New Fall Menu Arrives at The Corner

It’s a sure sign that fall has arrived when restaurants release revamped menus for our eating delight. More often than not, however, these menus seem to revolve around the over-glorified pumpkin spice. Thankfully, The Corner has defied this trend with its recent menu additions.

Staying true to American Cuisine, chef John Taus has provided a home-inspired, seasonally appropriate menu, sans the pumpkin. Old favorites like Tuesday’s Chicken Pot Pie return and are joined by a Saturday special of Roasted Lamb Leg served with fennel potato gratin, mint gremolata, and golden raisins.

The Corner Dinner Menu (PDF)
The Corner [Official Site]



  • Omega

    Why the somewhat negative outlook on the pumpkin spices? Or pumpkin? It’s fall. People’s fall menus usually contain those flavors not because it’s trendy or “over-glorified”, but because they are the flavors of fall. That’s not an over glorification, it’s cooking. Are you going to criticize tomatoes this coming August? Or ramps this spring? Probably not right? Dumby.

  • barryg

    Pumpkins are seasonal, pumpkin pie spice is not.