Saisons All Week at Alla Spina

All week long Alla Spina is offering The Saisonale, a week long salute to saison-style beers and a welcome to warmer weather. Saison beers are usually a cloudy gold color and make for easy drinking in warmer months. Saisons also pair well with food and though they developed in Belgium, the style has become popular with American and Italian brewers.

Some of the best examples of the style will be on display this week at Alla Spina

Alla Spina – The Saisonale

  • Lost Abbey Carnevale
  • Dogfish Head/Stone/Victory collaboration, Saison du Buff
  • Yards Saison
  • Sixpoint Harbinger
  • Del Ducato Nuova Mattina
  • Piccolo Seson
  • Jendrain V Cense
  • Allagash Mimh
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
  • Dogfish Head Noble Rot
  • Stillwater As Follows
  • L’Olmaia Karkade
  • Jolly Pumpkin ES Bam
  • and maybe a handful more …

Alla Spina [Official Site]

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  • rory

    i won’t be as mad at this as I normally would be at a saison event during passover 3 blocks from my house, because I suspect these will also be 12 oz pours for 7 bucks.

    I can live with missing that.

  • diParma

    C’mon, Rory! Show us where else you can find that many great Saisons under one roof on the tap lines at the same time…I’m in!

  • rory

    during passover, diparma = can’t drink beer.

    considering alla spina is one block away from a large jewish congregation, that’s especially poor timing.

  • Dan

    rory, self-centered much. I guess all the beer bars in the vicinity of your synagogue should just shut down for the Jewish holidays. I mean it just isn’t fair to you…

  • rory

    @ Dan,

    reading is fundamental–show me where I told a bar to shut down. Hint: nowhere. I instead noted that I (along with any other jewish patron who observes passover) can’t go to a special event at a bar because it occurs on the ONE week during which Jews are prohibited from drinking beer. What would the harm have been to alla spina to postpone the event all of 5 or 6 days in respect of that religious custom? not much. it’s no big deal to me, but it is one of two special drinking events (the Tub Gin one being the other) to which I could not go because it was scheduled during the one week where I can’t imbibe. that’s annoying to me, and likely other jews who drink.

    reading comprehension SUCKS on the internets.

  • Jimmy

    I thought Rory’s real complaint rested with the price of a draft beer at Alla Spina.

  • rory

    @ Jimmy: it can’t be both? :)

  • Yuengling Gold

    Tell me about it! Did they ask the “nearby Jewish congregation” when they were planning a menu chock full of pork? Noooo. They even put up a little sculpture of a pig inside. Those inconsiderate jerks!

  • rory

    @Yuengling Gold:

    lots of oversimplifications about judaism here, eh? A whole lot more jews celebrate passover and its dietary restrictions than the year-round kashrut restrictions.

    An example? Me. Love their pigs tails. hate their $7 beer prices.

    Again, its like you’re all willfully ignoring the difference between opening a restaurant year-round (hint: if you follow kashrut laws that much, you wouldn’t go out to any vetri restaurant) and having a special event during a specific holiday.

    bottomline, they’re having a cool one time event at a time jews can’t attend. I, for one, am a Jew who would like to go to this event. It’s a shame I can’t. I posted about it. y’all misinterpreted, either out of laziness, idiocy, ignorance, or snark for the sake of snark. damn…the comments on this blog used to be the best redeeming part of it.

  • hawt dawgs

    Unless Vetri is Jewish (and he may be, I don’t know), it’s not his responsibility to know and cater to the rules of specific holidays. I certainly didn’t know Jews can’t drink beer during passover, and I’m probably not the only one.

    At any rate, I imagine that sacrificing beer during passover is supposed to be just that: a sacrifice. Just consider yourself a little more holy for making a greater sacrifice.

  • Yuengling Gold

    What Hawt Dawgs said. Ya can’t have it and eat it too. I just thought R was trolling hard for a while, but it seems he’s sincere. Who cares if Vetri has a beer event during passover, who cares if Zahav someday has the best damn special event on Christmas and I can’t go. I wouldn’t blame it on the proprietors that I had certain beliefs that precluded me from attending, that’s my problem, not theirs.

  • Dan

    Yes, rory you are right. My reading comprehension was off. Apparently you more broadly meant that no one should be throwing beer events this week that might tempt you because your reading of a book about a fictional deity and his buddies mandates that you can’t drink beer this week. What nerve Vetri has!!!

  • rory

    @ Dan: and this is why people hate atheists.

    @ Hat Dawgs/YG: did i say it was their problem (well, as much as it is costing them potential customers, yes)? No. I just said I’m disappointed I can’t go. It’s not vetri’s responsibility? Sure–but a good neighbor is a good neighbor, and in the world of hospitality, one such way of being neighborly is knowing religious holidays. It’s the equivalent of having some vegetarian options on a menu–you don’t have to be a vegetarian to throw them a bone. you don’t have to be jewish to throw a bone re: passover. Ignorance is probably the reason–so maybe now that i’ve been trolled, maybe some more people will know to consider Passover when scheduling events.

    I didn’t say vetri has nerve for doing it–just that it’s poor timing. can anyone really say it isn’t poor timing to do something like that when a segment of the population can’t take part due to religious obligations? how is that controversial?

    Oh, and zahav made sure not to have its jewish christmas dinner on a day when people can’t go due to religious obligations, so that comparison is awful (cuz it never happens) and problematic for a whole bunch of reasons that aren’t worth getting into (false equivalence).

    in fact, this really isn’t worth any further discussion. I’ll end with this simple point:

    I don’t blame vetri, even if he knew it was Passover when scheduling it (or whoever scheduled it). I wish I could have made it and would have enjoyed it. I’d hope that, when it’s not difficult, restaurants and hospitality people in general (that’s kinda a key word here) would try to be as accommodating as is reasonable, like holding an event like this a week later if there’s no specific reason why it has to be this week. not sure how that became a bash on religion/bash on me point, but whatever. it’s the internet, everyone is just looking to score points.

  • Dan

    Yes, rory. The feeling is mutual.

  • Jimmy

    Vetri’s mother is Jewish.

    Two points!

  • FattyFatMan

    This is ridiculous.

    An Italian restaurant with lots of pork on the menu should schedule events around the Jewish holiday calendar?

    Vetri should be attuned to contemporary Judaism to the point where he should be aware that pork is ok but violating dietary restrictions on Passover are a no-no for a major segment of the Jewish population?

    Why why why doesn’t the world revolve around me?

  • rory

    I check back every half-hour on the hour to read and respond to all comments. It is a sad and empty existence I lead, but I do it. Oy-vey.

  • hh

    well, for what it’s worth, i’m sure this isn’t costing him potential customers…i’m sure he’s doing juuuuuust fine..

  • Michael G

    It’s like when i worked at a place and the first time they ran a prime rib special was on good Friday and the soup of the day was also beef barley. While not intentional at all it just wasn’t good planning but i was happy because we got to eat prime rib for free. Hopefully, this place will offer numerous weekly beer specilas you can enjoy the other 50 or so weeks a year you can drink and eat bread.