expand knowledge of Philly’s food by including places like Chef Ken’s). Most daming, imo, is the narrowness of their Philadelphia. We’ve got the main line, center city, and east passyunk. One place in West Philly (JG Domestic doesn’t count). One place in Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill, two north of 676. get out a bit more.

  • CMB

    How is LeCastange not on that list ? insane

  • EM

    @Rory 50 most talked about? Then how did Marigold Kitchen sneak on there. Don’t think I’ve even heard a word about it in two years.

  • rory

    @ EM: one attempt at being edgy in a way that isn’t all that edgy? in all honesty, while marigold is slept on, it’s not off the radar (maybe I should have said “50 restaurants most frequently represented at COOK? :)”). the larger point stands, even with one (semi) counter-example. i’m underwhelmed by the list, both geographically and in terms of it being pretty cliche.

  • EM

    @Rory Agreed and agreed.

  • Philly253

    This list is all over the map. Vetri & Fond are the only two I’d argue for inclusion in and around the top 5 besides any of the others already there. Will & Bibou deserved better imho. Lemon Hill should definitely be inlcluded somewhere if Brauhaus & Percy St (both of which I love) are included. Same for Kraftwork if we’re somehow talking about Fed Donuts. JG Domestic’s inclusion is puzzling to me as well.

    Fun to argue, I suppose.

  • winegirl

    This list of ridiculous. Should of included Ela, Southwark, A.Kitchen, The Mildred

    Instead of:
    Fed Do Nuts – a take out joint with 2 items and not open for dinner.
    Pub & Kitchen – Has been going downhill in both food and service in last year
    Standard Tap – not even top 3 gastropub anymore
    Percy Street – Good just never great

  • Alex

    This list is an absolute joke. Trash like this list is why I stopped subscribing to this magazine years ago.

  • Philly Lover

    Brauhaus & Percy St are much better than that lousy Lemon Hill and I live in Fairmount

  • titr

    i think rittenhouse tavern should have atleast made the list.

  • titr

    whats up with that?

  • Wtf

    In disbelief Stateside is #1. Horrible service! I’m fine with Zahav at #14 but why is Zeppoli not in the top 10?

  • Philly253

    @Philly Lover

    Like I said, I really like Brauhaus & Percy. I’ve been to Lemon Hill about a dozen times now and have always enjoyed myself. Drinks, wine, beer, food, service & atmosphere. Then again, I’m in Manayunk, so Lemon Hill would win bar of the century for my neck of the woods.

    Rittenhouse Tavern probably should’ve made it as well.

    The list gets worse and worse the more I look at it.

  • King Krab

    Does anyone eat at sbraga?

  • FattyFatMan

    It is a pretty terrible list. Its one thing to be counterintuitive and buck expectations and be provocative, etc. But it’s another to be thoughtless, over the top, and out to shock. Could stateside be a great restaurant in a few years after it grows up a bit? Maybe. And Marigold??? Anyway, with food coverage what it is in Philly people know what the best places are. Maybe this is an ironic, postmodern “best of” list that is implicitly trying to demonstrate how stupid these lists are.

    The one thing I will say is that when I came to Philly five years ago I used the list to try out a bunch of places and get to know the city’s restaurants. I’m worried that people will read this idiotic list and go to restaurants that do not really reflect how good the food here is and dismiss it unfairly.

  • dale

    I just don’t get your idea of weight and gravity… Stateside has been open for such a short time that weren’t even able to get there outdoor service going…If you cant figure out your entire restaurant concept how can you be alongside the best….

  • Eileen Lanza

    I have eaten at Marigold Kitchen a few times and each visit is amazing. The food is terrific with such amazing flavors and the presentation even more so. The thought and creativity that goes into the menu and preparation are above and beyond. It’s a magic show of food! Well done

  • JenniferC

    Hate. Hate. Hate. You gotta love all the haters. It gives people something to read and laugh at you for. Congratulations to all the chefs. If people knew actually how much you put into it, they wouldn’t be so quick to be such assholes.

  • Cody

    Congratulations to Stateside!!!!! George rules!!! Kema is cool too!!!

  • Terence

    Who hating on Marigold has eaten there? Food is out of control and the space is beautiful. Go there, #2 seems about right.

    Stateside? Every dish I have ever had there in several visits has been right on the money and I have never had service issues. Great, wonderful place.

    I won’t hate on any inclusions but I do think A.Kitchen should be on there.

  • TimR

    For those who needed further proof that laban is the only reputable source out there, a brief look at this list should suffice.

  • Peter hope

    Le bec fin 2.0 is the best restaurant in the city hands down!!!!
    What is wrong with you people?

  • Johnny rotten

    To anyone mentioning COOK classes, you realize LaCroix does many of those dinners a d were robbed. In the 40s, r u kidding me? More creative than almost anywhere in this city

  • SS

    As a chef, I’ve spoken to many people in a short time in how absurd this list is without instigating any negative feedback. the conclusions are

    Lacroix being so low is absolutely absurd.

    Marigold may deserve #2 and no one can truly argue because no one goes there and it may be great

    Stateside being #1 is a double edged sword. They are certainly above average…when they are not busy. Having been so busy in the past year their overall experience that they offer their guests is supremely lackluster at best(moreso the service which is amateur at best, and I’d actually rank the Green Eggs staff as more hospitable)

    Nobody eats at Sbraga….except for people that don’t care about food so much as eating a “famous” chef’s food(same goes for Mica…without the famous chef)

    I love Federal Donuts!!!!!!not on this list because it’s not a restaurant, or a bar, or a place that actually offers service, or an experience, or so on and so forth.

    Dear white tablecloth guy/girl, Suck it

    Percy Street belongs on this list, and where they’re at

    Dear Morimoto guy/girl, Congrats on having a 6 figure salary to enjoy Morimoto enough to want to throw them on the list

    To round things out George Sabatino is incredible and deserves all of the accolades he has received this year. Just not this one because no establishment is a one man show and the faces Stateside sees ruin the experience at every angle and turn. Before you argue with me, go drop some hard earned money and look yourself in the mirror and pretend to wish you didnt spend it somewhere else.

    P.S. – Route 6 is and enjoyable and cheap happy hour. cheers!

  • guy

    This list would make anyone laugh who really knows Philly restaurants. We all know #1 is obviously not Stateside, due to its poor service and mediocre/a hint above average food.. What I would like to know is why all these great restaurants like La Calaca Feliz,and Ela didn’t make the list????…How did Blackfish and Vetri slip so far down the list,when they continue to put out delicious and creative dishes,with plush service… This is absurd

  • Ryan

    You know who doesn’t get Percy Street BBQ? Southerners who grew up eating good BBQ. PSBBQ is the worst incarnation of the genre in and around Center City. Anyone who likes it has never had good BBQ in their life.

    Vetri and Osteria being down that low is the product of a bunch of suburban twats who make this list trying to be subversive. Too bad it comes off as incompetence and weak attempts at originality.

    Nomad Pizza’s exclusion might be the worst thing about this list.

    Wait, not it wasn’t. If they were intent on not including a full service restaurants on a Best Restaurant list then make the subliminal choice a 4th Street Deli, George’s Sandwich Shop, Jack’s Place or Chink’s Steaks, not some fuckin donut shop. OK? B/c at this point I’m surprised they didn’t include Shake Shack.

  • Jimmy

    When will people realize that the real intent of this list is to generate buzz and publicity rather than truly rank restaurants?

  • Allitia

    Look, this provocative mishmash of truth and lies may sell well in the ‘burbs but everyone in the city knows that Ela should be on this list. Ludicrous omission.

  • Rick

    Great list! Looking forward to checking out several new additions. Bibou is crazy good.

  • Joseph Klein

    I can’t believe McDonald’s didn’t make the list or even the Comcast Building foot court! This list is as absolutely absurd and for someone who enjoys the Philadelphia restaurant scene on a consistent basis I have to say that I lost all conidence and respect for the Philadelphia magazine and their critique on area restaurants. You as a company just ensured your readers that you are all about advertising dollars. Such a sad shame for those ‘real’ restaurants that deserve high accolades. Obviously Craig Laban is still only the true critic for Philly restaurants.

  • Sherbs

    Sbraga and Stateside do not belong in the top 10 (or top 20 for that matter). I ordered the meatloaf and sbraga and what came out was literally the size of a ramekin. Take them out of the top ten and replace them with Vernick and Osteria.

    For those not familiar with Vernick, it is a must try. Should be a top 5 restaurant on this list in my opinion. The food there is unlike anything else in the city.

  • Alimentarian

    You have to read this with a sense of humor. Putting Amis above Vetri is amusing. Well done!

  • barryg

    @Alimentarian, so basically you are saying this list is useless to someone who isn’t already familiar with all the restaurants on it?

  • Emmit Fitzhume

    Philadelphia Magazine is a joke of a publication that panders to its advertisers. I don’t know how their editors sleep at night.

  • FattyFatMan

    I really liked what Laban did, giving four bells to Zahav and Bibou. It was a nice move that reflected how dining has changed, not just in Philadelphia, but throughout the country.

    That said, do people really think that Stateside and Marigold are better than Vetri, Bibou, and Blackfish? That great restaurants spring out of nowhere overnight? (I know Marigold has been around for a while, but it has been totally off the radar.)

    Ideally, you look to this type of list to maybe find a new place or two that you’ve overlooked and should give a try to.

    JG Domestic, Zama, Percy St, BBQ Parc, Oyster House, Dandelion, Pub and Kitchen, and Bistro 7 are all good but unremarkable restaurants that you could expect to find in any reasonably affluent mid-size city. I’ve eaten at all of them within the past 18 months, and they’re good, but there’s better.

    That this list doesn’t tell me anything I don’t know (except that Philly Mag is desperate to stir up controversy) is sad given how much time and effort was spent going into this list.

  • Alimentarian

    @Barryg(ibb?): I suppose this list is useful to those unfamiliar with the restaurants, not as a ranking, but as a list of places where you really can’t go wrong having a meal. The rankings are largely ridiculous, of course (e.g., Brauhaus Schmitz 37 places ahead of Talula’s Garden). But Amis right in front of Vetri? That’s funny. Next year I hope to see Percy Street ranked just above Zahav.

  • Sarah

    Vernick got hosed, is all I’m gonna say.

  • FoodCrazy

    Seriously no, the mildred or lemon hill? I dont want to hate on anyone listed, but this list doesnt seem thought out

  • Lovinphillyfood

    Congratulations Stateside. Your homemade scrapple warms my soul every time. And I still haven’t found a place that makes a better manhatten!

  • Anthony

    This list is booty!
    This is why major Foodie metros like SF, DC, NY, CHI, and LA will never take us seriously.
    These types of “Best of Philly” lists make the above think our dining scene is less sophisticated that it actually is.

  • Bebe

    I have a friend who keeps having babies. She has, like, five babies now. Even though baby #1 and baby #2 (and even 3 & 4) are still cute and whatever, she doesn’t like them as much anymore. You know, they’re getting older, not as appealing to her. Even though they still do interesting stuff and try new things all the time and are pretty consistently well-behaved. She’s all about the one she just had. The latest baby is the greatest baby. She’s so shallow, right? Nothing like you guys.

  • Terri

    I find these “best of Philly” lists(not just restaurants) are never valuable… generally the winners are the ones with the biggest ads in the magazine or some other FWB type of relationship.

  • T

    I tend to think a place needs to work its way up a list. To have #1-6 as newbies seems a little knee-jerk. That said, I am happy Vedge was so well-received. Maybe I don’t have the respect I ought to have for German food, but #12 for Brauhaus Schmitz? I think I had an atypically poor experience at Alla Spina – everything was insanely salt. I needed to change my beer to handle it. I agree with comments about Federal Donuts, and I’d put Standard Tap on the “huh?” list too.

  • haha

    HAHA I can’t believe Foobooz/PhillyRag/ProfilePR could get any worse but you have. Kudos to you, you are sucktastic !

  • guy

    Why is everyone in such a rage? Forget about the actual rankings and just take the list as 50 best restaurants. Who cares what the order is? Look at it that way and the list is pretty solid. Everyone gets so defensive because their favorite restaurant got beat out by a place they’ve never been to. Geez calm down people it’s not that big of a deal.

  • 3rd&Brown

    Seems to be that leaving off and Ela is a huge oversight.

    Percy Street is super average if not below average. Every time I’ve been there my food has been luke-warm at best. Brauhaus Schmidt’s? People eat THERE?

    I had no idea.

    Osteria is better than Amis. Vetri better than them both. Alla Spina was a huge disappointment.

    Agreed with the general sentiment on Federal Donuts.

    Pub & Kitchen is increasingly irrelevant. Worst bloody mary’s at a “good” restaurants I’ve ever had and the wings are a complete joke (all skin and no meet…another worst of the best accolade). That, and, they manage to continually take the best things off the menu. The service, however, is delightful, particularly for a neighborhood spot.

  • Brown stain

    Brauhaus? Nope, no one eats there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  • Peter Harris

    3rd & Brown & Brown Stain:
    On Brauhaus:

    People do eat there. The food’s amazing–both the traditional and the modern German cuisine. Maybe get your asses to Munich if you can’t figure out why it’s so loud and crowded. Or just head to Doucheshay’s on Rittenhouse. I’m sure they have a spot for you.

  • K

    Wow, what an uproar over this list. It is a list that is the opinion of the people working at Philly Mag, obviously, not everyone will share their opinions or views. Take the list for what it is, and if you disagree with it, click onto another web page. But to sit here and personally attack or insult the restaurants that have made the list is awful. To imply that these employees haven’t earned their way here is hurtful and inaccurate. The employees and chefs of these restaurants have given their time and efforts to make their restaurants the best they can be and anyone suggesting otherwise is ignorant and has most likely never worked at a restaurant before to realize HOW much work actually goes into running a GOOD one. Congratulations to all of those who have put in their time and hard work and made it to the top 50, you guys deserve it!

  • Jimmy

    LOL – Philly Mag wins again!

  • Em

    FYI the Brauhaus team is cooking at the James Beard House next month. And that Swedish sous chef is dead sexy.

  • Samar S.

    I’m super happy about this this! Particularly that STATESIDE is # 1.

    Don’t be douche bags people! To each his own people!

    You all should actually read the article that precedes and fu%king recognize that it’s Philly Mag’s top. Not yours! Disagree all you want, but don’t be hostile, particularly because these are people’s careers you’re critiquing too! & let’s face it, most of you sit in offices and can’t even imagine what actually goes on in these kitchens. (Note, the article is also about food!

    Anyway, I’ve staged or worked in more than ten of these places and I love that they are on here. Happy new year to you all, even the haters.

  • ck

    how is ela not top 10?

  • Fat Steve

    Um hello where the hell is Chicky and Pete’s best place in Philly this list it dorkbeak

  • Pavel Bure

    The Russian Rocket disagrees with Fat Steve. SCOOOOORE!

  • Fat Steve

    Shut up Pavel why don’t you go marry another kid from Full House or was that your brother with the lady name? #CPS4LYFE

  • Pavel Bure

    Real funny Steve but there is no way your chicken cutlet italian on that tiny roll can compare to real food I know I played with TREVOR LINDEN and he’s a real man. HE SHOOTS HE SCOOOOOOORES!

  • Fat Steve

    Oh sure Pavlov I hav two words for you – lobster cheesesteak every heard of it? probably not because you’re a russian and eat vodka.

    Fat Steve put it on the board YES

  • Pavel Bure

    Pavel Vladimirovich Bure is not impressed by your lobster cheesesteak. Lobster is ocean cockroach. Besides your cheese lacks flavor. ONE TIMER … GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL HAT TRICK BURE!

  • Fat Steve

    Whatever you probably eat chicken kiev out of the microwave ever heard of crab fries why do you think there aer like 15 chicy petes because it is philadelphias best food ask somebody Gorbachov while you are at go see who won Rocky IV

  • Pavel Bure


  • Ivan Drago

    I cannot be defeated. I beat all man. Someday, I will beat a real champion. If Fat Steve dies, he dies.

  • Fat Steve

    This is mularkey all of it also the food at Barbuzzo tastes like cadillac dog food I know because I ate it once on a dare on that note I am walking to my friendly C’s & P’s for an order of crabby chips the size of a toilet seat

    Fat Steve out

  • Pavel Bure


  • Fat Steve


  • Fat Steve

    Fat Steve out for serious happy New Year everybody except the russian and barbuzzo not to you but everyone else

  • matt

    So not one ethnically/immigrant owned and run restaurant makes the top 50?

  • FattyFatMan

    @ Matt
    Han Dynasty?

  • Dingleberry


  • Dingleberry

    Having cooked in major cities across the US and abroad I can say with confidence that the list is hopefully a joke and the real one will appear shortly. If stateside is a number one Philly restaurant what would it be in NYC and what does that say about our dining scene here? We are far behind in comparison to other large metropolitan areas and the media has a lot to do with it. Should we start to politely ask the reviewers to leave when they are noticed and do away with all this as red medicine did in LA? That would be my move. I retired from this line of work and have in fact worked at what was once the top rated restaurant on the planet, but I’m sure that in Philly it would not have even made the list. This list is not professional at at all and there should be rebellion as it sets the Philly restaurant scene years behind our competing cities. We need to evolve as I can promise you this city is a decade behind in terms of cooking and the crackhead of who created this list should be fired and run out of the city for good. Everyone here who is dissatisfied with this list should contact the magazine directly to vent further and hopefully influence a brighter future for the Philadelphia food culture.

  • CM Drunk

    @ Matt : Han Dynasty, Bibou, Tashan, Kanella, Zama. Find something else to bitch about. Or at least know what the hell you are talking about.

  • AlfredL

    Absolutely fixed. I have no faith in Philadelphia magazine. Obviously, if you pay them off, you make the list.

  • Jason R.

    Farmicia really belongs on this list as well.

  • h.mack

    Everyone that’s hating on Marigold can kiss my ass!!! It is a great restaurant and everyone that works there from Chef Rob to the dish washers love being there and work hard and really care about what they are doing!!! Chef Rob is a fantastic Chef and a phenomenal boss!!! I love working here and I think that if you have a problem with us being #2 and you have never eaten there you should take your paycheck and check it out!!! Congratulation to every chef that made this list and fuck off to everyone that is so ignorant posting stupidly rude things about these different businesses!!!

  • BillFrank

    The service at Stateside blooooows. That bald vegan server, the bar tender who I saw under a year ago running food at North Bowl both suck. There doesn’t appear to ever be a manager there. Yes, George is a good chef who takes nice photos of his own food, but his cooks are inconsistent.

    Many chefs and proprietors work for years and years moving in the direction of perfection. Being unacknowledged, behind closed doors. So preoccupied with their day-to-day projects.

    Philly Mag is a joke! With this and with stupid things like sponsoring the cool “masters” program. This is just it, like many of you have said: when your number of readers goes down, you pull them back in with controversy.

  • Snake

    I’ve long been a Fairmount backer in general, but I was suprised at the exclusion of Lemon Hill and Calaca Feliz on both this list and the bars list since they appear to be at least somewhat interchangeable. Especially at the expense of a donut joint.

    Both of the restaurants I mentioned are great new additions to the neighborhood and they have garnered 2 and 3 bell reviews by LaBan. I know that parking is not easy in Fairmount, even hard to find a surface lot or garage and that may make a difference to a PhillyMag readership that tends towards the more suburban lifestyle.

  • Mr.Richard

    Seems a buch of staffers went out for a few drinks to discuss the upcoming Top 50 issue, had a few arguments over who should be on the list or off, took a few notes, called up an EA to join them, threw their notes at him/her and left. She/he organized it all and the magazine printed the result.

  • Paul

    20 Manning is 100x better then Parc will ever be. Parc is good but come on Steven Star? please. And what about Audrey Claire? She is Philly Culinary Royalty

  • Rob

    Absolute joke. There really is no one that is going to take this list seriously.

  • Alphred

    I honestly think that the Pub&Kitchen is the perfect embodiment of the Emperor’s New Clothes. While I have no present opinion on such high brow menu items such as truffled foi gras with parsnip and sprout puree, I recently stopped in for a burger and wings. Bottom line, the wings looked like E.T. when he was sick, and my blind Aunt Edna’s burgers are made with better care and seasoning. If you can’t to a burger or wings, don’t have them on your menu.

  • Rica

    Pub and Kitchen is so awful. Everything about that place sucks. I wish someone would buy it and make it a respectable neighborhood pub again instead of the awful place to eat and drink that it is right now. I keep going back hoping the menu is larger, better, less pretentious, less expensive and I’m always disappointed. The servers spend more time flouncing about than serving. OK, enough. I really hate that place. It is a blot on Philadelphia restaurant scene.

  • Dingleberry

    Paul- learn to spell steven star as Stephen starr before comparing the shitty 20 manning to parc. Parc meals begin with a world class baguette that already tops anything 20 manning can do. Fact is, most spots in Philly lack any skill outside of vetri and seval Starr locations such as the excellent sushi at Morimoto that is as close to the real deal in Japan that you will find in this town. Paul obviously knows nothing about food, restaurants or spelling.

  • rory

    Dingleberry–LMAO at condescending to someone else and then claiming Starr restaurants showcase the most skill in Philly. I enjoyed that start to my Monday. thanks.

  • Dan

    LOl….this list is a joke. I would think Zahav, Vetri, & Bibou would top 1, 2, and 3. The fact that federal donut got on the list is a joke. They are not even a restaurant. Someones getting paid. lol

  • HungryInPhilly

    Are you going to be doing this for 2013?