Beer Haters, It’s Time To Try The Great Pumpkin

Guys, if you’ve been trying to find a way to convince your wife/girlfriend to give beer yet another try, you’ll want to consider dragging her to Pumpkin Smash 2012 happening at City Tap House this Sunday. With 25 different pumpkin beers being paraded through the event (including a few getting poured in Philly for the first time), it’s a perfect opportunity to turn your beer-averse lady on to the sweeter side of suds.

Much like a great many fruit-flavored beers, the majority of pumpkin beers offer a heady splash of sweetness that people who don’t believe they like beer actually find palatable and often even pleasing. Dosed with spices like nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, some of these liquids are more about the pumpkin pie than the pumpkin – a fact that works to your advantage with a lady whose Achilles heel is a sweet tooth that can be reasoned with.

Dick Cantwell, head brewer for Seattle’s Elysian Brewing, is bringing a bunch of kegs that are otherwise unavailable outside his brewery’s own Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, making City Tap House’s Pumpkin Smash home to the biggest assortment of Elysian beers outside the brewery. If you don’t succeed in getting your woman friend to like beer, even after making her try 25 different ones, you can always buy her some pumpkin martinis and sign her up for the pumpkin pie eating contest.

City Tap House [Official website]

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  • Kayleigh

    This is the most sexist post I’ve ever seen on this site! (coming from an avid reader) Women drink beer, too. Sours, Porters, you name it. Try re-writing this one. It’s gross.

  • Tara Nurin

    Kayleigh, I appreciate your comment but perhaps I should have explained. I know women drink all kinds of beer. I’m one of them, and I specialize in writing about this topic. I founded Beer for Babes, New Jersey’s only women-in-beer group, I write an Ale Street News column about women’s perspective on the beer world, and I’m the historian for the Pink Boots Society, an international org. for female beer professionals. I know intimately how many women still don’t drink beer because they haven’t tasted any beers they’ve liked. We all have heard the canard about people who don’t like domestic light lagers so they think they don’t like beer. Women, as one of the two sexes that appreciates fine flavors in food, can sometimes be turned on to the wide world of artisanal beer by trying sweet or spiced beers. It’s not sexist, it’s just a fact. Want to convince your mom to try crafts? Buy her a framboise and a piece of dark chocolate. It’s the same thing with “pumpkin pie” beers. They’re sweet, tasty, and appeal to people who like these types of flavors in their desserts. Notice, I was talking about women who aren’t beer drinkers, not women in general. Maybe one of them will try a pumpkin beer this weekend then expand her mind and palate and, gasp, become an overnight hop head. But she’ll never know unless she starts somewhere.

  • Kayleigh

    The language that this post is written in perpetuates a stereotype of women who are too fussy or picky and can only be cajoled into trying more typically or culturally “masculine” things (i.e., beer! because only manly men like beer! And if your gal is still grumpy because, har har, women are a pain in the ass, aren’t they?, then get her a sweet cocktail to shut her up!). This event seems wonderful, but I find fault in the way you chose to frame the advertisement. It’s the language and the mere fact that you chose to advertise an event that has nothing to do with gender and turned it into a gender issue. Why didn’t you just say “people” who don’t like beer? You consciously chose to say women instead, but your argument that it is a fact that people who need a little persuasion with food and drink should start with sweeter things is true for all people, not for all women. Same with trying beer. Maybe you should bring your girlfriend OR your boyfriend to get them to try beer at this event!

  • Meh

    Kayleigh, do women drink pumpkin beer? I hope not because it’s terrible and sacriledge.

  • Caitlin

    I agree with Kayleigh – there was no need to frame the article in these terms. Tara, you could have just gone with the title and said “beer haters” instead of “wives/girlfriends.” Those are not synonyms.

  • http://foobooz PPABootSquadVinnie

    I can tell one thing. It appears talking about Beer Drinking in other than solemn and respectful tones has taken away Kayleigh’s sense of humor. ASSuming she ever had one.

    As they say in the Bill Murray movie ‘Stripes’—

    ‘Lighten Up, Francis.’

    Please, take your agenda Elsewhere, can’t you see people are trying to hate on the haters here. Good night Nurse, this site exasperates me……

  • Kayleigh

    Thanks, Caitlin. No offense to the author personally at all, but I just don’t think gender should be brought into this. And to Vinnie: I would have called out this post had this been blatantly racist (replace any mention of “ladies” or “girlfriends” above with the words Black or Asian and you’ll see what I mean) because I like this website and the posts. This one just stuck out like a sore thumb and was a clunker. That being said, I laughed out loud at Meh’s comment. Yes, I drink pumpkin beer because pumpkin everything!

  • http://foobooz PPABootSquadVinnie

    Hey Everybody, Kayleigh and her adult friends are here at the party, telling us how to behave and to not use such blatantly [fill-in-the-blank] language.

    Hey! Who let the Resident Advisor on our floor? There’s beer and weed all around, Hide It! Moe, Larry, the cheese! I guess it’s time for me to Scram on over to my blatantly [fill-in-the-blank] tavern for a drink and a smoke. Then maybe a rub and a tug. Happy Columbus Day, Philadelphia!

  • Caitlin

    Vinnie, check this out.

    Black people, if you’ve been trying to find a way to convince your white friends to give fried chicken yet another try, you’ll want to consider dragging them to ChickenFest. With 25 different fried chicken flavors, including sweeter options like brown sugar breading, it’s a perfect opportunity to turn your chicken-averse white person on to the sweeter side of drumsticks.

    Do you see that the stereotypes in this article are also hackneyed, ridiculous, and wrong? It’s not a sense of humor thing. Tara makes a lot of assumptions about individual tastes based on factors that have nothing to do with taste. This article exclude lots of people – women who love beer, men who don’t like beer, anyone who’s not in a heterosexual relationship…

    And-there’s no better place to bring an agenda than to a place where people disagree with you.

  • Pumpkin Bombs

    Nothing better than a hijacked bit of press….

  • Pumpkin Love

    So, Kayleigh and Caitlin, google Tara’s email address and deal with your issues directly instead of taking over the entire comment section with your agenda, be it reasonable or not.

    I’m really impressed with the amount of pumpkin beers assembled for this event. My wife, who typically doesn’t like beer (imagine that?) LOVES pumpkin beers, so this is a great event for us to enjoy as a couple.

  • Racist much?

    @Caitlin. BTW “Chickenfest” sounds AMAZING…maybe Heineken or Hennesy can sponsor.

  • Commander Zsvartz

    You think a few BO surrogates would sponsor
    ChickenFest. Get Garry Maddox to host.

  • Tex

    There’s really no reason for men OR women to drink beer. Wine is better.

  • Julie

    Ugh, this “ladies only like apple martinis” kind of writing annoys me too. As a female beer drinker who’s been drinking better beer since Monks was the only option in this city, I’ve been frustrated by this kind of gender-specific writing for a long time. Yes, your credentials are impressive, but if we treat all women like the airheads and fusspots that we see on tv, it doesn’t matter how deep your knowledge of the subject. Let’s keep it intelligent, and we can all enjoy a good geuze.

    And besides, pumpkin beers suck.

  • PumpkinHead

    As a pumpkin beer lover, I am offended by the statement made by Julie that “pumpkin beers suck.” This is yet another example of how this type of language can be offensive. Did you even consider all of the pumpkin beer lovers that you have offended by this statement?

    On another note, I can’t wait for Caitlyn’s post about the “Watermelon Fest” that City Tap House holds every year. That should be a great read.

  • juan serrat

    2 things – 1. we can all agree that no one cares about tex and his wine drinking and 2. whens chickenfest?!?!

  • Some girl

    Relying on stereotypes is lazy writing.

  • barryg