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  • Anonymous

    How about complaining about what has become of Foobooz since Philly mag took it over?

  • gijyun

    Before they closed, James had a duck ragu with grated chocolate and orange zest that my stepmother would travel some 120-odd miles for on a regular basis.

  • Eric

    The post might have been the nail in the coffin for this blog. Just awful.

  • Andrew

    This was particularly annoying. Puh.

  • jerseygirl

    Foobooz posted about Stateside’s Bacon doughnuts, and less than 24 hours later putting bacon in things is a trend that “needs to die”? Nice one Foobooz

  • Andrew

    Good call, Jerseygirl.

    If something is good, it is good. This article was just a weird, poorly executed attempt to sound snarky and above the “scene”.

  • Anon.

    This post is completely absurd. If you are going to print a list of trends that should die maybe you should look at the logic or contribution that the ingredient or process adds to the food world.

    1. Hamachi Crudo is not Sushi.
    Even if you were to make the case that it is (which is ridiculous) it is not sushi any more than any other crudo is sushi simply because the word “Hamachi” is used in place of yellowtail. This is basic food knowledge.

    2.The masturbation quote regarding sous-vide cooking is just sophomoric.It is just a cooking technique just like others.There are lots of people who claim to bake-broil-braise-steam and the simply are either not or doing it so badly.The food press in Philadelphia seems to have this resistance to intellectual curiosity when any updated cooking technique starts to gain widespread use.
    3.The same rationale you have for crabcakes-bacon-duckfat applies to Burgers-Pizza-Braised anything- (add ingredient here-mashed potatoes) and all the other nonsense you guys rave about.

    4. Point: this list is just Dumb. people did not start making cupcakes 3 years ago. I am 27 and have eaten cupcakes since I was 5. It isn’t a trend. The problem is all you magazines and lame food writers highlight “trends” only to declare them played out several months later because intrinsically your magazine has no content and you have to manufacture stories.

  • hamburglar

    I would think bloviating self-important food writers whose prose is oh so reminiscent of elite yelpers is certainly worth adding to the list.

  • Mike

    Gastropubs aren’t going anywhere. They fill a gap in the market, despite their terrible name. It’s not the same thing as a small restaurant. And it’s a big part of why Philadelphia is such a great drinking/dining city.

    And with yelp, given how many dives and mediocre bars have 4 star averages, I’m not sure that complainers are the problem.

  • honeybadger

    Number one trend that needs to “die”: Poorly Executed Food Blogs.

  • Willie

    I know you can’t see it foobooz, but my middle finger is extended in your direction. Another POS floated from that rag for people who don’t actually live in Philly proper. GFY.

  • FattyFatMan

    This blog post doesn’t work because Philly (unlike New York or LA) just isn’t that beholden to food trends. In New York, someone will come up with something clever, but then it finds it’s way onto every menu of every restaurant in the city and you end up hating it and wanting it to go away.

    It takes a couple years for trends to get to Philly and when they get here it’s usually middle of the road stuff. (Who doesn’t like good burgers or high-end fried chicken? You can make the case that gourmet doughnuts are a played-out trend. That doesn’t make them less delicious.)

    I get if someone’s a crab cake purist and some of the tweaked-out versions come off as a little lazy and unimaginative, but it’s really not something too take offense at. To make such a big deal of it comes off as mean-spirited.

    Likewise theres nothing wrong with a few slices of crudo at an Italian restaurant, using chocolate in food (I loved James’s ragu), duck fat, or sous-vide cooking.

    Philly’s food scene is refreshingly trend free. No need to be such a grumpy pants.

  • Willie

    Gourmet doughnuts are not even a played out trend in Philly, other places yes, but we just got our first in Federal.

    And, you know better. I mean, you know better than to order the sushi in a steakhouse or the crab cake in some place you should know better than to order a crabcake in. If you do order it, it’s on you. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have crabcakes, and if that restaurant that naturally shouldn’t be serving crabcakes can sell those crabcakes to some loser from the mainline who doesn’t know any better, well, more power to them I say.

  • Jason


  • Steve

    #1 trend that needs to die….top # lists that are the opinion of one person who has nothing better to do than pretend that their opinion really matters.

  • jojo

    i cant wait until Eater Philadelphia is up and running… .FooBooz just isnt the same anymore!

  • Jeff

    overinked, unwashed servers with gauge earrings and overbearingly obnoxious attitudes who think it’s a pleasure to be waited upon by them……