UPDATE: Moon Out at Talula’s Garden

Rumors are flying that chef Matt Moon is out at Talula’s Garden. Anonymous tips, Twitter messages, late night texts–we’ve gotten this story every which way except officially. Repeated calls to the restaurant got us nothing but, at first, confusion, and then, later, a variety of no-comments and directions to take our annoying questions to the Starr Restaurants offices. We’ve go calls into Aimee Olexy, Starr and Moon. But so far mums the word. One thing we know for sure? Moon wasn’t cooking on Monday (which is normally his night off, apparently). And it didn’t seem like he was expected on Tuesday either.

Update: Confirmation has been received that Matt Moon is indeed out at Talula’s Garden after about two weeks on the job. Which means yet another entry in the official Talula’s Garden Timeline.

  • Wednesday, April 13th – Talula’s Garden opens with Michael Santoro running the kitchen.
  • Friday, July 8th – Talula’s Garden sous chef Chris D’Ambro reported to replace Matt Moon as Executive Chef at Talula’s Table.
  • Sunday, July 24th – Craig LaBan calls the food at Talula’s Garden “fussily precious.”
  • Tuesday, August 2nd – It is reported Michael Santoro is out as Executive Chef at Talula’s Garden.
  • Monday, August 8th – Matt Moon is named as the new Executive Chef at Talula’s Garden
  • Tuesday, August 16thBon Appetit names Talula’s Garden as one of the top new restaurants in America.
  • Monday, August 22nd – Has Matt Moon quit as Executive Chef after less than a month?
  • Tuesday, August 23rd – Yup, Moon is out. His official tenure: 14 days.

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  • Tex

    As good as Talula’s Garden can be, I have a sneaking sensation that it isn’t long for this world.

  • lilpit

    The problem is that these people don’t jibe with the corporate manner in which SRO runs it’s kitchens.

  • JohnsRP

    Anybody want to bet how long it will be before Brian Sikora gets canned as chef at A Kitchen and hired by Talulah’s Garden? I give it another three weeks.

  • Jason C

    Ahh the new trend of chefs in philly, BAILING. Well done young bucks.

  • Dave

    How long before Starr transforms Talulah’s Garden into family-style dining?

  • Max

    Haha Dave. “Have you dined with us before at Talulah’s Garden? We suggest sharing our dishes family style. I recommend the wasabi mashed potatoes!”

  • pj

    “these are her ideas to begin with” it sounds like steve is starting to play the blame game

    • Guru

      Where did you hear that?

  • foodie77077

    How is it her idea? Moon left before the TG review was even written. She let him go for a reason. Starr wanted him so he could bring the Table’s “magic” to the Garden and make more money for SRO. Starr needs to leave that place alone and let Aimee run it her way.

  • anotherfoodie

    There is no way to put a positive spin on this. It’s over for Talula’s Garden. Starr has left her alone. The problems are not due to his involvement but for the fact that she is in way over her head.

  • Guru

    If I was her I’d be pissed at Starr for running not one but 2 chefs out of TG. He’s what’s holding this city back. We want good food! Not turn and burn crap you can get at any Starr restaurant!

  • freefalling

    Is it just me or is Starr beginning free fall? When I stop in his places they look at about half prior year comp sales. The food is declining, he is throwing whatever random idea comes in his head on the wall and nothing is sticking. I think he’s unraveling

  • Michael G

    Insert baseless rumor without facts here….ok my turn….since chase utley lives in the building he’s going to be the next Chef after the parade in late October or early November.

  • Tex

    @Michal G, that’s ridiculous. Everyone knows it’s going to be Brad Lidge.

  • Jon Dough

    Oh the city that hates winners. I had dinner there on Monday night and it was one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time. Service was flawless, Amy was sweet as can be, the food was killer. Starr has done a lot for this town. He has beautiful restaurants, great front of house employees, and great talent in the kitchen. Sounds like a great restaurateur to me. And if you think he has too much to say about how his places run, then you’ve never owned your own restaurant. A successful business owner always assumes that everyone else is going to do the job wrong. Being “hands on” is why he gets to keep opening new places. Regardless of how his restaurants are reviewed by so-called critics, the people love them. Maybe two percent of customers are critics, bloggers, P.R. reps, chefs, etc. The other 98 percent are regular people who want to have a nice time. Cook for the two percent, you might get three bells…you might also go out of business. No one ever jumps in to defend Starr on these message boards because no one on these boards are ordinary customers, but rather people who for one reason or another are jealous of how he dominates the town. The guy deserves a lot of credit. I know I wouldn’t want his job. Keep doing what you’re doing Talula’s Table! Philly is full of haters.

  • Jon Dough

    I meant Talula’s Garden…it can get a little confusing.

  • Freefalling

    See what I mean, it even took Starr’s massive PR troups like Jon Dough six hours to post something that’s a blatant plug. Maybe he’s slow paying their bills?

    “Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan
    The information’s unavailable to the mortal man
    We’re workin’ our jobs, collect our pay
    Believe we’re gliding down the highway, when in fact we’re slip sliding away”

  • m

    I don’t care about drama. I actually like most of the Starr restaurants and think this city’s restaurant scene would be garbage if he never existed.
    I’m trying TG tonight with high expectations.