The New York Times on Le Bec Fin


Alexander Lobrano of the New York Times writes about Le Bec Fin, rather succinctly summing up the dichotomy of a French room serving up a American locavore’s delights.

So the same distracting question recurs throughout a meal here: Does serious food in the United States really still need a French benediction? By proving that it doesn’t, the new Bec Fin rather curiously succeeds in spite of itself.

Restaurant Report: Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia[Official Site]

Photo via New York Times

  • Alimentarian

    This article fails to note the impecably named Chez Georges.

  • bjb

    I really wish they did a full reno. The quicker the realize no one wants to eat in a room that looks like that the better the restaurant will do.

  • Dave

    Bjb, I suspect you’ve never been to La Grenouille. it’s in NYC. A nice quiet dining experience is far superior to a loud Buddakan-type experience with house music, hard floors and exposed cielings.