Boilermaker Closing, to be Replaced by The Butcher & The Brewer

Late last night Michael Klein reported that the Grainery Restaurant Group’s (Farmers’ Cabinet, Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse) The Boilermaker would be closing to reconceptualize as The Butcher and The Brewer. The new concept will focus on meat and charcuterie as well as the 40 taps it currently offers.

In the kitchen, Jennifer Choplin will be in charge. Choplin is coming over from Watkins Drinkery where she was responsible for the menu that managed to straddle game and vegan options.

This is just the latest note in the saga that involves Matt and Colleen Swartz’s string of restaurants. Just over a week ago it was announced Jennifer Zavala was joining the restaurant group and this week, Eater speculated that Zavala might be running a Matt Swartz owned bed and breakfast in Bucks County.

The last day for The Boilermaker will be this Monday. A reopening date has not been announced.

Exit, Boilermaker [The Insider]

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  • Steve

    No big surprise here. These guys are clueless. They do not let a single idea simmer before either changing it up or closing shop and opening a new location only to repeat the same process. So what happens to all of the employees working there who now have to wait for them to figure out what the heck they want to do?

  • maf

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You suck Swartz!

  • Clueless

    In related news the Matts will be taking over potato peeling duty in a prison kitchen real real soon

  • Shut It

    Will the new place also feature suspended candle holders that pour scalding wax on the bartenders? That would be ideal.

  • Buckethead

    If they really want to bring in the crowds they should add some more words to the name of the place, maybe “The Butcher and The Brewer and The Farm and The Farmhand and The Fisherman and The Table and The Tap and The Lady and The Cheese Guy and The Barrel”.

  • Bipolar Amateurs

    Why the sudden influx of dirty hipster sandwich maker “chefs?” Filling Philadelphia’s great void of gastropubs?… Brilliant strategy.

  • Lauren

    someone caught on fire from one of their thousands of candles… it was just a matter of time.

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    Who does business with these people? Do suppliers extend credit? Is it COD only? Are the staff paid in cash?

  • Typewriter

    There once was a man named Mattsh, who would hide his cash in a stash, giving employees and vendors the back door dash. He developed a rash from some stipper s&m lash and and lost his his penicillin in the trash. Took a candle to search and ‘flash’ the place went up a crash, he said while passing gas, I wish I paid insurance instead of buying some gash

  • eldondre

    this place actually had a great tap list. this location has never done well for anyone. it was an english tavern for five seconds and before that it was a rarely full faux irish bar. it’s a quiet block. 40 taps would be a lot better on chestnut st

  • barryg

    The taplist was great and the boilmakers were actually really good too. The owners might be shady but they put out some good beverages at all their spots.

  • RottenWort

    Never was impressed with the beers on tap nor the service. Especially the service. The candles were and are a fire trip. Food was bad and overpriced. Mixed drinks tired recreations of classics. Predicted failure from the beginning and was right but that’s an easy bet with the Matts. Death watch on this next tired retread is even easier than Amy Winehouse was, I give it four months.

  • A Hundred Bucks Says

    I’ll bet a hundred bucks that all you “phoodies” will talk all this sh*t and not even TRY the new place. That’s all you are good for. I agree with Eldondre…it’s a tough location to attract business to, so maybe they’re switching it up to grab more attention? Who knows. I give them credit for deciding to try something new because clearly the BM wasn’t working out. Smart business decision. I understand that these guys have a past, WE ALL DO. Get over yourselves…and let these guys do their thing. After all, they’re trying to bring cool things to Philly.

    PS- How many restaurant closings has Stephen Starr had in this city? I’ll give you a hint, MORE than these guys, but none of you would dare to bash Mr. Starr….

  • Jordan


    You are crazy if you weren’t impressed with the tap selection…it was always pretty solid.

    forgetabble place…some good staff…some awful

  • NoDoubt100

    Hey 100 “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

    They have failed at Six of Six locations, 100% failure (as soon as the Farmers Cabinet Lawsuits are collected) and spent time in Federal Prison.

    Starr has closed 4 places out of 40.

    No Doubt the Matts failures are tied to hiring stupid people like you who think they are doing something cool for Philly. They do what they do out of greed and sliminess and they close due to being inept and corrupt.

    It’s time for them to slime away to yet another city. Please follow them.

  • Deadbeatscum

    So does this mean the Grainery and Farmers Cabinet will not be paying the $16,774.27 judgment they owe Happy Huckster Corp for food they supplied to Matt and Colleen Swartz? Did they Huck them over too? Is the vendor still a Happy Huckster or did they rename it “Really Pissed Huckster for being a fool to supply known Deadbeats” Who’s next?

  • Ryan H

    How cute, daddy Swartzie is letting baby Scheller redecorate her dollhouse!

  • Tonyjlive

    Not a surprise given the tough location and general sentiment about the ownership.

  • h

    How is Center City a tough location? And, Doc Watson’s managed to hold on in this tough location for 39 years.

  • andnotherting

    H stop using facts, they obviously don’t apply to Livin’ La Vida Swartza

  • SavingPrivateKar

    They should rename the place “Tapestry” or “Adsum”. I like those names, both certain to succeed with Foobooz driven hype.

  • “Dirty hipster sandwich chef?!” I’ve spent time in some of the finest kitchens in the city, I’m no hipster and I am certainly not “dirty.” I stand behind Matt, Jeremy and Jen and the concept we’re bringing to this space. Enough with the haterade. Come for dinner and then judge.

  • Fool

    You are a fool Jennifer. “Oh it’s gonna be so different for me” Are you naive or just so desperate for a job? Don’t come crying to us as you running screaming for the doors unpaid in four months

  • Bipolar Amateur

    Right, Jen. You’re going to do what the half dozen other way more accomplished restaurant chefs just COULD NOT COME UP with before. You’re going to make it different! And better! And so Kewl! Just admit what it is. The Matts turn and burn their staff because they have one of the worst run kitchens in the city and no professional will tolerate their bounced checks, snakeoil business models, and disrespect for the public they profit from. They duped you in with big promises and a huge upgrade from making sloppy joes. You stand behind Jen, Matt, and Jeremy? Who are they anyway? Matt, who served DOG FOOD GRADE rabbit meat from a FLEA MARKET in Bucks County (remember those rabbit cheesesteaks a few months back…) or “locally-sourced farm fresh” duck eggs from China town? You stand behind Jen, who rides the laurels of her z-list status as a reality show loser? Jeremy, who the f is Jeremy? You are a “chef” and stand behind a team who burns purveyors, staff, guests, and honest businesses people because your buddies are in the kitchen? God I hope you’re ignorant and not just desperate.

  • Steve

    Since foobooz is always behind the times I’ll be the one to report that Matt Scheller left Farmer’s Cabinet as of September 14th (check out Eater for a much better Philly food/drinks blog). Pretty sure that FC will soon close as well considering the beer program is the only thing worth going for.

  • maf

    I agree with the bipolar guy. Also, I have to say I threw up in my mouth when I read the “haterade” comment.

  • Karma Chameleon

    Don’t pile hate on the employees. It’s not their fault that their new bosses are scumbags. Everybody needs to work. Since when do we judge people by the quality of character(or lack there of) of their bosses? Some of you throwing mud in here were gladly drinking the overly-hopped, cherry-flavored Swartz-Aid not so long ago. These newbies will find out soon enough what a shit-show they’ve signed up for. As much as Matt Squared would have liked to think they were well-known, semi-famous restaurateurs, most people have never heard of the schmucks and never will. Comparing what they do to S. Starr & Company is a laugh riot. The karma bus is coming for these clowns and it has bars on the windows. P.S. Current and past Swartz employees, give a quick call to the IRS to see if your pay stubs are real and the ‘taxes’ being taken out are actually going to the government. Here’s a hint: They’re not and you’re not.

  • Dan

    Yea, very confused by the bizzare hate for Jennifer Choplin.

    Although in a small out-of-the-way loctaion, Watkins was (is?) serving some of the most innovative bar in this town. She appears to know her way around offal and how to repurpose these ingredients in interesting ways. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen if it doesn’t work out? She moves on to a new joint that would be lucky to have her. Its not like any of these jobs come with pensions, quality healthcare or any other benefits…

    BTW, I have never met Jennifer and had no idea she behind watkins’ menu until this post…

  • Karma Bus

    @ ‘A Hundred Bucks’: Yes, we all have a past, and if Felonious Matt, Little Matt (R.I.P., September 2012), and Mama Colleen had learned from their past mistakes and were running their current business(es) in a different manner than their previous failed excursions, I’d be the first one to give them a round of applause and praise Jesus for a miracle long overdue. However, this is not the case. Screwing over vendors and employees has been and CONTINUES to be a way of life for these jacktards. The sad part is, their ventures could have been successful if they had behaved like decent human beings who didn’t put their own greed, ambition, and the most fucked up case of A.D.D. (Let’s open up a new bar every other month!) I have ever seen, before honesty and loyalty and patience. If they had stopped along the way and nurtured and respected their businesses and allowed them to grow before jumping on to the next and the next (and the next and the next), who knows what might have been? Alas, the world will never know; and now, poor little Schelley has to grow up without a daddy.

  • Realy?

    What a bunch of assholes all around. If you dont like something then dont. Dont feed the fire of what you consider “shady, hippster, felon, illegal, z list” because, your to good to even comment, I mean thats what your saying. Who gives a shit its not like anyone banged your Mom then asked for rent. School people, say something mature and productive, allow error. Because you,your self are not error proof. If they suck they suck I know LOTS of shade in this city (um anyone ever hear of STAPHMEAL)if That Jen Choplin wants to “rah rah go team go” may she burn in hell for having a GOOD ATTITUDE!! Maybe she CAN do what hyped up OVERPAID chefs cant, i mean she did just throw herself up on this lions den the the “im better then you” lions den.

  • KindaAgree

    Realy, you are Really Annoying. Please go back and finish 6th grade before posting in such an inane manner.

  • Wow

    What about the countless employees who still can’t get unemployment because he hasn’t filed taxes for The Farmers Cabinet? How the hell do these places still open everyday?

  • ShouldntHelp

    I really shouldn’t help you dopes who choose to work for known felons but I will. You are probably filing against the wrong entity. Farmer’s Cabinet operates under the Grainery legal entity. That’s all the help I’ll give for free.

  • Psychochef

    OK, all of you commenting MUST be gastronomic geniuses, who’ve not only sampled EVERY eatery in town, but must ALSO have an ‘in’ with the wheelings and dealings of every one as well. I, on the other hand, do not. Let me tell you all what I DO know, and then all of you snooty, too-hip-for-the-room types who have nothing better to do than carp on articles like these, can continue to do so. What I DO know, is that all of you who want to dogpile on Chef Choplin yet know nothing of her skill and clever ways of composing dishes should stay AWAY, and let those of us who are aware of her skillset sit down and enjoy her upcoming adventure. As to the veracity of the owners, I can only hope that they will do Jennifer Choplin the respect and give her the opportunity to make that spot the turnaround success that she did with the Watkins Drinkery. I look forward to her take on this chapter of her career, with every taste bud I have.

  • BetterHurry

    Better hurry up there gastro-dope, this place and her pop tart entrees will be closed within 30 days. The Feds are on their way from Virginia for these guys apparently. Or don’t ya know how to google ?

  • Ally G.

    Way to be ignorant people. I can’t wait to try this place out! Meat and beer? I’m so down. And unlike most of you haters (95% of you), I’m a real person who will offer my real name. Gawd I hate Philly “know-it-alls.” Grow up and enjoy a night out or two.

  • Ali G

    Ally G: So tell me Will, is the name change legal and permanent or are you only going by “Ally” on the internet?

    Face it, an actual human being not employed by F-Cab would never boast about wanting to try out a spot owned by a convicted felon who has a years-long reputation of not only screwing their staff and purveyors but also ripping off the elderly (at least Shwartzy went to prison for that con). Not to mention his blatant racism/homophobia that has been well documented for quite some time now.

    It’s pretty sad when the Matt’s internet white knight is the only F-Cab employee whose check doesn’t bounce.

    And to Jen, there is nothing wrong with defending yourself but you are really making yourself look silly with your “standing behind Matt”- we’ll see how long that lasts (hint: it won’t be long because he screws over everybody that he meets)

  • Ally G.

    That’s funny because I do not work in the restaurant industry. So I guess I’m not an actual human being? Thanks bud.

    I like meat and I like beer. When I think of going out to eat I think of that. FOOD. Not politics.

    You’re just a mean, bitter, person. No one likes a know-it-all. Like I mentioned before… Just ENJOY LIFE (no need to hate).

  • Angela

    @Ally G

    I’ll leave my name it’s Angela and i am Matt’s cousin………and completely ASHAMED of it. He and Colleen are every bit of SCUM EVERY ONE SAYS about them! Will…..feel free to pass that on to your “master”. Does your wife know that you work for a criminal?

  • Steve

    According to City Paper, the place is set to reopen tonight under the Butcher and Brewer name/concept. The countdown to it closing begins in 3…2…..1

    Seriously though, I give it 3 months and I think I am being generous considering all of probes into FC and the brewery in VA

  • Banker

    It will catch up with them once the papers and the Banks and the MOB… catch wind of them. It will get around THIS time…They F**ed the wrong people…

  • Angie

    @Banker Says…
    You referenced the MOB………are the Matt’s tied with them in some way?