Curtains for Tapestry?

Michael Klein is reporting that Tapestry is temporarily closed pending a liquor license transfer. Klein reports that the partnership has soured but business has been good.

Tapestry replaced Adsum at the perhaps-cursed corner as Kar Vivekananthan brought in the Belvedere Group (Agiato and Main Street Market) ten months ago. Victor Fiorillo previously reported Vivekananthan owed the state $30,000 in sales tax for Tapestry, an amount that must be paid before the liquor license can be renewed when it comes due in October.

Tapestry is closed, but it’s called temporary [The Insider]

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  • badjack

    Maybe they just went on vacation again.

  • Bob

    Hope not, they had a good draft list.

  • chris

    given that kar is borrowing money from his sister, and brother-in-law; i doubt that this is temporary. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Bob: you can find bars with a nice draft list anywhere in this city, you’ll get over it.

  • Until yesterday, I worked there. The place is closed for good.

  • SavingPrivateKar

    Don’t give up hope former employee, I hear they are bringing in the expert team of Matt and Colleen Swartz as consultants

  • Tex

    Trey Popp wrote a post on here about Tapestry on July 5, 2012. In the post, he mocked a certain commentator for asking in September of last year what might replace Tapestry when it closed “in 8-12 months.” That comment was more a joke than a prediction, but as a prediction it’s looking pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

  • Tex

    Incidentally, I’m sorry to hear this because I liked Tapestry and thought it was very good when I last ate there a couple weeks ago.

  • Tex

    My first comment didn’t post, I guess because of the link I included to Trey Popp’s post on this site about Tapestry on July 5, 2012. In that post, he mocked a certain commenter for asking in September of last year what might open after Tapestry closes “in 8-12 months.” That comment was more a joke than a prediction, but as a prediction it’s looking pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

  • no

    Called it in the last story.


  • barryg

    Just open a Cantina Tres there.

  • workedthere

    I worked at Tapestry for about six months Karr was a silent partner and is a good guy. I really feel bad for him. He was not the reason this place failed. Rich and Rob were responsible to run Tapestry. Those two from BRG/BBG bounced checks for months to employees. We were BUSY. So where did the money go, BRG? They have no respect for people. BRG has huge employee turnover. Rob’s dad (the money) is a busines professor (for god’s sake) at Villanova and paid for the whole thing in Manayunk – and prb Tapestry. I’ve seen checks. Rich is a liar and a thief. He will end up in jail. These guys are TOXIC. Ask ANYONE who has worked for them how they screw people and vendors over. They’re being investigated by the DOL. Ask people who work for them NOW! I bet they empty the place out in the middle of the night. This is Bevedere Business or Restaurant or whatever PONZI scheme they have working. They use it so not one company gets sued maybe. FBI is coming for you two!!

  • Not surprised

    AMEN to the last comment those 2 are the scum of the earth

  • stevecphilly

    Rumor has it that they have the same debt to the state for back sales taxes in main street. they have been paying rent on buildings (six ) in some cases for years with no idea when they will ever have the money to complete the job. I wonder if this nice guy Kar knows that Tapestry has been paying the bills on main street and its employees for some time. No one was paid for the renovation and/or addition to agiato. Every thing they do has no common sense in any form of business. In the next few months they will exceed a half million in liens and various claims from prevayors and contractors. I think that bankruptcy is the only way Rob can get away from the cluches of evil Rich. His ego is way beyond his business capitabilies. They are doing work knowing that they will not be able to ever pay the workers. Its criminal.

  • Mel

    Of course Tapestry has been paying for their other stuff. Why do you think Kar bailed? He knows. The term TOXIC explains these two. Expect bad produce in your salad and rancid meat on your charcuterie at agiato when the shit starts going down the crapper in manayunk. They can barely hold on to it there. The house of cards will fall. I just hope these guys, like the farmers cabinet people suffer as much as they have made others suffer through their sociopathy.

  • having been there since the inception of all these operations and as a recent former employee ,the majority of what has been presented above speaks volumes of truth {although allegedly}.all i can add is that there is much more to reveal(allegedly) and hopefully when & if the IRS gets involved then maybe the monetary/personal suffering they have caused others will finally be final payroll checks bounced,putting our family in a temporary financial crisis.ah, the circle of life! BBG/BRG remember-“you reap what you sow,so keep your head to the ground and listen for the sound of marching men coming round”.

  • Allitia

    Terrible news. Tapestry was well liked in the neighborhood, always busy and the food was spot on for a gastropub. Kar is a solid guy–I really hope he is spared some of the fall out from his toxic partners.

  • Stevecphilly

    Who is the license being transferred to?

  • Carmen

    The liquor licesne they will try to move will come from the TErrace Taproom aka Cervisia…….the other one belongs to the other owner who pulled it off the wall becasue he was tired of getting screwed by Rich Rivera and Rob Nydick

  • workedthere2

    So in fact I was told from first hand knowledge that Rich Rivera almost got in a fist fight on main street yesterday outside the still closed Main Street Market — an employee tried to get his money that Rich Rivera owed him (about $700) and Rich turned manic and started yelling at the employee asking him “what the f&%^ do you want from me!” The employee stated that he wanted the money that was owed to him and then Rivera started throwing his money at him on Main Street! Someone needs to start following this man with a video camera!! Who knows what you’ll get!!

  • sawitcoming

    you had to see the writing on the wall for this one. Agiato has been through at least 5 chefs in two years. The original manager of the market quit. The artisan baker finally quit. The terrace tap room went through at least two managers in it’s short life. Three chef’s at Tapestry, and Kar is the second partner to walk out on them. not to mention the multitude of other employees they have gone through. They owe money to landlords, vendors, employees. Rich and Rob are just living off of every body elses hard work and money. The two of them belong in jail.

  • one correction to Sawitcoming’s post:jim the baker did not quit,he was terminated by Rich and Rob for posturing for litigation(allegedly)due to the fact that he was attemting to collect his past due wages and he no longer “fit” into the BRG employee/buisness growth profile.he will probably have to fight for his unemployment-.wrap your noodle around that one.