Philly SteakOut Tells Us What We Know, We Love It Anyway

Have you checked out Philly SteakOut? It’s one of the first applications we’ve seen that has harvested social media data and applied it in an interesting way. And as if you needed to be told, Pat’s, Geno’s and Jim’s are tourist spots.

Philly SteakOut [Official Site]

  • Mike

    the tricky thing here is that they give “local” a pretty big 20 mile radius. Suburbanites are kind of a grey area, as hitting pats/genos before/after the game/show/event is a form of local tourism.

    Still, the tourist traps still generate hundreds of “local” check-ins, more that the total check-ins for most of the list.

  • mike

    Plenty of locals go to Jim’s, Geno’s, and Pat’s. Sure some Tourists go there too, but that doesn’t make them tourist traps. The cheese steaks are all good, maybe not the best, but good. Plus, you can’t beat the drama of those places at 3am on a Saturday night.

    The closest thing to a tourist trap in Philadelphia are the restaurants in the bourse building. Maybe also that Max Brenners’s chocolate restaurant. I don’t know anyone who has ever eaten there.