B.B. Go Is Gone, We Play Matchmaker

The fusion rice spot, b.b. go at 18th and Ludlow is no more. We peeked in the window at lunch today and saw that coolers were empty and other equipment was pulled from the walls.

We wouldn’t expect the location to be vacant long, the corner gets a good amount of foot traffic and hey Roundeye Noodle Bar, it’s just around the corner from Matyson, that has to be attractive, right?

  • Nikole

    everrrry.thing fails here. no clue why. I’ve worked in front of it for 3 years and its cursed, just like the soon to be Bobo place of what silly name it is in the old Naked chocolate.


  • Hatey

    Speck To Go

  • barryg

    BB Go was awful. How about a *good* fast noodle/rice place? Not Roundeye though–nothing against foie gras in my ramen–that won’t be a lunchtime staple.