Second Chance at First Impression at Spread Bagelry

Spread Bagelry reopened today, three months to the day that a fire closed the three-day old bagel shop. But today they are back making Montreal-style bagels and with more air conditioning, lower prices and a better chimney.

An individual bagel still costs $2 but just about everything else in the store has dropped a couple of dollars. Today we tried The Classic (pictured above) with salmon, Amish Farm cream cheeese, giant wedge of plum tomato, and spring onion. The $9 sandwich would have been $11 on the original menu.

Photos from the May 3rd and today.

[imagebrowser id=31]

One other thing that we were reminded of as we waited for our sandwich was just how good looking a space Spread Bagelry is.

Saturday and Sunday brunch starts this weekend. Bring your own vodka and pair it with their spicy Bloody Mary mix.

New Menu (JPG)

Spread Bagelry
262 S 20th St

  • kbor

    Do ppl drink OJ on ice? I never understood this phenomenon.

  • E

    i’ll give it a try. i was turned off by the crazy high prices when they first opened, but i’d spend $3 for bagel +cc.

  • paul

    I would too but the bagel + CC still seems to be $4

    • Foobooz

      Nope, the Homemade spreads section includes the bagel. So $3 for bagel with Cream Cheese.

  • Ray

    $2 for bagel is ridiculous.

    And since when Montreal become known for bagels?

  • paul

    If that is the case then it’s only $1 for a bagel with butter (in your photo of the homemade spreads section)? That doesn’t seem to make sense.

    And Ray, Montreal-style bagels are pretty well-known, look it up … was there last month and got some great ones from Fairmount Bagel, one of the 24-hour bagel joints. The “tout garni” is amazing, like an everything bagel with even more everything on it (caraway, cumin, poppy, sesame …)

  • paul

    My bad, just noticed that the photos are a mix of the May opening and today. Why are bagels so confusing?

  • Dolly

    Too much kvetching about price here. It’s a fabulous, hand made, wood-oven baked bagel, with home made shmeers and real fresh ingredients AND you get a really trendy environment to enjoy it all in. This ain’t Jack’s at Bells Corner ya know. Welcome back Spread Bagelry!

    • Alicia

      Because God knows I HAVE to be in a trendy environment to enjoy a bagel.
      Oooooooh, maybe that privilege is what I’m paying for.
      Or Dolly’s salary as their PR person.

  • Goober

    Since when grammar become important?

  • Dolly

    Alicia: If the 3 day day old bagged bagel with a Breakstone whipped shmeer from the 7-11 down the street is more your style, who’s stopping you?

  • tonyb

    The bagel described above, the Classic with salmon, should be no more than $6.50 tops. Their prices are still too high for a neighborhood place. I think the famous Zabar’s in NYC charge 1.50 for their bagels. I guess Montreal tops NYC?

  • Alicia

    Stop the Presses!
    There’s a 7-11 in that neighborhood?!

  • chefinphilly

    I love New York style bagels, and have heard the hype about Montreal style for years but have never tried them. I stopped in at Spread and was excited by the boutique atmosphere and smells. The toppings were abundant and cooked to a perfect brown. The bagels however, lacked any “chew” which to me is a pre-requisite for any bagel hence the boiling step during production. Sadly, until they fix the dough recipe to taste like an actual bagel and not a dry biscuit I will not be returning.