Buck-a-Shuck Monday Kicks Off at Doc Magrogan’s Tonight

Given that yesterday was National Oyster Day, I popped over to the just opened University City outpost of Doc Magrogan’s to enjoy some bivalves and cocktails. (And the smoked fish dip and grilled mahi-mahi). Bartender Brian gave me the heads up that today is the first of Doc’s weekly Buck-a-Shuck Mondays, with a few varieties of oyster priced at just a dollar — not just during happy hour, but all night. Today’s buck-a-shuck selections: Sewansecott, James River and Delaware Bay.

  • barryg

    It’s amazing that as this blog brings in “professional” editors and journalists the basics are going down the toilet. No address?

  • kbor
  • barryg

    Kbor, West Chester?

  • Nancy

    Clearly, the tag say ‘Cheap Seafood in PHILADELPHIA’ and ‘UNIVERSITY CITY’. Not very hard to google Doc Magrogan’s and see that there’s a Philadelphia location…

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com/author/vfiorillo/ Victor Fiorillo

    As much as I hate to admit it, Barryg is correct. I accidentally omitted a link. Added.

  • Michael G

    Is this place any good? I mean is it closer to Oyster House or is it like Chickie and Pete’s or DiNardo’s? If anyone has any experience i would like to know.

  • Victor Fiorillo

    It’s more of an Oyster House kinda place. I wouldn’t equate Doc’s to OH, but it’s definitely a different menu/vibe than a Chickie’s & Pete’s.

  • The Spendthrift

    I’m annoyed that their on-line menu doesn’t include prices, is that a thing now? Even Stephen Starr lets you see menu prices,

  • cooper121

    Not good, don’t waste your time. Decently fresh-enough seafood prepared by what seems like high school level talent for cooks. Bland preparation, boring sides. This guy stamps out pre-fabricated restaurants that are destined to become mediocre small-time chains from day one. Sad to see one of these open on an otherwise charming street in U City.