Meet Staphmeal

Yesterday, Georges Perrier’s attorney initiated a libel suit against the person behind Philadelphia’s most notorious restaurant blog, Staphmeal, naming “John Doe” as a defendant. But today, he can change the filing to reflect the actual name of the once anonymous blogger, which Staphmeal himself has just confirmed to me to be Joshua Scott Albert.

He says he has worked at Amis, A.Kitchen and Zavino, among other places. And the future of Staphmeal in light of this development?

“Just because I am outed does not mean that the website is going to come down,” he promises.

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  • hh

    “….and they never would have found out if it weren’t for you pesky kids!” :)

  • Jacques

    He just pooped his diapers.

  • bob newhart

    i believe he works at bistro la minette. i hated him at zavino and amis. saw him getting arrested at the beginning of the summer outside of barbuzzo for causing trouble with a waitress. can’t wait to kick his teeth in.

  • Lee

    Advertisements for a discount on Perrier’s Le Bec-Fin surrounding this Staphmeal-revealed post? Classic.

  • Abby

    I can feel the glee positively emanating from this post. Think the foobooz contributors might hate this guy just a little?

  • me

    He got arrested at Barbuzzo for flipping off a cop on St Patricks day. He also got punched in the face at the mdbp afterparty at the Barbary for knocking over Diplos turntable for no reason. Theres a video of it somewhere. This kid is a disaster and shouldn’t be taken seriously, nor should he be the person advocating for servers rights.

  • lilpit

    Derrrrfffff. That about says it all.

  • lilpit

    Haha!! Here he is getting his ass busted!

  • walker texas ranger
  • Let’s do Lunch


  • MediaWatch

    All of you people hanging your hat on this kid as some folk hero are going to be very embarrassed in a few days. We have been working on a story about the whole thing.Among other things he is reputed to have sexually assaulted a young woman who declined to press charges on the same night as the Diplo incident. In addition he is not acting alone but rather taking one for the team by acting upstanding about revealing his identity. His identity was known 2 weeks ago when one of the chief suspects (a cook at Bar Ferdinand) named Akiko Moorman went to Tryst at Le bec Fin and in a very suspicious way told the bartenders that “Joshua Albert” was the person behind Staphmeal. Multiple spies were sent to the bar at Bar Ferdinand over the last 10 days. There are definitely others involved and we think she is one of them.His lawyer is a Norman Valz who so far has not returned our e-mails. This story is not over by a long shot.He is not even apologetic and claims to want to go after Marcie Turney and Jose Garces next.

  • jay

    I call bs on media watch. Who in this comments thread made him a folk hero. No one. Those of us not in the industry don’t care nearly as much as you think we do about this. Bust him/her, don’t bust him/her, but don’t be pasting anonymous comments telling us how you’re going to bust on someone’s anonymity (I said unironically)

  • Rubin Chavez

    So this is what failed, pretentious servers from new york look like? That’s odd! I somehow pictured you to be more filled out and taller. Either way most of us are aware that you are simply taking the fall for the team that is/was staphmeal. Perhaps you were simply the “pretty one” out of the lot. Let’s see how helpful your friends will be when it comes time to pay the bill. Perhaps NY would be a better fit for you, considering the fact that there are millions of people there AND thousands of restaurants. Your side jabs to small business owners would simply be entertaining fodder as they were meant to be.

    Maybe all the restaurants you’ve dropped resumes to could have a ticker tape parade with your resumes as confetti.

  • MediaWatch

    Not on this thread. On Twitter. We were not clear.

  • Vic

    Stop giving that idiot attention. That’s all he wants

  • Jacques

    Yes, his 15 minutes are over.

  • lilpit

    Wait, Akiko is the one that was going to be Shola’s sous at Speck, right?

  • 3rd&Brown

    It seems like there are a lot of “professionals” in the industry who owe Akiko Moorman an apology. And Media Watch, you should watch what you say, because the only people who are defaming anyone are those who have (and continue to) accused Ms. Moorman of being involved in this, which she is not. Everyone who knows her knows that she has nothing to do with this, that she works constantly for multiple restauranteurs in this city, and has neither the time nor the energy for such a stupid, insipid enterprise.

    In time, I’m sure it will come out who was responsible for the “initial” leak on staphmeal about Akiko’s involvement, and it’s not going to cast all of the characters involved in a positive light.

    Now move along, and start behaving well. We’re sick of reading about this stupid shit.

  • 3rd &Poplar

    3rd and Brown
    Can we just put the violins away. Akiko became a suspect because her and her friend Lia had made rude immature inaccurate and nasty tweets in the past so spare us this “professionals” owing her an apology bullshit.Fact is she has demonstrated herself to be a passive-aggressive liar in the past according to former co-workers.Nobody is afraid or cares about the “initial leak” because she has no credibility. Furthermore she does not work for “multiple restauranteurs” in the city.She works for TWO restauranteurs (if owning that el camino shithole and bar ferdinand makes you a restauranteur) and her pussy of a boyfriend who owns that boring rottiseur chicken joint. Fact is 12 days ago she told bartenders at tryst it was Josh Albert. How did she know before the lawyers and Victor F. found out?

    By the way no one is forcing you to read so get ver yourself.

  • PHamilymeal

    this is PHun!

  • lilpit

    No more Staphmeal for me. Fuck them. It’s one thing to pull what they are, it’s another to delete comments they don’t like. You wanna dish it out, be prepared to take it you fucking fucks. If I see you on the street, boy, I am gonna pummel you. How about THAT!?

  • Allitia

    For a website that has only been live since September 5th, my gosh, they have created quite the buzz….

  • bob newhart

    i don’t really want to kick his teeth in, but i want to squeeze his hand really hard to the point were it’s uncomfortable and he gets scared. i think he has real problems and hope he can get help, doggs .

  • PHamilymeal

    irony is that the kid has been crying all night via his twitter account about how people have been defaming him on various online blogs…

  • nullvaluebiz

    What’s that all about – you have to register now to comment on Staphmeal’s blog?
    In regards to a post on pay scale….

    Ranking payscale for restaurants in Philly:
    1. Big Chain restaurants – best payscale and benefits – soul sucking and no cachet in the ‘scene’.
    2. SRO – best pay for a local group.
    3. GRG – see Staphmeal post positing the opinion of why GRG Managers make 30% less than the industry standard (true and factual – cult of personality).
    4. Others – about the same as GRG, but no benefits and you’re likely out of a job in 12 months because your restaurant closed prematurely. But hey, you got to ride that wave while it lasted.
    Bottom Line – be happy in what you do and treat everyone as you wish to be treated. And, having a job is a good thing.

  • foodie77077

    Blogs are great ways to vent frustration and take a peak into another persons mind. JSA wrote his opinion and we all CHOSE to read them. Food blogs are fun to read , I don’t always like what I read and If I don’t like a certain blog… I stop reading it.

  • lilpit

    Care to elaborate on that?

  • Anon.
  • http://Fooz VinnieJr PPA

    Boy, that 3RD & POPLAR is a meanie.
    Don’t have much compassion for this kid, but BOY, there’s blood in the water and youse are the sharks. Do NOT AGREE that Anybody should get arrested for ‘flipping off’ a cop. That’s been upheld in numerous State courts to be freedom of speech.
    Now, pardon me while I sit back and listen to you nitwits fire at me, while gnawing ur own legs off, coyote style.
    Since When did all these ‘food people’ get so Self-Important & Pretentious? As if it’s important..Go VOTE or something.

  • BuyABestOf

    Erase this again: Philadelphia Magazine is worse than this guy because it only puts paid advertisers in its Best Of Philly Lists. Since this is a well known truth you better erase it from here. That’s ok, it is posted on the thousands of other more real websites.

  • Victor Fiorillo

    Your comment is so easily proven false that it’s laughable and almost not worth responding to. Come to my office and I’ll give you a copy of the Best of Philly as well as a copy of the magazine for every month preceding it for a year. Go through the list and analyze it for yourself, and then report your findings. Also, if that logic held true — that we only give Best of Philly to our advertisers, or even that we give a serious preference to our advertisers — wouldn’t it then follow that we would not write negatively about our advertisers? Meaning, yes, Stephen Starr has been a huge advertiser in Philadelphia magazine and has also won a fair number of Best of Phillys, which you are, of course, free to disagree with on their merits, but if we were only giving him those awards to encourage him to buy more ads, why would we run a very negative review of Buddakan? Why would we publish embarrassing excerpts from his secret “Craig LaBan Memo”? Think about it.

    Also, this:

  • Tex

    @Victor: Nice argument! By the way, can you let me know what “best of” categories are still open for 2012 and if there’s anything I can get in the $500-1000 price range? Thanks in advance.

  • aucontraire

    Victor, Every year we receive aggressive sales calls and emails that the Best of Philly issue is coming out and hinting it’s important to advertise to win. When I have bought ads the business won. When I did not, mysterious drop off the lists. Either you are clueless or a liar.

  • Victor Fiorillo

    @Aucontraire: You’re right. It is important to advertise in Best of Philly, because it is the biggest-selling issue of the year. My offer stands. The issues are waiting in my office for anyone who wants to analyze the list.

  • montgomery

    james restaurant went from 3rd ( i think ) to absolutely not on the list and didn’t advertise that year. i had eaten there somewhat consistently since they opened and saw no noticeable drop off in food quality, ambience, or service. i saw a lot of shittier restaurants on that list, what happened? i will wait patiently for my answer about this one. i’m with aucontraire on this, bullshit.

  • Christian

    Not sure when you are referring to, but James closed in early May of this year.

  • Mark

    Different food editor and restaurant reviewer is one reasonable explanation. My complaint with James would read like Craig LaBan’s review of Talula’s Garden. It was always too fussy and too precious, overly impressed with itself. That the restaurant closed a couple months later makes me think PhillyMag got that one right.

  • david

    I am his biological brother and none of you know josh or anything about him or why he does what he does. Hes doing what many of us wish we had the balls to.

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