Holy Crap! Grace Tavern Gets a New Menu Item!

From the antique Bevador beer fridge to the awesome old illuminated Eagles ad, it feels like Grace Tavern hasn’t changed very much over the years. And for regulars, the comfort and complaint is that the same can be said about the menu. Since the bar opened in May of 2004 the only significant changes we can remember is that the original lobster sandwich morphed into a tuna sandwich and there was a time when you could count on cake for dessert. But now there is a new special on the menu, a grilled chicken sandwich served with lettuce, tomato and Grace’s exceptional bourbon mayonaise. Not exactly earth shattering, but when you place a chicken breast on the same magical grill that produces all of Grace’s lauded burgers, you have a grilled chicken sandwich worth talking about.

The chicken is on special right now but employees and customers alike are hoping it is a permanent addition.

Grace Tavern [Official Site]

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  • Andrew

    This really is a new low for foobooz. You wrote an article that a bar added…a chicken sandwich. Seriously. A chicken sandwich. This is news. The bar has been set even lower.

  • Roje

    Overrated burger, cramped space, some of the rudest bartenders in the city. And now a chicken sandwich. Holy shit.

  • http://about.me/louperseghin Lou

    Andrew, Grace is a neighborhood institution that regulars count on for consistency with the atmosphere and more importantly, the menu. While this may not be the most important headline of the day, it’s awesome news for the regulars.

  • Matt

    Holy Crap! The most overrated bar in Philly got another food menu item.

    Tomorrow: Farmers Cabinet adds an overpriced cocktail to the menu.

  • http://Jg-realestate.com Gwen

    I go to Grace because it has the FRIENDLIEST bartenders in the city. Cheers, grace!

  • Josef

    I agree. This is a lame excuse for advertisement and foobooz writing a short article about an addition of a sandwich that isn’t even permanent.
    I dont mind grace’s, not the friendliest place I’ve been too but c’mon people. This sort of “news” isn’t news at all. We should question the real reason why this was posted in the first place?

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    Come on people. It’s a lighthearted post poking a bit at Grace Tavern’s static menu and about a tasty sandwich I had last night. It’s just that, not even an attempt for a tax deduction, though maybe I should get better at that.

  • Andrew

    I’ve never been to grace, but I’ve heard good things about it. All of these things are irrelevant as to why Foobooz is posting that a bar has added a…chicken sandwich. Seriously. A god-damned chicken sandwich. If grace wants to put this on their facebook page or twitter feed for all of the regulars, thats great. It doesnt mean Foobooz should break the news like Bin Laden was killed. Posts like this just make me wonder why the hell Foobooz is even bothering with it. It is without a doubt not newsworthy. It is a chicken sandwich. It doesnt have any special ingredients aside from a “bourbon mayo”. It isn’t interesting. In fact, Grace should be angry with foobooz for making a big deal about them putting a chicken sandwich on special. It makes Grace seem like a dumb place to eat if this is the limit to their creativity.

  • dear

    so much negativity on foobooz anymore…what the heck people?!?…it’s a food blog…where people talk about food things (grand and minute and even sometimes insignificant)…it’s not CNN or NPR…so they wanted to post something about a chicken sandwich..get a grip already…shit

  • FattyFatMan


    This is a food blog and not the New York Times.

    They have to generate a half dozen posts a day for a city with a restaurant scene that isn’t all that big. Not every post will be earth shaking news.

    Every post people complain about the content.


    The site had a great post idea with the haiku contest – probably the best food blog post of the year for Philly. And they got a great quote from Perrier about his rating last week. And the Q+A with Craig LaBan was great.

    People don’t piss and moan so much at Eater. Fine Eater has a slicker design, but the content is pretty similar in terms of quality.

    So I’m really not sure what people are so sour about, but please stop bitching.

  • Fact

    I’m with Dear. The majority of comments on this site are really terrible. If you don’t like the content, there are plenty of other places to get food news in Philly. Foobooz, where else are the good chicken sandwiches?!

    Also, I was at Grace the other night and forgot how amazing the blackened green beans with the caper aoli were.

  • Austin

    Dear and Fatty – well said.

    Foodie blogs…SERIOUS BUSINESS!

    And people say beer geeks are a pain to deal with lol.

  • hamburglar

    As a former regular at Grace, this IS a big deal, wish I still lived in the hood. Their burgers are delicious and not over-priced. And for all the Grace haters out there, feel free to take a long walk down a short pier after consuming an over-priced burger at pub and kitchen.

  • FattyFatMan

    Having lived in New York for ten years where the food scene is over-hyped, overpriced, and pretentious, Philadelphia’s inexpensive, laid-back and excellent restaurants are a treat.

    The grumbling and grumpiness here, on Yelp, and other places isn’t.

    I suggest as an exercise focusing your outrage on something worthy of it. Focus on the following: The Syrian government is shelling residential neighborhoods in Homs. That is worthy of outrage. Not chicken sandwich posts.

  • FattyFatMan

    @ Hamburglar

    Churchill at Pub and Kitchen is awesome. Worth every dollar.

  • Gracer

    was really excited to see the headline. hope they continue to experiment.

  • jabberjaws

    Rude bartenders is an understatement. This place continues to make these “it-lists” and it baffles me every time. This place stinks. But back in the day and really, even still, the pickings are slim in that area, so I could see why people would eat it up. Oh, did I mention the bartenders are usually pricks #toocool=ispend$elsewhere

  • WagonsHo

    Grace Gripe: Used to be they had no happy hour. Is that still the case? As we enter the era of the $6 pint, I find that happy hours gain greater significance for me.

  • Jacques

    They changed salt brands at Johnny Brenda’s. Tell the regulars!!!

  • Advertisement

    This does appear more of a thinly veiled advertisement than a blog or news piece. That detracts from journalist integrity if you are trying to maintain some.

  • FattyFatMan

    @ advertisement

    How is this an advertisement? Really? For a chicken sandwich that sells for $10 that Grace Tavern probably makes $1 on, you think they paid Foobooz for an advertisement?

    Thank you for using you piercing intelligence to unmask this unethical behavior.

  • FatDumbandLazy

    Fat dumb and lazy is no way to go through life son. McDonald’s advertises $.99 hamburger, go tell them it’s not worth advertising anything under $10. The fat cells are clogging your brain.

  • FattyFatMan


    I’m not sure what a national fast food chain has to do with a neighborhood bar, but the point stands regardless.

    The blog post pokes fun at Grace Tavern and if you think 1) it comes off as an ad and 2) violates journalistic integrity, you are an idiot.

  • Nick

    Satire is dead.