Moon Over Talula’s Garden

Michael Klein reported yesterday that Talula’s Garden has named Matt Moon its new Executive Chef. Moon will replace Michael Santoro who was out as of last week from the Aimee Olexy/Stephen Starr enterprise.

Moon has been working with Olexy most recently at Talula’s Table where he was Exectutive Chef and has been with Olexy since the four-bell days of Django.

For the conspiracy theorists here is the time-line of recent notable Talula’s moments.

  • Wednesday, April 13th - Talula’s Garden opens with Michael Santoro running the kitchen.
  • Friday, July 8th – Talula’s Garden sous chef Chris D’Ambro reported to replace Matt Moon as Executive Chef at Talula’s Table.
  • Sunday, July 24th - Craig LaBan calls the food at Talula’s Garden “fussily precious.”
  • Tuesday, August 2nd - It is reported Michael Santoro is out as Executive Chef at Talula’s Garden.

New Chef at Talula’s Garden [The Insider]

  • M

    Was holding out hope that Shola would show up here……

  • jay

    It could be his desire, it could be his inability. But Shola’s not ending up at a restaurant that serves more than 30 people or so. You’d be more likely to see him at the Table.

  • Janet T Strausbaugh

    Janet says: I agree, he’d be at a table at The Table. What happened to Michael? Good luck to Matt Moon at our neighborhood special occasion place!

  • Cleevus

    Attention everyone–shola will never work in a real restaurant again. Don’t you get it?

  • lilpit

    Holy balls, what is wrong with you people????

    Santoro is out because his food was too “fussily precious” but you think this would be a good venue for Shola???


  • TWG

    Funny that TG was named to Bon Appetit’s Top 10.