The Man Behind the Irish Bus Bomb from The Layover

Molly Eichel of the Philadelphia Daily News tracked down Brendan Bownes, the man who downed the Irish Bus Bomb at the Pen & Pencil during Anthony Bourdain’s Philadelphia episode of The Layover. Why was Bownes at the Pen & Pencil that day? Well of course he was on stop 15 of a bar crawl.

I could only do so much 15 drinks in. [Bourdain] commended me for that part in end when I’m just shaking my head and screaming and saying I’m ready for more beer. But that’s the last thing I remember for the rest of my night. I woke up the next day with a picture of Anthony Bourdain on my phone. I said ‘What a good night.’ It was win for me because I was with originally, like, 30 guys. Technically I feel like I won that days events. I also feel like I never need to do that again because I don’t know how I can top that moment of hanging out with Bourdain.

The Irish Bus Bomb champ from Anthony Bourdain’s Philly ‘Layover’ episode speaks []

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  • Heather

    Same comment as my facebook comment. “irish bus bomb” is just as in poor taste as calling something “twin towers” I will make the drink/shot but do not allow it to be called anything that makes light of what car bombs or bus bombs really are. Had a bunch of kids get pissy with me about it recently. “its just a shot……” Yea? Then why is the name so important? Call it the bitchy bartender if you want. Oh and why would you care about some irresponsible person who would consume that much alcohol in one drink like that? Shame on Foobooz for this one.

  • Chris

    ^ someone’s got a stick up somewhere…..

  • Heather

    Because I don’t think calling a drink after something that has killed a lot of innocent people is appropriate? Sure. Then I have a stick up my azz.

  • Pat

    Alcohol has killed a lot of innocent people…

  • Joe K

    @Heather: Do you apply this across the board? Or just choose those that fit your agenda? I presume you won’t allow other shots which make light of death/destruction to be called by their names? B-52s. Kamikazes. Snakebites. Earthquakes. Atom Bombs. Fireballs. Prairie Fires. Blood Clots. Brain Tumors. Liquid Cocaine. Mexican Samurais. Silver Bullets. Screaming Nazis. Flaming Assholes. Hell, I guess we probably can’t even call them “shots”, can we?

  • We Got Noise

    Mexican Samurais have taken so many innocent lives.

  • Heather

    This isn’t an agenda, it is something I feel very strongly about and have my reasons. I read a comment posted by a friend and fellow bar owner last year regarding the same issue and why that person felt so strongly about the matter. I doubt strongly anyone would argue with this person had they posted this instead of me. That isn’t the point though. The point is this is one area where I feel very strongly. Thankfully, when most folks are doing rounds of shots at my place, it is bourbon. And no, I do not believe in cyber anonymity therefore I do not post under any name other than my own.
    If you are going to call me a halfwit,I strongly suggest you get your information correct about why you feel I am a “halfwit” I passed the exams for PPD in 07′ (81) and was called for orientation while I was 8 months pregnant. I signed a paper (which I still have, jacques) saying that I wished to decline my invitation to continue to the process for becoming a Philly cop until cleared by my doctor after my daughter was born. We chose to purchase my bar and because of it, I chose to not seek re-entry. Call me a halfwit about something valid please. There are more than a few areas where I am beyond halfwit.


  • Pat

    “It is something I feel very strongly about and have my reasons.”

    I think this is a perfect definition for the colloquial usage of agenda.

  • James

    @Heather: FWIW, perhaps saying “I am smart enough to be a Philly cop” isn’t the best way to prove that you’re not a “halfwit.” (N.B. Not sure I see where someone called you that, but perhaps I have waded into a running commentary).

    @We Got Noise: True story…

  • Michael G

    I know a place to avoid now.

  • Alimentarian

    Best offensive cocktail name ever: The Nog-a-saki, egg nog and saki. (from The office)

  • Alimentarian

    (that’s sake)