Fare Is Just Fair

Fare Lamb Shank - Photography by Jason Varney

Trey Popp reviews the good-for-you Fare in Fairmount. Unfortunately, Popp doesn’t find much of the food to be better than fair.

But even the most upright and righteous guests in Fare’s moral temple should beware the dandelion greens slicked with anchovy and topped with a fried egg. They’re as bitter as tears, only not nearly as salty. Truly, when your waiter inquires about your dietary requirements, you might consider claiming hypotension. Faking a fatal dandelion allergy might not hurt, either.

One Star – Fair

Restaurant Review: Fare [Philadelphia Magazine]
Fare [Official Site]

Photo by Jason Varney

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  • Uncklejason

    I liked the dandelion green salad. It is supposed to be bitter.

  • lilpit

    Exactly. Don’t know what he was expecting, but perhaps he should consider that he just doesn’t like dandelion greens. Another clueless critic in Philly.
    I wonder (really, not sarcastic) if other cities have better critics? Or is it just a lost cause? My gut feeling tells me that we have the bottom of the barrel.

  • Snake

    Why didn’t we get to vote on this one? Seems like all the critics hate this place but it’s crowded every night when I walk past.

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    Snake, this was put up to a vote last week. More than 50% of the voters said 0-1.5 stars.

  • Tex

    It should not have been put up for a vote. That feature should be reserved for Laban’s reviews.

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    Hey Tex, how about no.

    Common Complaint #1 – Craig LaBan has too much influence.

    Common Complaint #2 – Yelp sucks, not everyone deserves an opinion.

    Common Complaint #3 – All Starr employees know what LaBan looks like. His anonymity is a farce.

    Common Complaint #4 – Reviewers in this town are compromised. The weeklies reviewers have their own agenda.

    What Trey Popp’s Philadelphia magazine reviews provide: An anonymous reviewer visiting multiple times, edited, vetted and published 36 times a year.

  • Tex

    My point has nothing to do with the merits of the respective reviewers. My point is that Laban’s reviews remain newsworthy and Popp’s are not. If this were still a food blog rather than a platform for Philadelphia Magazine, you’d understand that (instead of apparently claiming that Popp’s reviews are the *only* reliable source in Philadelphia).

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Tex, you raise a question in a roundabout way: reviewers’ “merits” versus whether their reviews are “newsworthy.” I think you should rank them for us. The reviewers in order of “merit” (which I guess means different things to different readers) and in order of “newsworthiness.” If Laban tops your merit list, then it only makes sense he’d top your newsworthiness list. If someone else does (and from reading this blog I feel like you must be as well-read a judge as any), it would be interesting to know why s/he is somehow not newsworthy.

  • barryg

    @lilpit, we have two good reviewers: Laban and Erace. The rest are jokers, especially Freedman and Stein-Novack, though this blog takes the former seriously for some reason.

  • lilpit

    I honestly don’t think Laban is good. Adam Erace, I’ll give you. Freedman & Popp are just embarassing. And the other one, who is a post-fratboy and is only qualified to review chicken wings, forget his name. He’s the worst.

  • barryg

    @lilpit Laban has faults, everyone does, but at least does his homework, knows what he’s talking about and is a good writer. Ditto Erace, who is funny to boot, though it seems like he only visits many restaurants once before writing a review with can be a problem.

  • Joe

    This place is wonderful. The food is consistent as is the service. It’s a great new addition to the neighborhood. How can you take the review of someone who complains the dandelion salad is bitter….ya think, genius? Personally, I think rude, unsubstantiated bad reviews of a restaurant don’t take into account the livelihoods of those involved who get negatively impacted. I go to restaurants that are badly reviewed just to confirm that restaurant ” critics” are just clueless. You want real reviews, go to Open Table.

  • SamW

    How is it that “Lilpit” always has one of the first posts, and always utters the most vile and stupid statements?

    Lilpit, why do you bother when all you do is remind us how low an IQ a person can have and still use the internet?

  • lilpit

    Would you like to offer a real opposition to my comment, or do you just want to be douche and call me stupid? Are dandelion greens not bitter? Should someone who eats a dandelion salad and complains in print about them being bitter not be called out for it? Do you have a comment on the quality of food media in this city? Or do you just want to act butthurt because I call things straight up, in an honest manner, as I see them? If you read around the site, I post plenty of positive comments – see recent comments on Philly B&R & the death of Larry Comroe, amongst others.