Reader Poll: Where Are the Best Fries in Town?

In honor of the most American of holidays, National French Fry Day (July 13), Foobooz is declaring Potato Week from July 9th-13th. Each day we will be bringing you coverage of the most potato-y dishes in Philadelphia, from skins to poutine, culminating in the reveal of the best fries in the city on Friday the 13th.

To crown this crunchy golden glory we need you to let us know your favorite place to get French fries. (We’re talking to you, most voracious and opinionated commenters).

What will we do with this fine information? Well, that is for us to know and you to find out during Foobooz Potato Week. So leave us a note and maybe your favorite fries will be deemed the crowd favorite. Or maybe Foobooz commenters will come after you with a proverbial pitchfork-and-torch mob. Either way, this is going to be a lot of fun.

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  • Poster Nutbag

    eulogy. never had a better fry than theirs.

  • Lindsay

    Good Dog and Nodding Head. Plus Varga for their Jumbo Lump Cheese Fries.

  • Allison Berger

    The Hot Diggity. Yum.

  • erik

    second for hot diggity. steak fries at SPTR are kinda ridiculous with the housemade ketchup too.

  • Mike

    Race Street Cafe

  • Jay W.

    Chubby’s in Roxboro!

  • MPG

    Taphouse. Both regular and sweet potato.

  • gijyun

    I like Marathon’s fries, crispy and golden not unlike a certain double-arched fast food chain. I don’t understand you people and your soggy brown Philly fries.

  • rory

    haven’t had them for months and months, but the short rib + cheddar fries at village whiskey were a great decadent comfort food during the winter…almost makes me regret not having had a colder winter to remind me to go there for those fries more than once this year. Oh well.

    I also really liked the fries at hot diggity, and there’s another i know i’m forgetting

  • Chase

    Cheddar ‘spanish fries’ from Copa Banana on South Street!!

  • barryg

    +1 Good Dog

  • Jaim

    Good Dog. Standard Tap.

  • Ryan

    I did a 30th birthday Bar and Fry crawl this year, called the FRIornman, and we went to Village Whiskey, Jose Pistolas, Varga, and Percy St,

    Village Whiskey – duck-fat french fries with short ribs on top

    Jose Pistolas – Chorizo cheese fries

    Varga – melted white cheddar and fresh crab fries

    Percy St. – bbq brisket and cheese fries.

    I loved them all, with Percy Street and Village Whiskey having the slight edges. Kite & Key used to have gravy fries, which were awesome, and I know SideCar has spicy crab fries. Adsum had great putine fries. I think Artful Dodger has good ones too, I remember correctly.

  • diParma

    Good Dog, Pub & Kitchen and the Standard Tap all have great fries. Maybe because they are lying next to delicious burgers.

    I also enjoy The Khyber’s Sweet Potato Fries, but not sure if that is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

  • Anthony

    The fries at the Dandelion are the best example in their purest form. For dipping purposes, nothing touches Resurrection’s curry mayo. Nothing

  • Holly Moore

    Are those frozen, crinkle cut fries in the pic? Tsk!

  • Natalie Hope McDonald

    Monks and the Belgian Tavern – the best pomme frites ever!

  • Row Home Eats

    Another vote for Hot Diggity. Also, LOS Burger Truck.

  • Geoff

    My browser didn’t work last time so please delete if this is a dupe…

    Eulogy and Grey Lodge

  • Holly Moore

    Best fries can be found on the 600 block of South – Both Hot Diggity and European Republic. Underdog does a great fry too. As are Spot Burgers. Like NFL football, “On any given day.”

  • Allison

    North 3rd.

  • Joanna B

    Ishkabibble’s on South Street. Old school shoestring. Best with a Gremlin.

  • Jess


  • Alex

    Grace Tavern, nommmmmmmmm.

  • E.J.

    Hot Diggity! With the wasabi mayo as the dipping sauce… if it’s allowed.

  • E.J.

    Hot Diggity! With the wasabi mayo as the dipping sauce… if it’s allowed.

    I also concur with Holly. European Republic’s fries are amazing… but the dipping sauces are not as good.

  • Michael G

    Standard Tap unless the hipster bartender forgets them.

  • Rachel S

    For regular fries- Pub & Kitchen.

    For sweet potato fries- Ants Pants Cafe hands down!

  • Matt

    The poutine at the Blind Pig is probably the best in the city I have had, fairly comparable to Montreal. Also, not exactly fries but the spaetzle at Frankford Hall is also pretty darn good.

  • Lauren

    Eulogy without a doubt. Also best fry dips there.

  • barryg

    @Matt, spaetzle has exactly nothing in common with french fries.

  • clyde

    O’Neal’s when Mohammad is cooking…perfect texture and balance between crispy and over-cooked.

  • Tall Paul

    The Green Rock.Yummm

  • ConstantLEHIGH

    Pub & Kitchen has great fries accompanying their burgers and c’mon, how can you not love their brunch offering of disco fries?!

  • Chard

    Can’t believe I’m the first one saying this; Resurrection Ale House!

    For Sweet Potato Fries- I second the motion for Ants Pants Cafe.

  • Emily

    Varga for their jumbo lump crab cheese fries!
    Race Street Cafe also very crispy and yummy

  • Danielle

    Chick’s with rosemary and garlic! Also, 500 degrees. I think the picture is of the fries at Shake Shack (these are good, but not on my list). Second the motion for Ishkabibbles, which are especially amazing after drinking too well at Southwark.

  • caga tio

    Pub & Kitchen and the Khyber

  • josh

    the fries at the Happy Rooster with their malt vinegar aioli have been the crispiest, tastiest fries i have had in a long time.

  • Shane

    Matyson’s truffle fries

  • Laura

    Underdog fries with malt vinegar aioli!

  • Glenn Walker

    The best Belgian frites in the city are from European Republic.

    Nodding Head has fantastic Spanish fries.

    Tattooed Mom has wonderful homemade tater tots.

    Village Whiskey has the rep for terrific duck fat fries however, the gold standard of the favorite fried food.

  • Jordan Szenicer

    Sketch Burger has the best fries. Sad to see it not listed yet.

  • Handsome Pete

    Grey Lodge, Standard Tap and Sketch are my go-tos for fries.

  • cjtst11

    North 3rd

    Standard Tap and Kraftwork tied for 2nd

  • me

    Curley’s Fries with malt vinegar. 26th Street(not Schellenger) Wildwood boardwalk.

  • tabitha

    Eulogy Belgium Tavern with their spiced burger…. yuummmmmmyyydelish

    Le Bec Fin used to have good fries not sure they still do

    McNally’s and Grey Lodge also

  • jlc

    The French Fries at Time are amazing… and I’m seriously obsessed with french fries. Dandelion and the truffle fries at Rouge are also up on my list.

  • Meg B

    VARGA- truffled Crab/cheese fries! My fav by far.

  • Wendy W

    Poutine @ allaspina – not really accurate per Canadian rules but still super yummy.

  • topprof

    Our favorite fries can be found at Varga (plain w/homemade ketchup or jumbo lump cheese fries), The Perch w/garlic aioli and The Royal Tavern’s fries w/malt vinegar mayo. You can also wash them down with outstanding 1/2 price drafts during happy hour at all three places.

  • barryg

    @Glenn Walker, the tots at Mom’s are homemade? Could have fooled me.

  • BJ

    The cheese fries at Village Whiskey were insane. I think a fry should be a little cheaper though, so I will go with Underdogs. Their dipping sauces are good too!

  • Andrew

    Union Jack’s in Glenside

  • Food Phan

    Eulogy hands down. Dont sleep on the fries at Famous 4ths either and I cant believe no one has mentioned Sabrina’s, garlic parmesan or sweet potato, both great.

  • Esther

    Hot Diggity Has The Best Fries In Philly Their Dipping Sauces Make The Fries Even BETTER !!!!!!!!!

  • Gavi

    Hot Diggity, sauces take them to the next level!

  • Carrie

    Its a tie for Hot Diggity and European Republic- both have an amazing crispy texture and perfect inside and unique dipping sauces!

    I also love the fries at Farmicia and duck fat fries at Garces Trading Co.

  • Dan

    Hot Diggity, hands down. From the wonderful cut, to the presentation, to the out-of-this world accouterments, it is the perfect French-Fried experience.

  • EuropeRepublic

    European Republic wrongly calls them “Belgium Fries” instead of Belgian Fries. Like saying Italy pasta or China Food or Mexico Tacos. Thus I vote for St Stephen’s Green.

  • icemancooketh

    Green Rock Tavern on Lehigh Avenue. Oddly, though, if you don’t eat them in the first five minutes out of the frier, they are not nearly as good.

  • Casey

    Village Whiskey for duck fat.

    Angelinos for spanish fries.

    Beligan Cafe for Beligan style

  • Erin

    Duck Fries at the Devil’s Den

  • Kristin Mc

    Standard tap!

  • hamburglar

    Fuck all this noise. The vous has the best – waffle fries with cheese and brown gravy all day.

  • Erin – No Love More Sincere

    Village Whiskey – duck fat w. short rib & beer cheese

    Sardine Bar – Home Frie-Fries… not enough people know how amazing the brunch version of their fries are! Can I say hollandaise & hot sauce? Their regular S&P fries are solid, too.

    Varga – Jumbo Lump Cheese Fries, so solid.

  • Mitch

    Center city lunch = Dibruno’s Comcast, simple but pure

    Happy Hour = Village Belle, truffle parm (with a big old Peroni draft!)

    South Philly – Stogey Joe’s fat wedges

  • Mitch

    Ooh, forgot to mention the Taproom On 19th – crab fries that deserve the name!

  • Adam

    Sidecar! Crunchy big pieces of salt & delicious potatoes

  • Elena

    Amuse. They MELT in your mouth.

  • Jennie

    Nodding Head are long time faves – new fave, underdogs with any of those darn dips!

  • Bill

    Hot Diggity by a mile. They’re perfectly cut, crispy, and they have any dipping sauce you could think of. As I write this, I’m somewhat concerned about my sincere loyalty to a fry, but I guess that’s a testament to how awesome they are.

  • Joyce

    Old Time Favorite: Copa’s Spanish Fries at 4th and South

    New Favorite: Underdog

  • barryg

    @Elena, are fries supposed to melt?

  • Janice

    Hot Diggity has the best fries! I travel from NJ just to get their fries and their great dipping sauces…Yum!!!

  • ellen snyder

    The Coppa’s Spanish Fries on South… LOVE THEM

  • Nick

    Underdog on 17th Street, best fries in the city. The hot dogs are pretty good too.

  • Roma258

    Loco Pez- Nachos de Kenzo, K&A style. Carne asada, pulled chicken, spicy chorizo, guac, god knows what else on top of waffle fries instead of nachos…amazing.

  • K

    Royal Tavern, by far. N. 3rd, Good Dog, and Underdogs are great, too.

  • NumberOne

    Number one is right, it’s Eulogy by far

  • Dot Garabedian

    Hot Diggity fries are great. The dipping sauces are superb!

  • Kelly

    Copabanna’s spanish fries shouldn’t count. They are frozen fries, you can see them get them delivered every week. I vote for Hot Diggity’s fries! They are fresh cut right in front of you and are always amazing. The sauces are all homemade too! YUM!

  • Mayo

    Gotta say Sketch. Regular fries are awesome, and so are their sweet potato fries, even though they don’t have them on the menu all the time.

  • lisa

    Continental’s szechuan fries, Supper’s with truffled mayo and Nifty Fifty’s for old fashioned yumminess

  • Glenn Walker

    @Barryg It’s what I’ve been told, perhaps not. Anyone know for sure care to check in?

  • Pacojette

    5 guys

  • Andrew A.

    Hot Diggity all the way. And the dipping sauces…a great companion to them fries!

  • Cai V

    Capital Grille Truffles Fries

  • Eaton Beaver

    1 – Khyber Pass – fries with roast beef “debris” gravy
    2 – Rembrandts
    3 – Square Burger

  • Tex

    Hot Diggity’s fries are not that good (though their dogs are, except for the bread-to-meat ratio, i.e., too much bread). For much better fries, Percy Street is a few blocks West. Those are the best I’ve had in quite some time.

  • Dara

    Throw on a little cheese, dip them in the garlic aioli! Delish!

  • Jake

    Farm Fries: crispy fries topped with sharp provolone & pork gravy

    Jake’s Sandwich Board

  • bogans

    Judging solely upon the fry, not the dipping sauces I would say:

    1) Monks
    2) Johnny Brenda’s
    3) Sketch Burger
    4) Standard Tap
    5) Khyber Pass

    Never had the duck fat fries at Village Whiskey an dnever been to Hot Diggity though.

  • JulieM

    Eulogy. No question.

  • erinm

    village whiskey!!! duck fat… yum!

  • Emma

    HOT DIGGITY, so many yummy dipping sauces but also perfect on their own. Huge, hand cut, and just right.

  • Jenn

    Spot Burgers for fries.

  • Amanda

    There was a time I would have said Good Dog like many of you, but I’m convinced that the best fries in the city are the thick cut steak fries at Little Petes.

  • Liebs

    Monk’s. Underdogs.

  • DD

    Derek’s on main Street
    3 ways
    Skins with parmesan-truffle and chives
    handcuts with ketchup [what else]
    shoestrings with white truffle oil

  • Mel R

    12 Steps Down
    Varga’s jumbo lump cheese fries
    Village Whiskey’s duck fat fries with short ribs

  • Lori

    royal tavern

  • Tom T

    Monk’s. Belgian fries are the best.

  • JoAnn E

    Being a purist, I love Alyan but why do all you folks like fries with gravy. Aren’t fries supposed to be crispy? Even truffle oil makes them soggy, albeit delicious.

  • Jane BP

    Spicy Spanish fries at Copa!

  • Sean Ali

    Yes – I am a fry snob – and have been known to ‘send back’ fries on a regular basis. I have No Particular order on these, and I try to stay purist – no gravy, cheese, short ribs…just fries!
    Royal Tavern
    City TapHouse
    Govinda’s – Never had them, but every veg friendly person I know swares by them.
    Have not made it to Shake Shack yet

  • Heather

    Rex 1516 sweet potato fries with roasted garlic mayo. This is coming from someone that hates sweet potatoes.

  • Tara

    Definitely Grey Lodge. They also make to-die-for cheesesteak fries.

  • Crystal

    Plain ol’ fries = Good Dog
    Fries w/goodies on top = Poutine @ Boilermaker

  • Lorrie

    Specialty – Another vote for Village Whiskey and their duck-fat fries

    Regular fires – Hatfield Grill @ CBP (LOVE!)

    Sweet potato fries – Manayunk Tavern. Hands down.

  • Kim K.

    Garces’ duck fat fries!

  • EP

    Anything that comes from Jose Garces’ Village Whiskey!

  • Ken

    The Best Fries in Philly has got to be from Hot Diggity. Crispy and Very Tasty and Complimented by all of thier Special Dipping Sauces. There is NONE BETTER !!!

  • Jim

    Village Whiskey and Royal Tavern are my two “special treat” places.

    My go to french fry in West Philly is Saad’s. Dip them in the garlic sauce. And get a lamb maroosh while you are at it.

  • Amy

    This may be “low-end” but I’ll be damned if the waffle fries at Locust Rendezvous aren’t the most delicious potato treats . . .

  • http://foobooz Lee

    Hot Diggity….best fries hands down, add fantastic dipping sauces to complement the perfect fries

  • Fred

    Maoz, shake skack, anything from Matt Levin

  • dan marcantuno

    dandilion has the worlds best!!

  • GirlChef

    Sketchburger! Hands down!

  • Fishy

    underdog french fries are stellar!
    i’m also a big fan of the cheese fries at shake shack but cheese fries should be a separate category.

  • Steve

    The Hot Diggity!

  • Bob

    Hot Diggity.

  • paige

    hot diggity…
    and eulogy

  • Jennifer

    500 Degrees truffle fries. YUM!

  • CM

    European Republic frites with Jamaican Curry sauce

    Eulogy/Bierstube friejtes

    Sonny’s Cheesesteaks cheese fries

    Nick’s Roast Beef (Old City) curly fries

  • bob

    Don’t know if a Jersey place counts, but Cool Dog Cafe in Cherry Hill has amazingly awesome fries!