Tashan Debuts Lunch on Monday

This Monday Tashan will be serving up its Indian specialties for lunch.

The Lunch Bites menu features any two dishes and house-made sorbet for $15. Any additional dish is $8.

Clay-baked Potato Chaat
White sweet potato, tamarind-mint-cilantro puree, black rock-salt, broiled cumin
Naga Beef Sümi
Sliced and marinated beef loin, scallions, soy Naga reduction, cucumber-peanut relish
Paneer Shashlik
Housemade paneer, philadelphia cream cheese mousseline, telicherry black peppercorn
Kobe Chopan Kabobs
Kobe beef, chili powder, Tashan garam-masala
Aloo Tikki
Potato patty, lentil center, sweet and spicy tamarind chutney, stewed yellow peas
Hollow durum puffs, spicy potato, injected with tangy mint-cilantro water
Royal Baby Spinach-Arugula Salad
Candied pecans, wild cinnamon dressing, Mango, California frisee
Chicken Patanga
Supremes roulade, nuts and onion-raisin stuffing, micro’s
Bombay Bhel
Spicy Puff rice salad, Red onion, peanut and chick peas
Goat Cheese Taftaan
Monte-chevre, flaky onion seed-bread, Tripura pineapple-raisin preserve, crystalized-ginger

Butter Chicken
Tandoori chicken in a tomato-butter-cream sauce

Baingan Bhartaa
Smoked Eggplant, mustard seed, tomato, asafoetida spice

Dal Makkhani
Classical creamy velvety black lentil stew

Mangalorean Sausages
House made chicken vindaloo sausages, chili-paste, bed of Bombay Bhel

Tandoori Jumbo Shrimps
Cream cheese, fenugreek, carum seed toasted yellow pea flour, coco essence

Tandoor Chaamp
Lamb chops, ginger, Cashmere paprika, honey-mustard-papaya marinade

Tashan [Official Site]

  • hh

    i refuse to go until they publish prices for each individual item…i don’t want a “range”

    and there is no website…unless I missed it somewhere?

  • Andrew

    I know a server there. I asked about the range, and its true, like 70-80 bucks a person.

    Tiffin is good enough for me.

  • hh


  • Willie

    6 months. 1 year tops.

  • no

    Hh: They do have a website, with a full listing of prices – http://www.mytashan.com/

  • hh

    great! Thanks! Google search does not bring that one up…i should have known “my” would preface the restaurant name…silly me…:)

  • barryg

    hh, it’s also linked to in the foobooz article.

  • hh

    haha…oops…missed that!

  • Buckethead

    Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever eat there, but the space sure is pretty.

  • niblet

    I have difficulty eating at a place that lists “shrimps” on their menu.
    i don’t think lunch will be as successful as they hope it will be.
    It’s kind of out of the way.

  • Bern

    South Broad Street is the perfect location for this restaurant. I had dinner there and it was great. Cant wait to stop by for some lunch!