Magpie Bringing Sweet and Savory Pies to South Street

Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique is coming to 1622 South Street this June. The twenty-seat bistro will include an eight-seat counter in a stylish bistro space.

Behind the pies is Holly Ricciardi who was an ad executive before turning fulltime to baking.

Savory Pies at MagPie

  • Savory pie highlights will include:
    • Croque Monsieur
    • Spinach Dill Feta
    • Ham Potato Leek
    • Chicken Tarragon
  • All savory pies will be served with a side of homemade pickled vegetables

Sweet Pies at MagPie

  • Sweet pie highlights include:
    • Sour Cherry Almond Streusel
    • Salted Chocolate Meringue
    • Orange Blossom Peach Raspberry
    • Blueberry Cardamom Polenta
    • Toasted Coconut Rum Cream
    • Butterscotch Bourbon Custard
    • New take on the Classic Shoofly

Pie Fries

  • Pie Fries are French-fry sized piecrust strips served with seasonal fruit sauces for dipping for $3 per order.
  • Opening sauces include:
    • A sweet strawberry rhubarb compote
    • Rich bourbon peach puree.
  • Ricciardi’s mom used to roll out her extra pie crust and bake off Pie Fries (At the Foobooz homestead we got cinnamon roll-ups with the leftover dough, but we dig what Ricciardi’s doing here.)


  •  $5 to $8 per slice
  • $18 to $30 for whole pies
  • Ricciardi is planning to introduce seasonal pie and beer or spirits tasting events, and a wholesale menu for catering weddings, mitzvahs and corporate affairs.

Magpie will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays

Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique
1622 South Street


  • no

    I have always wanted to try steak and kidney pie, and have found nowhere in the Philadelphia area (or, for that matter, Baltimore and DC area) that sells it.

  • Amanda

    I love this idea!! So great. Those slices are pretty pricey, though. Hope we’re talking local, seasonal, organic?

  • Vicki

    I cannot wait for this bistro to open. Good (and I mean really, really good) pie is hard to find but something tells me she will deliver. Can’t wait!

  • Beth

    I’ve eaten her sweet pies and they are too die for. A very hearty serving. Can’t wait for the business to open.

  • The Hater

    Not to be a hater, I love the idea, but has anyone noticed the prices being charged? $5-$8 for a slice of pie?! Really??

  • JetJill

    @Hater, the price doesn’t sound outrageous. I imagine the savory pies are lunch-sized, like a quiche or something, and with high-quality ingredients would easily go for that – and be really filling. I’m pretty anxious for it to open!

  • South Street West

    Pie Fries sound so yummy!

  • joe

    Agree. $5-$8 for a slice of pie.. I’ll stick with a tastypie for that price

  • Ilene

    I just learned about this coming to town and will make a trip to try. What a great idea. Good luck, Holly. Like the name too!

  • Stef

    I am so excited! I just found out today. If any of you had the chance to meet holly,you know her love and appreciation of pure quality ingredients.We need this. I am so sick of these mass produced pies from acmes or bj’s that taste like nothing but a pound of sugar. True story…my aunt brought 2 pies to dinner one night. One was blueberry and the other cherry. I am allergic to blueberries and since they looked remarkably similar I asked someone to check….long story short….no one could tell the difference! Sad. And may I add…I have told everyone I came across today and they all feel the same. I personally will pay top dollar for something that has taste and fresh ingredients! No need for wishing you good luck holly.i know it will be great!