Cafe L’Aube Adds New In-House Roaster

Cafe L’Aube recently welcomed an addition with a new in-house roaster. Although Cafe L’aube has been roasting their own micro-batch roasted coffee for themselves since 2009 and more recently for restaurants like Vernick Food & Drink, the cafe will now be able to sell freshly roasted, single-origin coffee to customers in one-pound packages.

Cafe L’Aube single-origin coffee is now available for purchase at the Wallace Street cafe.

Cafe L’Aube [Official Site]

  • Tacklebury

    TRUE fresh roasted is the best, and not many places around do it. I’ve gone to Talk N Coffee in Deptford for years now and there’s a tremendous difference in quality. You’ll never want Starbucks again. Nice to see it’ll be available in the city.

  • Mackey Dingo

    Cafe L’Aube is a great little shop with fantastic food, the crepes are really something special. I know the owner personally and he is a good family man who cares about his product and his customers. This is a fine establishment.