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  • Great article as usual.. but only 1 I can’t agree with.. I don’t think Vinny Curry is a fringe guy unless a trade partner can be found. I don’t think there’s any way you can justify cutting a 2nd round pick after only one off-season of asking him to switch positions. With Azzinaro having coached him at Marshall I think he’s safe for this season… but I’ve been wrong before.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    I think you mixed up Nick Miller and Will Murphy Sheil…. Will played for Chip at Oregon not Nick. no worries though. thanks for the great read. real excited for today

  • PaoliBulldog

    I put Harbor, Cooper, Watkins & Marsh in the “distinguish yourself or you’re gone” category. They’ve been around long enough, and produced so little, that you might as well replace them with younger, upside players.

  • GiveMeABreak

    It’s disappointing that we have so many retreads who have no chance of making the team. I suppose from a numbers game that is no different than any other team. I would prefer to see us bring in new blood rather than established rejects like Lindley. My friends who are Cowboy fans think the Jones signing is the funniest thing they have heard in a long time. Hard to see this roster turning into a great team unless Chip is the alchemist so many appear to believe.

    • Philip Soloninka

      tell your cowboy fan friends to re-examine some aspects of the signings their team has done, like say, Demetress Bell or maybe the contract they gave Romo?

      • GiveMeABreak

        Since we live in a glass house, I think it’s better not to throw rocks. Our #4 pick was second team in his own conference. Our #2 pick from last year could (maybe should) be gone soon. We have a good OL, good wideouts, good backs but only a couple of players on defense who can play (none of whom are in the secondary). Plus, our QB situation is a mess. We are more like Dallas than we are like the better teams in the league.

        • Philip Soloninka

          Threw up in my mouth after reading the last sentence.

          • GiveMeABreak

            LOL. Tell me about it. We are just in a bad place and I can’t stand the happy talk I read from the posters on this blog (I don’t mean you Sheil or Tim).

          • Philip Soloninka

            There is a lot of room for hope and optimism, we just have to try to keep it realistic, which is what I have seen in most comments. No SB talk, no D**** T*** (can’t even type the words). Just a lot of hope and anticipation to see what Chippah is going to come up with.

    • evanphilly

      Don’t really think Cowboy fans should be laughing when they have their own team to worry about. Of course there was going to be a lot of turnover with the team because of the new coaching regime. One mans trash….

    • Joe Jones

      Two words for cackling Cowboy fans. “Demetrius Bell.” And they’re laughing?

      • G_WallyHunter

        hahaha graded out as 78th out of 82 tackles? one of thee worst tackles in the league last year… can Dallas Oline coach do anything with him?

  • Engwrite

    Great article. I’m a fan. And glad something is finally starting.

  • Wise Man

    Mark my words, for I am the Wise Man: Greg Salas will make the team. He was having a beast of a rookie season in 2011 before he broke his leg, and the Patriots picked him up because they know what they’re doing. They thought they could sneak him onto the practice squad, but unfortunately the Eagles know what they’re doing, too.

    • aub32

      I don’t know. The Pats don’t really have a good history of obtaining good WR talent outside of Moss. They get a lot of praise for the moves they make, but they don’t work out nearly as well. They are just given the benefit of the doubt thanks to their early SB wins in the BB & Brady era.

  • Scott J610

    It will be interesting to see how Kelly reacts if Bryce Brown fumbles.

  • Ty

    Despite the fact that it really doesn’t make a difference , I would much rather have David Sims as a backup rather than Kurt Coleman. Sims seems to be a much better tackler than Coleman , if nothing else a better physical player. Will never take away the fact that Coleman plays with heart.

  • BlockingBack

    If all T1, T2 & T3 make the 50 (+ 3 specialists) and no T 5s do (and no addl pickups), then 16 T4s make the squad and 20 T4s don’t. That just over 60% of them. Of course, probably a few T123 injuries and pickups from other teams’s discards. And maybe a T5 or two.

    • BlockingBack


  • Dutch

    Give me a call when the Eagles cut some of these future Salesmen and Insurance Agents. I still don’t see how the Eagles can stop the passing assaults from taking place. They have added backend defenders who can tackle, but these guys can’t cover.

    I can forecast 30 plus td receptions in 2013, which is better than the record setting 33 from 2012. If we don’t get pressure on the QBs potentially more than 33 and a new record. The Eagles are asking for trouble if there is no path found to putting Cole and Graham along with Cox in the QBs faces this year.

  • Explorer51

    Prediction: in the first few games, MeSean doesn’t get the ball as much as he thinks he deserves, he starts to pout because he’s already counting his money on his next contract with his third agent, and he starts to shift into low gear so he doesn’t get hurt. Sheil, I agree with most of your thoughts (great article as usual!) but I think Bryce Brown has more of a chance to be a difference maker than Jackson. BTW, I hope I’m totally wrong on Jackson because if he has a monster season that would be great for the team but, unfortunately, we’ve seen his act before and it wasn’t pretty.

    • People love to complain about what DeSean did when he was looking for his new contract, but just completely ignore what he did last year. He was on pace for career highs in receptions and yards before he fractured his ribs.

      DeSean’s in essentially a contract year. We can part ways with him after this season if we choose to. Eagles proved last year they can live without him. He’s no longer going to be the staple of the offense. So he gets pouty? Big whoop. He’s on the bench and he’s gone next year. Demaris Johnson can be an effective fill in (not as good, but effective).

      I love your last sentence. I’ll rip into a guy like crazy but if he does good then I’m back on the bandwagon? Classic Philly.

  • djack10

    what about kicker, punter, long snapper? are those three spots already locked up or are there any other players competing for them?

  • Wilbert M.

    I disagree that Colt is a serviceable backup at safety. He looked pretty bad last season when he was forced into action. Of course, every safety looked pretty bad.

  • Joethomas215

    Does anyone know if McNabb will be signing autographs on Sunday?

  • PaoliBulldog

    Maybe you could call it the “Eagles Wi-Kapadia?”

  • Maggie

    Great non-partisan ratings. I was especially interested in seeing how well some players did on special teams, according to real statistics. Too bad there weren’t a few more doing the same! Most so-called fans rip the ones they love-to-hate, without the first clue about their actual performance.

  • Dan

    Great Work Sheil….

  • southy

    I’ll get hammered for saying this, but take run fits away from the safeties and Coleman might start to look like an actual NFL caliber player. Not starting caliber, mind you, but good enough to want him on the squad.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Russell Shepard is an intriguing addition. I’d bump him up a tier. I can’t remember if he played special teams at LSU, but if he can do that in Philadelphia, I’d take him over Cooper. If only he could play DB….

  • aankit
  • oscarfish

    I am a cowboys fan

  • oscarfish

    Eagles 5-11 or maybe 6-10