The Saint James Starts Weekend Brunch Service

On Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 11 a.m., the Saint James will be serving up brunch. While its tempting to stay cozied up at home on weekends, you should probably roll out of bed because these new offerings will put your bowl of cereal to shame. The brunch features classic fare as well as flatbreads, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Standouts include a Challah French Toast with maple syrup and cinnamon apples and an Asparagus &  Crab Egg White Omelet. Round out your meal with hearty sides like cheddar biscuits and Lancaster ham.  And to wash down this new brunch fare? Try sipping one of their new brunch cocktails like the Grapefruit Sparkler with sparkling wine, grapefruit and Campari. Sounds like your weekends about to get that much more delicious. Don’t worry, it’s already Friday. Only 24 hours until you can test it for yourself.

The Saint James [Official Site]

Photo by David Joseph

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  • Brian

    Saw practice today (for the first time). Not pleased with Shady quitting on plays before the whistle. Both Vick and Foles looked sharp, but Foles (occasionally) seemed to be hanging onto the ball too long. The final 11 v 11 was very sloppy. Overall, imho, I think they made it look difficult. Hopefully, in three weeks, they start to make it look easy.

    • Token

      I think we can gain very little insight into offensive players during practice, since they are going up against our defense. Thats probably the reason Polk looks All Pro during camp and not so much during a game.

    • TheCatalyst

      I was there as well. I agree 100% that Foles seemed to hold on the ball too long sometimes. Vick looks very comfy in the read option. Regarding the final 11v11…I didn’t think the defense looked that good. Fun times at the Linc though.

    • Media Mike

      The coach is setting the tone for a very non-physical camp, so wouldn’t it be natural for the players to not be blasting through the end of each whistle? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Kelly practicing this way, but I think your complaint is caused by the style of practices.

      • Brian

        Although I understand what you’re getting at, the plays I was referring to were plays that he was a receiver. On the two I recall, he was thrown to but he had stopped on the play at about the time the ball was released. Chip gave him sh*t on the second one (and so did I). Anyway, I don’t mean that he stopped with the ball in hand instead of extending the run.

  • Richard Colton

    Drops were Harbor’s problem at TE, can’t see it getting better for him at WR. does he have PS eligibility left?

    • Philly0312

      No, once a player has accrued a full season they are no longer eligible for PS. I believe there is a secondary qualification that reduces the necessary time on the active roster to only 6 games to make them ineligible. Forget what it is, but it doesn’t matter in this situation.

    • Flip

      per domowich harbor has 4 drops in 2 years

  • Mr. Wu

    I was hoping to find out if Curry moved up after his impressive play friday

    • Dutch

      Curry and Harbor were equally impressive. I didn’t see another Tight End on the roster who was as impressive and can’t figure out the move to wr given the mantra of open competition. I can’t see how Celek makes this team and wasn’t moved by anything I seen from Casey.

      I’ll pay specific attention in future preseason games for improvement from the Tight Ends but right now it’s looking like a popularity contest because Harbor has elevated himself as a player from the others at this point.

      Very impressed with Curry being versatile enough to play End and Tackle with the same production from both positions, he deserves the opportunity to play against the opponents first team to be gauged. Same could be said for Squire and also on defense, No. 75, No.77 and No.93 definitely with one of those new linebackers stood out friday night.

  • Rick H

    Sheil excellent article! When you were previously going down the roster you tentatively thought the Eagles would keep 5 wr’s. I commented that I could see the Eagles keeping at least 5 tight ends. Now I know this is temporary (moving Harbor to wr) but again this is right up Kelly’s alley. Big receiver’s make big targets. I will again make the disclaimer that after Jackson & Johnson for speed at wr then what??? Nick Miller is is too small and raw and the big 6′ 8′ Boston College kid is evener more raw then I thought. Maybe a practice squad spot for these two receivers and I say maybe!
    Shepperd gets open (by just enough which is good) however he does not do a good job shielding the defensive back from the pass. Hopefully that will change. At 6’1” he plays small from the limited time I watched him. He is an inch taller then Macklin but Macklin looks much bigger and is uses his body well (hopefully Macklin is fully healthy next year. He was a HUGE loss!!!

    • hokieduck

      Rick. Great Chip quote when he was accused of preferring speed guys to the exclusion of beefy guys: “Big, fast guys beat up smaller, fast guys.” He does like size but it must be coupled with speed and smarts.

  • Dubiy

    How does celek drop so many balls. I love him because he fights for every extra yard if he does make the catch but thats becoming a big if.

  • JofreyRice

    They obviously really like Harbor as an athlete, but don’t forecast him making the club as a TE. FWIW, when Howie was up in the booth during the 3rd quarter, he actually mentioned Harbor in a way as if they didn’t think he was crappy. I can’t remember the wording but the context in which he said it led you to believe that the org doesn’t think he’s horrible.

    • Token

      Interesting. So the plan is to keep 3 TEs then? Ertz, Celek and Casey. Ive assumed 6 WRs and 3 RBs. Though I still think the 6th WR may not be on the team yet.

      There will be guys cut from other teams that could certainly make this team. Thats the thing with having a talent shortage.

      I say 3 RBs because if a injury occurs they can always bring a guy back. Jones will likely be on the street and Tucker will either be practice squad or on the street likely. No need to waste a spot on a 4th RB.

      Either way, I cant see how Clay sticks. Jackson, Avant, Cooper, Johnson. Salas or Shepard gets one of the last two spots. Then its between the remaining guy/Harbor/someone who gets cut.

      • Johnny Domino

        I suggest Clay brush up on his long snap.

      • Richaud Jeaffreson

        Shepard didn’t show much of anything last game. He is smallish. We all know Clay can block, and is a pretty decent receiver. Shepard can always go to the PS.

      • Dutch

        Interesting, what is your assumption based on, it’s not actual receptions and game activity of both players, right?

        Clay Harbor is just as effective and maybe more given the scheme than Casey who hasn’t in his career any more production from the TE position than Harbor. Maybe as a blocking back but in so far as receptions Casey is not impressive or shown himself to be much better if any than Clay.

        However, Casey still has a few preseason games to prove his worth over keeping Clay on that position, but it was not obvious Friday against the Patriots Casey brings to Philly much to make us forget Clay, or Celek who drops the ball to much.

        • Token

          Its not even a discussion. Do you really think they would cut Casey? Thats not a possibility.

          Clay has had 3 seasons to show some worth and he hasnt.

          You can look at the numbers and see they arent very far off. But wasnt Casey playing out of the FB spot in Houston?

          I dont know, Chip obviously sees something in Casey that he doesnt see in Harbor or they wouldnt have thrown money at him.

          Clay may be able to stick somewhere but it doesnt look like its going to be here.

    • Philly0312

      I’ll be honest, I never though harbor was terrible, and expected a big season from him last year after TC – but I expected big things from a lot of guys, and none of it panned out. Always seemed like a great athlete. I personally think they see that athleticism and want to find multiple ways to harness it. Fits with Kellys mantra

    • Filadelfia

      Don’t count this guy yet. He was a project coming out of fcs missouri state and has gotten better every year. Next few years will show what’s in Clay. If he is given a chance that is.

    • Dutch

      That’s a mistake, but it’s still early in camp. There wasn’t a better Tight End than Harbor on the field Friday night. If those guys have already made a decision on Harbor based on signing Casey, that says a lot about the idiots making the decisions. Howie has been consistently wrong. There shouldn’t be any confidence in Howie’s ability to find contributing players.

      • Token

        It doesnt come down to Casey and Harbor. Casey already made the team regardless of what Chip wants to throw out there about best players play. Thats a bunch of crap in the first place.

        Now what I will say is that Brent Celek may not be as safe as assumed. For the offense he has been in throughout his career, he has underachieved. He basically had one good year. His hands seem to get worse each year. Hes not very athletic. Hes never been a great blocker. Starting this year his contract goes up to over 4MIL per year against the cap. The one thing I always liked about Celek was he fights for yards.

        But if the drops continue and Harbor plays lights out. Maybe theres a outside possibility of something happening.

  • Flip

    beat it, clay

  • 1972

    harbors a mediocre TE that cant block.I love when fans say things like: With his size he can out muscle or out jump smaller defenders. Have you ever seen clayharbor out jump or out muscle anyone in his entire career??Im a huge eagle s fan, but guys we gotta get off this mediocrity train.
    Start with dropping off trent cole and brent celek

    • TC

      “Have you ever seen clayharbor out jump or out muscle anyone in his entire career??”

    • OregonEagle

      Harbor = blocker for the bubble screen. We’ll be seeing a lot of those this year.

      • 1972

        good point,unfortunately he’s not a very good blocker.

  • Weapon Y

    I was impressed by Logan, but I thought Curry played better. I think Chip’s making a big mistake by not giving Curry a real chance to start.

  • Damien

    How can you not mention Poyer’s 4 pass breakups? He was the stud of camp today.

    • Dutch

      The kid reacted after witnessing the dismantling of the Eagles in game action. One look at that game friday assures anyone in camp trying to make this team as a defensive back at either position that there are definitely spots available. Interesting you would characterized his effort as all out because that is definitely the difference between college and the speed of the NFL.

      All rookies have to see the speed to believe it and if they can make the proper adjustments in their games. Barkley figured it out friday, he looked shaken initially before he made the adjustments and settled down and looked great on his last serie 5 of 5 and a touchdown to Salas .

  • Joseph Kaye

    Avant clocks in and does his work every day of the week. I can’t see him as a bubble player – he deserves a roster spot.

  • therealpistolp

    Patiently waiting for graham to take Cole’s spot.,, I can see Bennie starting over ced.. He played every interior position on the line in college.. Ced is still used to attacking up field.. Vinny should be saved for pass rushing opportunities.. Gotta stop the run first..

  • Damien

    Here’s what I saw:

    QB: Vick and Foles both looked good, however Foles held on to the ball too long while Vick got rid of it quickly. Foles also missed a few deep throws. Barkley had an alright day, but throws travel too slowly.

    RB: Shady again is giving minimum effort, but looks great otherwise so idgaf, Bryce didn’t practice, Polk had a couple nice runs, Tucker had a nice day along with Felix who finally looked reliable catching the ball.

    WR: Desean is unstoppable against our defense, Avant looked very good again and his hands+route running combination makes him the best fundamental receiver on this team by far, Harbor at WR was interesting and could work if he figures it out soon, Shepard seemed to struggle a bit, Salas keeps making a good case for himself, Momah is the worst player ever… lol

    TE: Celek had a quietish day, Casey looked solid today, Igwenagu finally had an ok day without a drop.

    OL: Didn’t notice much sadly today however Barbre and Tobin looked good at LT and Watkins looked solid at RG.

    DL: Again, missed oline-dline drills so I couldn’t get a good idea, focused in on the QBs more today, but did notice Logan made some nice plays.

    LB: Cole looked a little better in coverage today, Barwin had a nice day, and McCoy was pretty solid from what I saw.

    CB: Boykin had another good day, Marsh was ok, Williams was quiet, Poyer stole the show showing crazy amounts of effort and breaking up 4 passes, Fletcher looked pretty good today, Lindley got beat a few times.

    S: Allen sucks, Anderson did alright, Coleman sucks as well, Phillips looked decent today, Chung was decent as well it seemed, and Wolff had himself a nice day.

    LS: The new guy isn’t half bad.

    • Mr. Wu

      good to hear something about poyer….what about Curry see anything from him?

      • Damien

        Didn’t notice the dline much at all.

  • daggolden

    Not hearing much from James Casey all off season which is a little concerning.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Great idea from CK

  • joeknowsnada

    Whoh! Hold the phone. Stop the presses. Reboot the PC. Shut down the tablet! Clay Harbor is the fastest tight end on the team??:??? WTF? You gotta be kidding me. Faster than the draft pick, Ertz? If true, then, 1 of 2 things – either Andy is an idiot, or Harbor can’t play. Third – what’s Ertz here for, then?

    You mean to tell me Harbor still has promise? Haven’t seen it, gotta tell ya. No consistent blocking ability, runs lousy patterns, never finds the opening in the zone DEE, etc., etc.

    Even with Brent Celek having stone hands, Harbor never got much work. I find Kelly’s statement to be almost ludicrous.

    I can only hope Harbor is truly having a re-birth under Kelly, or, is a late-bloomer, ’cause there’s a great chance Celek will be cut and Harbor will be retained. I know he plays special teams, but….like I said WTF?

    • Token

      The fury of Dutch is about to descend upon you.

      • Dutch

        It’s not fury it’s truth. Harbor was signed by the Eagles as a athletic project.

        The guy is right………. I’m not calling Harbor the best option in the NFL, but he’s a better option than Casey or Celek based on this Eagles camp and production over the years when targeted.

        Casey has in no season established himself a superior talent than Harbor in his best year Casey caught 9 more passes than Clay who wasn’t used as a primary receiver in Phila.

        I can’t see how we go into battle with Casey playing a role he never played and doesn’t have the production to prove he’s better than what’s here in Philly.

        • aub32

          Casey wasn’t a primary receiving option in Houston. He was also listed as their FB not TE. Harbor may be the fastest TE, but that doesn’t mean is as good a route runner or pass catcher as Ertz. Also, with this team not having a FB it’s good to have a TE with plenty of experience lining up in the backfield in Casey. Harbor may make this team, but that does not for one second mean that either Ertz or Casey were bad pick ups.