The Saint James Starts Weekend Brunch Service

On Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 11 a.m., the Saint James will be serving up brunch. While its tempting to stay cozied up at home on weekends, you should probably roll out of bed because these new offerings will put your bowl of cereal to shame. The brunch features classic fare as well as flatbreads, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Standouts include a Challah French Toast with maple syrup and cinnamon apples and an Asparagus &  Crab Egg White Omelet. Round out your meal with hearty sides like cheddar biscuits and Lancaster ham.  And to wash down this new brunch fare? Try sipping one of their new brunch cocktails like the Grapefruit Sparkler with sparkling wine, grapefruit and Campari. Sounds like your weekends about to get that much more delicious. Don’t worry, it’s already Friday. Only 24 hours until you can test it for yourself.

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Photo by David Joseph

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  • Brian

    Saw practice today (for the first time). Not pleased with Shady quitting on plays before the whistle. Both Vick and Foles looked sharp, but Foles (occasionally) seemed to be hanging onto the ball too long. The final 11 v 11 was very sloppy. Overall, imho, I think they made it look difficult. Hopefully, in three weeks, they start to make it look easy.

    • Token

      I think we can gain very little insight into offensive players during practice, since they are going up against our defense. Thats probably the reason Polk looks All Pro during camp and not so much during a game.

    • TheCatalyst

      I was there as well. I agree 100% that Foles seemed to hold on the ball too long sometimes. Vick looks very comfy in the read option. Regarding the final 11v11…I didn’t think the defense looked that good. Fun times at the Linc though.

    • Media Mike

      The coach is setting the tone for a very non-physical camp, so wouldn’t it be natural for the players to not be blasting through the end of each whistle? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Kelly practicing this way, but I think your complaint is caused by the style of practices.

      • Brian

        Although I understand what you’re getting at, the plays I was referring to were plays that he was a receiver. On the two I recall, he was thrown to but he had stopped on the play at about the time the ball was released. Chip gave him sh*t on the second one (and so did I). Anyway, I don’t mean that he stopped with the ball in hand instead of extending the run.

  • Richard Colton

    Drops were Harbor’s problem at TE, can’t see it getting better for him at WR. does he have PS eligibility left?

    • Philly0312

      No, once a player has accrued a full season they are no longer eligible for PS. I believe there is a secondary qualification that reduces the necessary time on the active roster to only 6 games to make them ineligible. Forget what it is, but it doesn’t matter in this situation.

    • Flip

      per domowich harbor has 4 drops in 2 years

  • Mr. Wu

    I was hoping to find out if Curry moved up after his impressive play friday

    • Dutch

      Curry and Harbor were equally impressive. I didn’t see another Tight End on the roster who was as impressive and can’t figure out the move to wr given the mantra of open competition. I can’t see how Celek makes this team and wasn’t moved by anything I seen from Casey.

      I’ll pay specific attention in future preseason games for improvement from the Tight Ends but right now it’s looking like a popularity contest because Harbor has elevated himself as a player from the others at this point.

      Very impressed with Curry being versatile enough to play End and Tackle with the same production from both positions, he deserves the opportunity to play against the opponents first team to be gauged. Same could be said for Squire and also on defense, No. 75, No.77 and No.93 definitely with one of those new linebackers stood out friday night.

  • Rick H

    Sheil excellent article! When you were previously going down the roster you tentatively thought the Eagles would keep 5 wr’s. I commented that I could see the Eagles keeping at least 5 tight ends. Now I know this is temporary (moving Harbor to wr) but again this is right up Kelly’s alley. Big receiver’s make big targets. I will again make the disclaimer that after Jackson & Johnson for speed at wr then what??? Nick Miller is is too small and raw and the big 6′ 8′ Boston College kid is evener more raw then I thought. Maybe a practice squad spot for these two receivers and I say maybe!
    Shepperd gets open (by just enough which is good) however he does not do a good job shielding the defensive back from the pass. Hopefully that will change. At 6’1” he plays small from the limited time I watched him. He is an inch taller then Macklin but Macklin looks much bigger and is uses his body well (hopefully Macklin is fully healthy next year. He was a HUGE loss!!!

    • hokieduck

      Rick. Great Chip quote when he was accused of preferring speed guys to the exclusion of beefy guys: “Big, fast guys beat up smaller, fast guys.” He does like size but it must be coupled with speed and smarts.

  • Dubiy

    How does celek drop so many balls. I love him because he fights for every extra yard if he does make the catch but thats becoming a big if.

  • JofreyRice

    They obviously really like Harbor as an athlete, but don’t forecast him making the club as a TE. FWIW, when Howie was up in the booth during the 3rd quarter, he actually mentioned Harbor in a way as if they didn’t think he was crappy. I can’t remember the wording but the context in which he said it led you to believe that the org doesn’t think he’s horrible.

    • Token

      Interesting. So the plan is to keep 3 TEs then? Ertz, Celek and Casey. Ive assumed 6 WRs and 3 RBs. Though I still think the 6th WR may not be on the team yet.

      There will be guys cut from other teams that could certainly make this team. Thats the thing with having a talent shortage.

      I say 3 RBs because if a injury occurs they can always bring a guy back. Jones will likely be on the street and Tucker will either be practice squad or on the street likely. No need to waste a spot on a 4th RB.

      Either way, I cant see how Clay sticks. Jackson, Avant, Cooper, Johnson. Salas or Shepard gets one of the last two spots. Then its between the remaining guy/Harbor/someone who gets cut.

      • Johnny Domino

        I suggest Clay brush up on his long snap.

      • Richaud Jeaffreson

        Shepard didn’t show much of anything last game. He is smallish. We all know Clay can block, and is a pretty decent receiver. Shepard can always go to the PS.

      • Dutch

        Interesting, what is your assumption based on, it’s not actual receptions and game activity of both players, right?

        Clay Harbor is just as effective and maybe more given the scheme than Casey who hasn’t in his career any more production from the TE position than Harbor. Maybe as a blocking back but in so far as receptions Casey is not impressive or shown himself to be much better if any than Clay.

        However, Casey still has a few preseason games to prove his worth over keeping Clay on that position, but it was not obvious Friday against the Patriots Casey brings to Philly much to make us forget Clay, or Celek who drops the ball to much.

        • Token

          Its not even a discussion. Do you really think they would cut Casey? Thats not a possibility.

          Clay has had 3 seasons to show some worth and he hasnt.

          You can look at the numbers and see they arent very far off. But wasnt Casey playing out of the FB spot in Houston?

          I dont know, Chip obviously sees something in Casey that he doesnt see in Harbor or they wouldnt have thrown money at him.

          Clay may be able to stick somewhere but it doesnt look like its going to be here.

    • Philly0312

      I’ll be honest, I never though harbor was terrible, and expected a big season from him last year after TC – but I expected big things from a lot of guys, and none of it panned out. Always seemed like a great athlete. I personally think they see that athleticism and want to find multiple ways to harness it. Fits with Kellys mantra

    • Filadelfia

      Don’t count this guy yet. He was a project coming out of fcs missouri state and has gotten better every year. Next few years will show what’s in Clay. If he is given a chance that is.

    • Dutch

      That’s a mistake, but it’s still early in camp. There wasn’t a better Tight End than Harbor on the field Friday night. If those guys have already made a decision on Harbor based on signing Casey, that says a lot about the idiots making the decisions. Howie has been consistently wrong. There shouldn’t be any confidence in Howie’s ability to find contributing players.

      • Token

        It doesnt come down to Casey and Harbor. Casey already made the team regardless of what Chip wants to throw out there about best players play. Thats a bunch of crap in the first place.

        Now what I will say is that Brent Celek may not be as safe as assumed. For the offense he has been in throughout his career, he has underachieved. He basically had one good year. His hands seem to get worse each year. Hes not very athletic. Hes never been a great blocker. Starting this year his contract goes up to over 4MIL per year against the cap. The one thing I always liked about Celek was he fights for yards.

        But if the drops continue and Harbor plays lights out. Maybe theres a outside possibility of something happening.

  • Flip

    beat it, clay

  • 1972

    harbors a mediocre TE that cant block.I love when fans say things like: With his size he can out muscle or out jump smaller defenders. Have you ever seen clayharbor out jump or out muscle anyone in his entire career??Im a huge eagle s fan, but guys we gotta get off this mediocrity train.
    Start with dropping off trent cole and brent celek

    • TC

      “Have you ever seen clayharbor out jump or out muscle anyone in his entire career??”

    • OregonEagle

      Harbor = blocker for the bubble screen. We’ll be seeing a lot of those this year.

      • 1972

        good point,unfortunately he’s not a very good blocker.

  • Weapon Y

    I was impressed by Logan, but I thought Curry played better. I think Chip’s making a big mistake by not giving Curry a real chance to start.

  • Damien

    How can you not mention Poyer’s 4 pass breakups? He was the stud of camp today.

    • Dutch

      The kid reacted after witnessing the dismantling of the Eagles in game action. One look at that game friday assures anyone in camp trying to make this team as a defensive back at either position that there are definitely spots available. Interesting you would characterized his effort as all out because that is definitely the difference between college and the speed of the NFL.

      All rookies have to see the speed to believe it and if they can make the proper adjustments in their games. Barkley figured it out friday, he looked shaken initially before he made the adjustments and settled down and looked great on his last serie 5 of 5 and a touchdown to Salas .

  • Joseph Kaye

    Avant clocks in and does his work every day of the week. I can’t see him as a bubble player – he deserves a roster spot.

  • therealpistolp

    Patiently waiting for graham to take Cole’s spot.,, I can see Bennie starting over ced.. He played every interior position on the line in college.. Ced is still used to attacking up field.. Vinny should be saved for pass rushing opportunities.. Gotta stop the run first..

  • Damien

    Here’s what I saw:

    QB: Vick and Foles both looked good, however Foles held on to the ball too long while Vick got rid of it quickly. Foles also missed a few deep throws. Barkley had an alright day, but throws travel too slowly.

    RB: Shady again is giving minimum effort, but looks great otherwise so idgaf, Bryce didn’t practice, Polk had a couple nice runs, Tucker had a nice day along with Felix who finally looked reliable catching the ball.

    WR: Desean is unstoppable against our defense, Avant looked very good again and his hands+route running combination makes him the best fundamental receiver on this team by far, Harbor at WR was interesting and could work if he figures it out soon, Shepard seemed to struggle a bit, Salas keeps making a good case for himself, Momah is the worst player ever… lol

    TE: Celek had a quietish day, Casey looked solid today, Igwenagu finally had an ok day without a drop.

    OL: Didn’t notice much sadly today however Barbre and Tobin looked good at LT and Watkins looked solid at RG.

    DL: Again, missed oline-dline drills so I couldn’t get a good idea, focused in on the QBs more today, but did notice Logan made some nice plays.

    LB: Cole looked a little better in coverage today, Barwin had a nice day, and McCoy was pretty solid from what I saw.

    CB: Boykin had another good day, Marsh was ok, Williams was quiet, Poyer stole the show showing crazy amounts of effort and breaking up 4 passes, Fletcher looked pretty good today, Lindley got beat a few times.

    S: Allen sucks, Anderson did alright, Coleman sucks as well, Phillips looked decent today, Chung was decent as well it seemed, and Wolff had himself a nice day.

    LS: The new guy isn’t half bad.

    • Mr. Wu

      good to hear something about poyer….what about Curry see anything from him?

      • Damien

        Didn’t notice the dline much at all.

  • daggolden

    Not hearing much from James Casey all off season which is a little concerning.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Great idea from CK

  • joeknowsnada

    Whoh! Hold the phone. Stop the presses. Reboot the PC. Shut down the tablet! Clay Harbor is the fastest tight end on the team??:??? WTF? You gotta be kidding me. Faster than the draft pick, Ertz? If true, then, 1 of 2 things – either Andy is an idiot, or Harbor can’t play. Third – what’s Ertz here for, then?

    You mean to tell me Harbor still has promise? Haven’t seen it, gotta tell ya. No consistent blocking ability, runs lousy patterns, never finds the opening in the zone DEE, etc., etc.

    Even with Brent Celek having stone hands, Harbor never got much work. I find Kelly’s statement to be almost ludicrous.

    I can only hope Harbor is truly having a re-birth under Kelly, or, is a late-bloomer, ’cause there’s a great chance Celek will be cut and Harbor will be retained. I know he plays special teams, but….like I said WTF?

    • Token

      The fury of Dutch is about to descend upon you.

      • Dutch

        It’s not fury it’s truth. Harbor was signed by the Eagles as a athletic project.

        The guy is right………. I’m not calling Harbor the best option in the NFL, but he’s a better option than Casey or Celek based on this Eagles camp and production over the years when targeted.

        Casey has in no season established himself a superior talent than Harbor in his best year Casey caught 9 more passes than Clay who wasn’t used as a primary receiver in Phila.

        I can’t see how we go into battle with Casey playing a role he never played and doesn’t have the production to prove he’s better than what’s here in Philly.

        • aub32

          Casey wasn’t a primary receiving option in Houston. He was also listed as their FB not TE. Harbor may be the fastest TE, but that doesn’t mean is as good a route runner or pass catcher as Ertz. Also, with this team not having a FB it’s good to have a TE with plenty of experience lining up in the backfield in Casey. Harbor may make this team, but that does not for one second mean that either Ertz or Casey were bad pick ups.

  • Philly0312

    Ditto – lets hope he will get a shot. Still a lot of time left before September.

  • JofreyRice

    I was very impressed with Curry, but where do you put him? I loved his ability to get to the QB, but I thought the Pats had a lot of success running at him. I don’t see him as a 2 gap guy at all, he’s got to be allowed to attack gaps and get to the QB, that’s where he’s going to make his mark.

  • Philly0312

    Haha…isn’t that the truth.

  • Johnny Domino

    Kept Mike Bartrum employed a long time.

  • Filadelfia

    *Don’t count this guy out yet.

  • Capt. Chippahpants

    I love when people get owned on here.

  • 1972

    He actually didn’t out jump anyone. good throw to the back of the endzone and a good catch.I didn’t say he sucked, I said he was mediocre. Lets be realistic here. He’s fourth on the depth chart at TE. I didn’t realize theyre were so many clay harbor fans in philly. Maybe he took a picture with one of you guys kids or something. Whats your point of this video? He averages a td a year and hes in his fourth season. Hes a mediocre player.

  • Mr. Wu

    Dude it’s not out of line to say Harbor is mediocre……but TC just schooled you with that clip hahaha

  • 1972

    lol!!! So the dude has a few highlights. I wish youtube had the clip of him fumbling away that cincy game last year. The point im trying to make is a fourth TE shouldn’t be on anyones radar right now. He’s not a significant enough piece.And if someone else in the league likes the guy he should be expendable

  • Mr. Wu

    hahaha fair point

  • Raoulduke3000

    In that Cincy game, he was playing with a broken back. He fumbled because he got drilled with a broken back. And he kept playing because they had no other TE options.

  • UncleCarm

    I remember them saying last year at training camp it didn’t drop a ball but the season was pretty bad. I wish him luck.

  • Dutch

    I think they are’t evaluating players, if they cut or reduce Harbor playing time at Tight End, based on actual contributions and game activity.

    If that is the case this is a popularity contest. In Harbor’s 3 years with the Eagles, Casey in Texas had no more or better production from the Tight End position than Harbor.

    I understand your reason, but what is the foundation for those Assumptions, it’s not production and activity in Games. So what are those assumptions based on was the question. There’s time left in Camp for Casey to stand out over Harbor, right now Harbor has elevated himself from Casey and that can’t be disputed.

  • Token

    I assume it because its the truth. In no way is Caseys job on the line. Chip brought him in. He would create a bunch of dead money if cut. The guy just isnt going anywhere. Its be nice if the NFL were all about production but it just isnt. Guys play over other guys because of money and other things all the time. Chip can say whatever he wants but I suspect it will be no different. See Trent Cole for example. They have no choice but to play the guy.

    So then you look at it. Ertz isnt going anywhere obviously. Celek can be cut and not leave much dead money. They would be deciding what direction they want to go in the future. If they view Ertz as the #1 guy next year, why keep Celek at almost 5MIL? Ive got to think Chip is thrilled with Celeks lack of athleticism and stone hands.

    But who knows, this is all speculation. But IMO, Celek is actually the least safe of the top 3 TEs. But its still a very outside chance he wont be on the team.

  • Token

    Polk is probably the best blocker out of the three Ill give you that. And im not closing the book on the guy.

    But he looks not very different from the guy we saw last year thus far. I dont really care what he does in a non hitting camp against out terrible defense. I want to see some flashes in these games.

    Its kind of a pointless conversation anyway, the guy is making the team. Hes head and shoulders about Felix Jones. But hes not amazing. Hes just a guy until proven otherwise.

  • Dutch

    Then it’s not open competition it’s similar to the Miss American Pageant. Kelly isn’t here looking for the best available talent and doesn’t want to put out the best players it’s all empty chatter. I don’t discuss their compensation that’s never been relative to the fact.

    The issue is strictly who is the best available talent to field the most credible threat Kelly can put on the field and I’m not convinced Kelly is capable of putting the absolute best available football players on the field if there is any preconceived notion that Casey is better as a weapon in the route than Clay Harbor.

    I’ll say that about a few of the free agent signees Howie brought in to Philly. Today there’s no convincing anybody in Philly that Casey is an improvement over Harbor, F what the pay scale says. Same could be said today about Barwin who was absence friday. Other than being run over often none of the Eagles linebackers were anything to write home about.

  • Token

    Well I cant believe people believed all that talk anyway. Its not college, the best players dont always play unfortunately, at least not right away.

    I havent seen signs that he is actually going to get rid of the garbage. Knott is already better than Chaney or Matthews. Has that been changed yet? Cary Williams is a disaster on and off the field, but Im pretty sure hes still the starting corner because he got paid. Neither Graham or Cole is going to be good dropping back. But they wont sit the highly paid older less productive Cole for Graham id be willing to bet on it.

    Hell by the end of preseason its not outside of the realm of possibility that Square looks better at NT than sopoaga since Sopo isnt that good. But do you think Square will start over him if that happens? I dont. 4 million dollar cap value tells me so.

  • Dutch

    The Defense is going to be worse than the last 5 years if there is no way to get Cole and Graham on those ends applying pressure and any effort by Cox, Logan and Squire will be wasted if we don’t get linebackers who can bring the pain. Kendricks is to small to play inside with those big boys, he started where he ended last season, hung up by a guard and not able to get off those blocks and missing tackles.

    The Eagles can’t win with just 4 linemen against the opponents. That’s what it looked like Friday, the Eagles Defensive Line vs the Patriots.

  • Dutch

    Your assumption is based on finances and has nothing to do with the players actual abilities on the field.

    Ok, that in and of itself is a disaster by which to field a competitive team in the NFL. Anything other than politics and money is the preferred method to build an organization. That was the lesson learned just last year and the year before.

    This is the logic by which the Eagles function and are $30 Million under the cap and one of the most profitable organizations in the league, but with an empty trophy case.

  • JofreyRice

    Also, just to add to this point, I’ll state the obvious that Dutch is basing this off of ONE preseason game–the first one, I’ll add–where they’ve basically said that it was just a sliver of the playbook.

    Being that Chip brought the guy in, as a swiss-army knife, I’m sure he’s got some specific plans on how to use Casey more extensively. Now, I’m not guaranteeing Casey’s success, but I think Dutch is jumping to conclusions on a very tiny sample size.

  • Token

    There are guys Kendricks size that play ILB in a 3-4 successfully. Its either that hes simply not strong enough or he just plays weak. I think its a bit of both. He is a weakside backer in a 4-3. Like much of this D he is both playing out of scheme. I think both ILBs could be a issue this year.

    Ive wanted a 3-4. But they just have soo many positions to overturn. Too many guys that dont fit. And to top it off a weak DC overseeing all this.

  • Token

    I agree with you. But thats the way it is.

    If cap and money played no part I have no doubt Cary Williams would already have been cut. The guy has been a disaster of a move in every way. But, thats the nature of these contracts. They are stuck with him for 2 years unless they are willing to eat the dead money, which they wont.

  • aub32

    Dutch, I don’t get your love for certain players. ou want Harbor over Casey based on what? Harbor isn’t some overly productive guy. He’s an athlete and probably more so than Casey, but what does he have over Casey? Casey is more versatile. He has experience at FB and comin out of the backfield. That goes far on a team that’s not carrying a FB. Outside of Friday’s preseason gmae against backups what have you heard that’s got you all in on Harbor? You give off this impression that you beieve if you don’t see a player out perform another with your own two eyes, then everyone, including the coaches who see them everyday, is an idiot. I’d just like some logical explanation as to why you fell so strongly.

  • Philly0312

    He edited? Or I can’t read. Haha

  • Dutch

    To this point Chip is promoting a team full of daisies. Turning the other cheek is for choirboys, not Hunting Linemen and Linebackers in the NFL. Think Auburn defense turned the other cheek when playing Oregon and Chip Kelly for the National Championship. The Giants and Dallas are licking their chops waiting for the Eagles to show up.

    Chip Kelly want’s to be a Den Mother, not a Football Coach. He’s going to lose the Eagles locker room with a mentality like that.

  • dutch


  • Filadelfia

    I too am sceptical about the Casey over Harbor “improvement”. I think Harbor has a been a longer term project with a few minor setbacks (minus one offseason and being the 5th option) that is starting to come into his own.

  • Dutch

    Totally agree, it was embarrassing sitting there watching that defense being railroaded. Somehow or another some people here have convinced themselves Kendricks is some solution to what ails the Eagles defense and I just have not seen much to suggest he’s a fit for this defense or any other in the NFL. It’s one thing to be small it’s another to play small and weak and Kendricks plays small and very weak.

    He also showed in coverage at his top end speed he’s limited and can not make adjustments to the ball or man.

    All I’m asking of the defense is to hold teams to 30 points, the offense should be able to go 4 TDS and a field goal to win 9 games.

  • Filadelfia

    I mean, sometimes being the 5th passing option. I thought when called on he did fairly well. And now he is better than ever. We’ll see how it plays out. I think he has still an upside.

  • JofreyRice

    Yes, Harbor was the best receiver on the field on Friday, but you’re basing that on 3 receptions?

    Clearly, the big picture is that they feel Harbor hasn’t been good enough at the position since he was drafted; hence the drafting of Ertz, signing of Casey, and audition of Clay at LB in minicamps.

    Harbor has generally lit it up in the preseason, only to disappear when the games count. I’m all for him stepping up and contributing something to the squad, but I need to see a little more out of him than a handful of snaps to start having him leapfrog guys on the depth chart. Harbor’s play put him in a position where the org made a plan to improve TE. You have to evaluate that plan before scrapping it.

  • EaglesFanInPhx

    I appreciate it Damien ignore that fool. Besides the fact of comparing game stats to practice observations that guy did, “average” doesn’t tell the whole story. The longest average just may mean the guy held the ball when his line gave him time to let the route develop but got it out more quickly when under pressure. You can’t make a blanket statement based on an average like that.

  • aub32

    I think he was talking about practice not the game.

  • aub32

    Agreed. Foles threw a lot of shorter compltions. Vick threw 3 completions over 20 yards, including one 47 yard bomb. That’s obviously going to hike up his average time, but it’s not like he was struggling to make a decision. He was going through his progressions.

  • hokieduck

    Well I won’t argue with you, Dutch, but Chip’s defense at Oregon was not a bunch of daisies. The unit was severely underrated but folks who really knew (and took the time to watch late games from the West Coast) called the Duck defense nasty. They fly to the ball *every* play *every* man. They rotate in between 22-25 players pretty equal minutes because they are on the field so long (in fact, this is the only thing about the “blur” being used in the NFL that gives me pause due to the 53 man roster vs the 80 man roster in college). Time of possession stats meant nothing in an Oregon game. Also, keep in mind that Oregon is only now starting to get the really good recruits but his system still had a very good defense and put some All-pros in the NFL (think Haloti Ngata, for example).

    Also, to your point about Auburn … their defense was absolutely gassed in the waning moments of the 2010 NCG. That is exactly what Chip’s system is designed to do. The Ducks rolled over the Tiger defense in the fourth and caught up. Had Michael Dyer not had that, in retrospect, truly great but fortunate rollover play with under a minute to go (that even he stopped on because he thought he was down), the game most likely would’ve gone to OT and the Ducks would almost assuredly have won that contest.

    Give Chip a chance. You have seen one preseason football game in which he didn’t show much of anything. The players need to learn his system and his demands and the degree to which they must be conditioned.

    Patience, Grasshopper.

  • Raoulduke3000

    When did it become common knowledge that Clay Harbor has never lined up in the backfield, and that Casey is so much better at it…..I recall a game against Dallas a few years ago when all Clay Harbor did was line up as essentially a weak side fullback/h-back and he would move across the formation and block Demarcus Ware with a wham block. It was very effective.

  • Dutch

    I’m not in love with Harbor but I don’t see Casey as a weapon and he’s never been with the Texans, he’s not separate and distinctively different than Harbor, he was a blocking back for Foster, Harbor was a blocker at the point of attack to help control and contain the LDE.

    Harbor wasn’t asked to run out of the backfield onto routes, but it’s not difficult or any more challenging than running a route off the end of the line.

    I’m not a believer Casey is going to make a significant difference or be any more productive in this offense than Harbor could be if asked to do the same task. As a matter of fact, the Eagles have a hold over FB who could be as productive. I just don’t see Casey as a key component in this offense base on his stats over his career compared to Clay Harbor’s.

  • aub32

    I never said he didn’t do it. Stop reading what you want to read and making things up. I sadi that Casey has experience doing it, and it’s known. How can you fault a coach for going after a proven commodity over a player whose done it a few times with mixed results? You bring up one block in Harbor’s defense. One Block. This is what I am talking about. You see one thing and all of a sudden it validates what you think, and you place no stock in the fact that Casey was viewed league wide a an asset. I could se if you could even knock Casey’s play, but you most likely didn’t even watch him. You’re just going off stats. He was a FB. Of course he isn’t putting up big reception numbers. That doesn’t mean he didn’t catch when given the opportunity. As I said, you have no logical reason to validate your dissmisal of Casey oher than “Dutch hasn’t seen him”.

  • Weapon Y

    I’m going to have to go back and watch the tape on more running plays. I saw Curry dominate on passing plays, and didn’t see anything alarming on running plays. He is better as a 1-gap guy, but frankly so are most of the Eagles defensive players. If Davis gets his head out of his rear end and realizes that this isn’t the Super Bowl XL Steelers defense, he will switch to a primarily 1-gap scheme (with some 2-gap stunts occasionally mixed in). Seattle’s defense, a 4-3 Under, is the best model for ours given the personnel that we have. San Francisco also uses a 4-3 Under frequently to supplement their 3-4. Combining these two variations is the key to success. Brandon Graham would be our Chris Clemons (a LEO end), Trent Cole would be our Bruce Irvin (a second LEO end used in Bear packages), Vinny Curry and Fletcher Cox would be our Justin Smith and Ray McDonald (a defensive end alternating between a 3-technique and 5-technique), Isaac Sopoaga would be himself (alternating between a 0-technique and 1-technique), and Connor Barwin would be our K.J. Wright (SAM LB, primarily a pass rusher but does pass coverage more than the LEO).

  • Flip

    I did not edit anything. By the time offseason is over it will become obvious that Harbor is as good as James Casey if not better.

  • Dutch

    No, I’m basing my projections on Casey’s career stats with the Texans vs Harbor’s with the Eagles. I don’t think Casey was noticeable in any manner or stood out in that preseason game.

    Strictly a comparison of the two over the last 3 Seasons, Casey’s best year he caught 34 balls, Harbor over the same period his best year he caught 25 both had their best season in 2012.

    I’ve mentioned that a few times on this thread.

    What are your assumptions based upon?

  • Dutch

    If you don’t go by stats how else can you compare Harbor and Casey production? Casey was the lead blocker for Foster he wasn’t a tight end or H-back that set the league on fire as a receiving tight end and Harbor when in the game was an important blocker for McCoy.

  • Dutch

    What have you seen in Casey as a comparison? Clay was held back by Andy Reid but still had very comparable stats and assignments for McCoy as a blocker that Casey had for Foster with the Texans.

    As a blocker and receiver Casey although perceived to be better doesn’t have production that separates him in either category from Clay Harbor

  • Dutch

    I watched Oregon plenty, and wasn’t impress with the level of competition in the pac 12 given USC being on probation and UCLA flat out sucked for a few years now. Oregon dominated the league with the exception of Stanford and USC and against a scaled down USC and against Stanford you could see Oregon was good but not competition for top tier BCS Teams from powerhouse conferences. Oregon’s defense was pushed around and that Offense was held in check. Close isn’t good enough in the end and Oregon could not beat stellar teams of those powerhouse conferences. LSU, Alabama and Auburn were teams Chip Kelly and Oregon could never beat.

  • JofreyRice

    I’m assuming Kelly knows more about what he wants in a TE than you do.

  • JofreyRice

    Go study Sheil’s breakdown of Casey, I’m not going to rehash it. Casey has shown a lot more versatility than Harbor. Who knows if he’ll deliver on that, but Kelly saw him, and specifically had the team go get him. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he saw something that intrigued him, and gave him some ideas of how to employ him.

    In the meantime, it seems as if they’re giving Harbor a shot wherever they can. If you’re such a huge fan of Harbor, why wouldn’t you be interested in seeing him on the field, making plays, in any role possible?

  • hokieduck

    Well, again we disagree. When Oregon played both USC and Stanford last year, All-America safety John Boyett, out for the season. His replacement, Avery Patterson, out for the season. Entire starting D line, out. All 4 defensive linemen starting were true freshmen… Chip even moved a TE to D line because of attrition.

    Oregon killed Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, barely lost to Auburn in the NCG, killed K State in the Fiesta Bowl. Lost pretty handily to LSU in the first game of the season but DeAnthony Thomas, true freshman at the time in his first game, gave 14 points to the Tigers by fumbling inside the red zone.

    Again, Patience Grasshopper. Going back to your original naysaying, Chip does not put out “daisies.” Give the guy a chance before you dismiss him out of hand.