Foodery Locations to Come to South Street, Sansom and Ridge

A.D. Amorosi has a piece in today’s Inquirer about Tony Rim of Raw. There are several interesting tidbits in the story including Rim’s connection with Jack Lee of the Foodery. Rim is a partner in the 2nd and Poplar Foodery and has preliminary plans for three others:

  • 1710 Sansom location will served fixed-price dinners and beer pairings
  • 22d and South Street will also get a Foodery
  • Ridge Avenue will be the site of a “Super” Foodery with 9,000 square feet of space.
Quietly, an Empire Expands [Philadelphia Inquirer]
The Foodery [Official Site]
  • Donavon Silver

    awwwww yea

  • ENOC – Don Tanblock

    HOODY HOO! Buckle Up, Knuckle Up

  • bhiladelphia

    Ridge and what cross street? hmmmm?

  • Gobirds

    I just don’t get the popularity of the Foodery. Occasionally yes it fills a void. But if you frequent this place on a regular basis, money is most likely not an issue for you or you’re a total dumbass. The prices are just plain nuts. Trustafarian paradise.

  • Josh A

    Pinnochio’s is better. But it’s in Delco, so…..

    • Duff Beer

      Ohhh 22nd & south cant wait!!

  • ChrissMari

    Shit. 22nd and South has the reasonably priced yuppie beer at omega pizza. Is that where foodery is going? They’re still open

  • Duff Beer

    @chrissmari they do at omega, but foodery has a larger range of selections. Plus you can mix and match. Like food and friends but closer to the neighborhood.

  • Dan

    Duff, larger selection yes, but you can mix six in Omega. Did so last weekend. Was still a bit pricey (like $24).

  • Dan

    Oh yeah, but do not EVER eat their pizza! Like cold mildewy ellio’s.

  • Duff Beer

    Heard no pizza, eww. Good to know about mixed six-pack.

  • barryg

    Omega pizza is just awful.