Free Stuff (For A Price): The Foobooz Barrio Pop-Up Contest

Remember a couple weeks back when we told you that this guy (Wheeler del Torro) was going to be coming to Philly to do a one-night-only pop-up of his Afro-Cuban concept, Barrio? Yeah, well the date for that thing is coming right up (Saturday, March 31), and we now have some additional details about tickets, prices, the rather unusual “questionnaire” that potential guests have to fill out before being granted entry–and a way for you to go for free.

That’s right, folks. It’s time for another Foobooz contest.

So here are the details for those that have to pay: Tickets are going for $150 per person (or a $100 donation to a designated charity, which is a nice touch), and in order to get tickets, you have to send a request to, then fill out an application, which is basically just a questionnaire that starts out normal and then, fairly quickly, gets a little…weird.

What is your full name…What is your occupation…What is your area of education…

That’s how it starts, but then the whole thing gets a little stalker-y. Or, to put it more kindly, it gets a little

What was your favorite toy as a child…What is your best food memory…What would you title your autobiography…

Now granted, there’s something about this that’s charming–a notion that there’s somebody at the other end of this application process, sorting through thousands of applications and only picking the most fascinating people to attend. But really, once you start down this kind of path, it’s kind of hard to know when to stop, isn’t it?

Thus, we have conceived of a contest. What do we want from you? To add two questions to this questionnaire–the kinds of things you would ask potential dinner party guests if you could ask (and compel them to answer) any question at all.

We have a pair of (non-transferable) free tickets to give away to Wheeler’s dinner, and they’ll go to the person who comes up with the best pair of questions. Entries have to be submitted by Tuesday, March 27 at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning. And the contest begins…


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  • barryg


  • diParma

    Um, yeah.. ok…let’s just fast forward to Sunday, April 1st when the follow up story is posted that “Barrio Pop-Up Came…Nobody Went”

  • Anthony

    1)Do you like Cadbury Eggs?

    2) Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?

    These two simple questions go a long way in determining greater dining habits and overall character of many an individual.

  • Meghan

    1) Sartre said hell is other people. Which is worse? An eternity with Ina Garten and a looping soundtrack of her fake laughter? Or eternity with a wide-eyed Paula Deen force-feeding you sticks of butter?

    2) If you could use only one eating utensil (knife, fork, or spoon) for the rest of your life, which would it be?

  • Lord Chesterfried

    @Meghan.. Were those really questions on the questionnaire? What kind of a question is #1.. who here wouldn’t want to be adopted by Ina Garten. Chillin’ out in the Hamptons, occasional visits from folks like Alec Baldwin, strolling out to the herb garden to pluck a few sprigs of rosemary, “Jeffrey’s” roast chicken and yummy desserts every night of the week. If that is someone’s idea of hell…

  • Christine

    What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

    How would you describe the donuts from federal donuts to someone who was blind and had no sense of smell?

  • rory

    1. Why did you seriously even consider filling out an application for a pop-up?

    2. If you were to compare the pop-up to an artist with regard to its level of ridiculous elitism, would it be LMFAO for being that absurd and hinting at subversive efforts while actually being 100% bro-friendly, or some obscure hipster artist no one except extreme food snobs has heard of because who knows the chef behind an exclusive vegan pop-up, just like no one knows about the 12 piece afro-bluegrass band from Kensington that once was mentioned briefly on philebrity before disbanding? Discuss.

    (also, i don’t actually want to win. i’ve got friends visiting and can’t/won’t ditch them for this)

  • Kate M

    1) If you were forced to only have one condiment for the rest of your life what would it be?

    2) Describe the meal you were most proud to have made yourself?

  • Kate M

    1. If you were forced to only have one condiment for the rest of your life what would it be?

    2. Describe the meal you were most proud to have made yourself?

  • GKM

    Foobooz has taught me 2 things to ask potential dinner guests/stalkees/ dates:

    1) Are you a vegan girl with a black heart that likes haikus?

    2) Do you like the smell of chloroform?

  • Andy B

    BBQ Sauce: Carolina vinegar or Kansas City Sweet?

    Is a taco a sandwich?

  • Tex

    (1) If Soylent Green is people, what is tofurkey?

    (2) You have $50 to spend at Wholefoods. Which one item do you buy?

    (Like 7, not actually in the contest.)

  • Fern O

    1) Would you please pass me the (fill in the blank with the yummiest food item there)?

    2) Are you going to eat your (fill in the blank with the yummiest food item there)?

  • trish

    1. What’s the last food item that you hid in your napkin or fed to the dog at a dinner party?

    2. If an item is omitted from the bill. Are you honest and fess up or consider it a gift?

  • Anthony

    My two questions. i figured i go with one weird one and one food related

    1,) If your house was on fire and you had a chance to grab only five things before leaving, they would be??

    2.) if you could pick one dish to eat the rest of your life what would it be?

  • Karen C.

    1. Paper or plastic?

    2. Capogiro or Franklin Fountain?

    3. Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?

    OK, so I have three questions. But true story: I met my husband on an online dating site. He was the one who correctly answered these three questions.

  • Roger Downey

    My 2 questions…

    What would you name your love child?

    “WHAT” is your favorite word?

  • 1) Do you wear Tom’s deodorant?
    2) Are you “into” street art?

    Both disqualifiers.

  • 1) Cowboys or Aliens?

    2) Do you have a pre or post eating ritual?

  • Tex made me laugh out loud.

    “You have $50 to spend at Wholefoods. Which one item do you buy?”

    Very clever.

  • nniicc

    1. Please describe your survival plan for the zombie apocolypse/world-wide power loss/alien invasion/etc.

    2. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in the kitchen?

  • ZmanPhilly

    1) If you could be any food what would you be? How would you be prepared?

    2) Do you approve of the food nutritional guide being a pyramid? If not what geographical shape do you favor?

  • tracy mcginnis

    1. Who is a better cook: your grandma, your mom, or your significant other?

    2. 4:20 friendly? Are you bringing enough to share? ;)