Chipotle Commercial Outshines Grammys

There were two awesome things about the Grammys last night. The first was Deadmau5‘s super-cool, light-up mouse head (which I would be wearing to work every day were one to somehow fall into my hands, hint hint). And the second was this amazing commercial from Chipotle: the first big, national ad buy from the company, and an uncontested out-of-the-park home run besides.

Not only was the ad subversively cutesy while, at the same time, speaking to deep and important issues about the food supply (a target of Chipotle’s PR and social action campaigns from the beginning), but as far as we here at Foobooz World HQ can recall, this is the first time that any food company has taken such direct aim at factory farming in a commercial–and scored so beautifully in the process.

Sure, the Willie-Nelson-covering-Coldplay soundtrack helps. And the target is a nice, fat, juicy one for a company like Chipotle that hangs its proverbial hat on being a better, more conscientious food service operation than its fast food competition. But like the folks over at Eater Philly, we, too, think that it was the happy, ping-pong-ball-shaped piggies and farmers that really made this one iresistable eye candy. So what do we have to do to score an official Chipotle Happy Family Pig Farmers play set?


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  • So, I have a question – how many actually believe Chipotle? Yes, great ad – but is it just branding? How true are they to their claim? Can fast food be sustainable? I researched this last night actually, after seeing that commercial, and it seems they walk the walk. I just am always skeptical of ads like this and the non-claim, claim they make. Proper husbandry and local food is important to me – and this ad seriously makes me want to eat at Chipotle. I just wonder what everyone things.

    Is it just ad glitz?

  • Jason C

    That Deadmau5 head was super lame. I get wearing it on stage, but on the red carpet? PLEASE. Like he’s a superhero or something. YOU ARE A DJ, a crappy one at that.

  • @Jason C

    I didn’t see the red carpet, but on stage it was very cool. You know where else it would be awesome? SEPTA. Or maybe standing in line at the DMV…

  • @Sean

    It’s not ALL glitz. Chipotle isn’t Blue Hill, but they probably do more than any other fast-casual chain to follow good practices. There are still issues, but as you said, they do walk the walk.

  • Bsquared

    Sheehan –
    1) still miss your palm greasing at Fruition ass here in Denver
    2) Its good to see a home grown company step up and shine the light on factory produced food that we contaminate our body’s with. Fast casual food will never be as good as a home cooked meal, but knowing that we are at least acknowledging that its a selfish act to eat the things we do, is a beautiful and touching step

  • Chase

    DeadMau5 is such a piece of shit. Almost as bad as Skrillex.

  • rory

    now if only they’d start serving a proper sized burrito for lunch instead of a monstrosity that probably has as bad an end result for our society as factory farming:

    seriously, the idea that Chipotle, land of the easily >1500 calorie burrito, is somehow a net good for our eating habits is laughable. one step forward, two steps back.

  • Alex

    Rory, describing Chipotle as the “land of the easily >1500 calorie burrito” is equally misleading. A burrito with carnitas, tortilla, brown rice, black beans, lettuce, hot salsa, and cheese (the only thing I’ve ever gotten there), while hardly healthy is 865 calories. That’s a normal size meal for someone like me (not in fact but rather in terms of calories and relative meal size). I’m mid 20s, 140 lbs, and 5’11”. If I went to, say Quiznos, another “fast casual” chain that comes to mind, I’d be well over 1000 calories on 1 of their subs. Chipotle’s not great, but it’s better than essentially any other chain when it comes to food ethics and if one uses a bit of self restraint, you can get a healthier meal there than at most chains.

  • jlg

    um, I was pretty sure Chipotle is owned by McDonalds. not sure how that translates to happy free-range piggies.

  • Michael G

    Chiplote is no longer affliated with McDonalds.

  • Michael G

    oops Chipotle even.

  • This is a cool ad and out of the box. It has been a while since I have eaten at a Chipolte. All I can remember is that the burriots were huge!

  • beastman

    Interesting that this ad is getting play now. it is not new – its at least 6 months old.

  • Frankenstein

    Great ad, probably lies, horrible music. Who knew Coldplay could sound worse? Thanks, Willie.

    RE DeadMau5: he/she/it pays royalties to Daft Punk, right?