High Praise for Vedge

Trey Popp piles on the praise for Rich Landau’s Vedge, the vegan restaurant that thrills vegans, omnivores and oenophiles alike.

In my first meal—one of the most enthralling I’ve had in Philadelphia—they made a persuasive (and exquisitely served) case. While other chefs cram their metaphorical golf bags with ever more esoteric clubs—agar agar and the like—Vedge showed the thrill of breaking par with a seven-iron. My second meal wasn’t quite as magical, but still whetted my appetite for what’s to come in spring and summer, when the full bounty of Lancaster farm country comes into bloom.

Three and a half stars – Excellent to Extraordinary

Is Vedge the best vegan restaurant in America? [Philadelphia magazine]
Vedge [Official Site]

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  • Daytime Drinker.

    The food is very good but way overpriced for not actually having and expensive proteins to justify the cost. I would go back with a “vegetarian” but as a solid dining option no way.

  • Rich

    It’s interesting to live in a city that defines its dining “value propositions” entirely based on the perception of the cost of ONE of the elements of a meal.

    I’ll stipulate to the reality that everyone is entitled to an opinion…which is why…metaphorically speaking….vanilla & chocolate exist.

    Rich & Kate can FLAT OUT COOK…no matter the cost of the proteins they use. I ate there the day after LaBan’s 3 Bell review and it was my first visit – ever – to a “vegan only” dining establishment.

    I’m an unrepentant carnivore.

    Vedge Is a fine dining establishment – period – meat or no meat….without being over the top or overly formal…but every detail of the place, from the food to the service to the “room” exemplifies fine dining and we’re lucky to have the restaurant in this city….because if it were in NYC …it would be nationally recognized.

    This is a VERY provincial city….even the hipsters & the foodies are provincial. We’re very close minded about unfamiliar things…and it’s a shame.

    Which is why LaBan’s recent 4 Bell update was interesting. Whether you agree with him or not, the mix of the places picked covers everything from BYOB to “ethnic” to a nightly 12 top to a traditional hotel establishment.

    All of them have a “value proposition” that resonates with LaBan and a lot of the dining public as giving the consumer the biggest bang for their buck, at a variety of price points and are considered “fine dining”

    If we ever do become recognized as a world class food destination – like NY….Chicago…San Fran…..etc…it’ll be in spite of ourselves as a dining public and because of chefs and restaurantuers who took a big risk and found a way to elevate this city’s cuisine beyond gastropubs, mixology palaces, pizza joints, “novelty tricks” and steakhouses…. AND still make enough $$$ to grow and be viable.

    Vedge is one of those places and deserves to be recognized for what it does best…produce great food.

    And no…I’m not a part of their family.

    Sermon over. Go there and eat.

  • Daytime Drinker.


    Your rambling post is super defensive even though you are not “part of their family”.

    Just because a restaurant is Vegetarian or vegan does not mean it should not be held to the same standard of value as any other restaurant.

    Meat and Fish proteins absent from a menu does not IMHO justify the price of that dinner.

    Nobody is saying Vedge is not a “fine dining establishment” or that it’s owners are not excellent cooks. In fact it is.

    The point is IT IS marginally more expensive than it should be for the prices and portions of the food.

    The fact that Laban makes up your mind for you is part of the problem. As you said others have opinions too.

    Its a good restaurant and the food is creative BUT you leave there hungry or spend WAY too much in comparison to a non vegetarian restaurant.

    Sermon over. Go there and eat…..think of what type of pizza to get on your way home.

  • Jess

    Yes, Vedge is expensive. But the restaurant fills a niche that doesn’t have any competition in it. So they can charge whatever they want (until another fine dining vegan restaurant opens somewhere else in the city, but that isn’t likely).

  • Felicia

    VEDGE IS NOT A FINE DINING REATAURANT!!!!! The Fountain at the Four Seasons is fine dining. 1862 by Marty Hamann atthe Union League is fine dining. The old Le Bec Fin was fine dining. Vedge is not a vegan version of Per Se people. It is a casual very good vegan restaurant. Most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Philly are on the same level as most fast food restaurants. You order your food, which is served quickly, it is cheap, and they don’t serve alcohol. Even when the food is good, it isn’t an experience. Most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Philly don’t have ambiance. Ambiance and an experience are exactly what you get when you dine at Vedge. For that reason, I think the food is reasonably priced. I’ve spent more money at the vegan cafe at Essene and the food wasnt nearly as good, creative, or as fresh as it was at Vedge.