Craft & Claw Aims to “Undouche” Old City

Adam Erace reviews Craft & Claw, the seafood spot that has taken over Mad River in Old City. In it he finds a grown up spot where the crabs and other menu items are worth ordering.

Tucker and Co. made a mature, respectable move turning a lucrative den of sin and white zin into a smart establishment worth patronizing, and Fabian has the talent to keep things afloat. Support them and their worthy cause, the undoucheing of Old City, one block at a time.

Frat House to Crab House [City Paper]
Craft & Claw [Official Site]

Photo by Neal Santos

  • Pete

    The douche herd does appear to be migrating to 13th St (sadly). Maybe Old City does have a chance..

  • Michael G

    Where on 13th? i haven’t noticed that crowd here yet. NoLibs in places but not 13th.

  • CaptainLogic

    they should rename it from “Craft & Claw” “Shittiest Taplist for a place trying to cash in on the Craft Beer Trend Gods Green Earth Has Ever Seen & Claw”

  • LonnieLove

    Keep up the reviews right by CP HQ, CR. You’ve burnt the CP food section to the ground.

  • CM

    Psssst, Craft & Claw owners…real restaurants don’t turn into nightclubs at 11PM. Your aim is off.

  • DP

    If they’re trying to un-douche old city, why are are running a nightclub after 11pm?

  • LonnieLove

    They aren’t trying to undouche Old City. They only mention a more mature setting in the article. Which Craft and Claw is vs Mad River. It’s poor editing. Which is now common at CP. Get out AE while you still have a chance.