Cafe Estelle Closing Soon

Cafe Estelle, the always praised bruncherie in the awkward location at 444 N 4th Street is calling it quits after fiive-years. Owner and chef Marshall Green says he’s closing up shop at the end of September.

Green tells Michael Klein that after a vacation and some fishing, he’ll figure out what’s next.

Next for us, at least one last trip to Cafe Estelle.

UPDATE: Adam Erace talked to Marshall Green earlier today.

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  • DKD

    Sad news, what a great bruncherie…Hopefully, Marshall Green will re-open at a new location in Philadelphia.

  • Michael G

    I’m sad to see this close but I’m guilty of not visiting as often as I should because of the noman’s location. I mean there’s only one residential building there so even the realtors haven’t come up with a name for the area. That area used to be the skid row before the City plowed the entire area in the 60′s. I could see that area between Vine to Spring Garden, Front to 10th eventually becaoming a new area for offices or residnetial high rises but we are talking 20-30 years out. I hope they re-open somewhere else.

  • Pat

    Definitely my favorite brunch in the city. May Green return in a more sensible location!

  • Jeff

    Used to go there all the time until they (or the building) stopped allowing parking in their lot. New favorite is Cafe Lift on 13th and Spring Garden.

  • Katie Loeb

    This saddens me deeply. Always been a fan of Cafe Estelle and all that they do there. It’s remarkable how good the menu is, and the level of care that goes into every single dish is evident. I wish Marshall and the staff best of luck in their future endeavors. Selfishly, I hope they are able to find a new location and reopen soon. Maybe the fishing trip will bring clarity and resolve.

  • jay

    Well Said Katie