Tonight: So Can You Eat at Amis for $35?

Marc Vetri doesn’t think there is much of a deal to be had during Restaurant Week. So we wondered, can you get a good meal at his Amis for under $35.

Here’s one possible three-course dinner  you could have at Amis for a dollar less than that. And it is a meal that wouldn’t be chosen from a pared down menu and dealing with a stressed out waitstaff.

Sal’s old school meatballs with tomato potato 8

Pappardelle with oxtail ragu 16

“Tartufo al bacio” chocolate and hazelnut semifreddo with amarena cherries 10

Amis [Official Site]

  • Cavalier92

    I like Amis very much, but I have to say that the waitstaff seems stressed out there on a busy night just as much as any Restaurant Week place. Yes the menu will be fuller, but you aren’t going to get many choices at the $35 price point.

    I get what Vetri is trying to do with the anti-RW campaign, but for some folks it’s an affordable way to try a place they might not otherwise have gotten to try. RW places should be working hard to bring back customers who try them out this week and that means good food, good service and hopefully a return visit.

    That being said, I’ll be avoiding the crowds Thursday night and hitting a non-RW place.

  • Matt

    I would swap out the old school meatballs and the tartufo for the swordfish meatballs and the rice pudding. Much tastier meal, and I think it adds up to $35 on the nose.

  • tim

    I am having dinner at Amis Friday, and I gave no plan on stopping at $35, but just to play along, here’s what I’d have. I’m not a dessert guy, so I’ll have the scallop crudo, sweetbreads, and bucatini with pork jowl. Comes in at $36.

  • barryg

    “And it is a meal that wouldn’t be chosen from a pared down menu”

    Except that you are limited by the price restriction.