Boo! Halloween and Pumpkin Happenings

We’ve updated the weekend’s pumpkin events and rolled in some fun sounding Halloween happenings too.


Through October 30th the Iron Abbey in Horsham tomorrow is hosting its Pumpkin Fest. Highlighting the event is a vertical tasting of Southern Tier Pumpking 2010 versus the 2011 version. Another 11 pumpkin beers will be on tap. Friday night the bar is offering cash prizes for best beer-inspired costume.

Saturday at the Iron Hill West Chester we will see the Gathering of the Gourds. The event which starts at 2 p.m. features pumpkin beers from several Iron Hill locations plus others from Elysian and Cambridge Brewing Companies. At 2 p.m. a giant pumpkin filled with pumpkin ale will be tapped.

The Pub on Passyunk East’s Halloween Party is set for Saturday. The fun starts at nightfall. Discount drinks, giveaways and candy for those in costume.

The Trestle Inn is hosting its grand opening with a Halloween party on Saturday. There will be drink deals from 8 to 10 p.m. and prizes for the most psychotic costume.

It’s bands, booze and brats during El Camino Real Ocotberfiesta. The fun runs from noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

Sunday Local 44 is hosting a Halloween quizzo with special gift certificate prizes to the teams with the best costumes and spooky inspired beer like Lost Abbey Witches Wit.

Halloween Monday

Devil’s Den is hosting Pumpkinpalooza. Nine pumpkin beers will be on tap with reserve kegs at the ready.

Fergie’s is hosting an open mic/toga party at 8 p.m. Allagash will be providing prizes and will be featured on tap (Curieux, Black, Hugh Malone (Belgian IPA) and the White).

Grey Lodge will be tapping some of its remaining stash of pumpkin beers on Halloween.

Valanni is throwing a playboy and playgirl themed party this Monday night. Check out all the details here.

  • diParma

    This is awesome. So at Standard, pay $15 and its All You Can Drink? Am I reading that correctly?

    • Foobooz

      You’ve got it. Get there early before they are out of gourds.

  • Lindsay

    How could you forget Hawthornes’ Second Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Dinner on November 13th!

  • BenJaroo Green-Ellman

    It’s easy to forget Hawthornes’ once you’ve been gouged by their prices as a product of their ability to corner the market on certain brews due to their family relationship with Bella Vista distributors.

  • Steve

    Ok, maybe I’m going blind….but I don’t see a single thing on this page that refers to this $15 all you can drink party at Standard Tap. Where is this info coming from???

    • Foobooz

      Hey Steve, we updated our Pumpkins post and removed the dated material. The Standard Tap deal was last night. Sorry for the confusion.