Sharon Pinkenson Boycotts Marathon Grill

I, too, was annoyed when I showed up at Marathon Grill a few weeks back for a business meeting and was told I couldn’t sit at a booth. But then I got over it. vLame, Sharon

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  • Ben

    Perhaps this isn’t newsworthy enough for the website. Maybe just a tweet? Should I know/care about this person?

  • Victor Fiorillo

    @Ben, sorry, Sharon is the head of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, which is the commission responsible for getting all of the movies that have filmed here in recent years to do so. Though she’s better known for her hair.

  • kbor

    I’m actually kinda surprised Victor didn’t write about not getting a booth at Marathon when it happened.

  • Victor Fiorillo

    @ Kbor, it was a busy day.

  • Skippy H. Bollweevil

    Wow. Exciting stuff.

  • JoJoWasAMan

    Hey Art,

    Really? Are we allowed to just post anything on this site now? Does ANYONE care about Sharon Pinkerson’s opinion? Especially when it comes to restaurants? Do we need a reminder that Marathan Grill sucks? You go there for a crappy burger, not to dine. Plus, the two stupid movies she got to town pretended to be in other cities anyway! DC and NY got props, not us. They didn’t help the city.

    On behalf of Philadelphia’s restaurant crowd, thank you for selling FooBooz and allowing it to turn into Perez Hilton meets corporate brat feast. As the content develops, so does my boredom and I’m glad to say I can finally get back to my life without FooBooz. Not that anyone cares about my opinion.

    It’s hot, I’m cranky, Perez Fiorello is a joke, and I want the old FooBooz back. The one that told me about Meritage’s rise and fall from Korean Fried Chicken.

  • Andy

    I can tell you from personal experience that she is a pain in the arse to serve or to be a manager while she’s in the restaurant. I know she’s done a great deal to bring movie’s to Philadelphia and I respect that but people like this need to be knocked down a peg. The classist attitude from these type of people is gross and unacceptable.

  • Big John

    Marathon has the worse service I have ever seen. In fact, when I used to work in the building at 1818 Market the VP of the department stated…”Please, the only two things I ask are 1 – that you work hard and 2 – dont eat at Marathon”..Unless you are under 30 and gorgeous…good luck getting service. I rarely write a negitive review about a place (if you have nothing to say dont say anything at all) however this place is the rare one..Service absolutely SUCKS

  • DaveStrunk

    Wild guess here Victor: You got your butt kicked alot over the years?

  • Mandozinarino

    I’m not trying to defend the newsworthiness of this post.

    Same thing happened to me. Walked in to Marathon. Not a creature was stirring. Couldn’t get a booth. Sat at a table by the window. Ate my meal. When I walked out, there still wasn’t a soul in there. I said something like “Good thing you saved all those booths” on my way out. Haven’t been back since. Keep in mind this was only my second visit. During my first visit, I was lucky enough to find a metal spring in my Caesar salad. SWEAR TO GOD.

  • mike

    I this kind of thing often in restaurants. I understand not wanting a party of two to take up a desirable table for four when you are busy, but if you aren’t busy you should let people sit wherever they want.

    I chalk this up to stupid young hostesses that take their bosses instructions about seating too literally. I’m sure many of the owners of these restaurants would be horrified if they saw their hostess refusing a customer their choice of seating when there are plenty of places available.

    That said, Marathon does suck, and for some reason always under cook their fries for me.

  • Dave

    Did she call in a reservation? If so did she ask specifically for a booth?
    Anyway I’ve boycotted Marathon eversince they closed the original one at Roosevelt Mall to pursue their trendier aspirations in CC.

  • matt

    I actually like Marathon, but have found that service at some of the locations is awful. A few months ago I went into the 12th and Chestnut location with one other person for a late brunch. There were over half a dozen empty tables, all four tops, but the host told us we would have for 15-20 minutes because I guess they wanted to hold the four tops in case larger groups came it (again, it was well after the brunch rush). Needless to say, we didn’t wait. However, I’ve never had this problem at any of the other locations, which I still patronize.

  • acmestyled

    The 12th and Chestnut location is absolutely the worst. Which location is Sharon complaining about? I’ve never had an issue at the 16th and Sansom spot regarding seating, but the food is crap at least 25% of the time.

  • Andy

    I don’t support Marathon, simply because I’ve heard from multiple friends that the owner is an absolutely horrid landlord to his residential tenants.

  • Ambulance chaser

    You’re all idiots. Pinkenson is probably the smartest person alive other than me. Get a life.

  • http://FooBooz PPABootSquadVinnie

    I gotta say, I like 1818 Market Marathon. Never been to the others for anything but one drink. Yes, I agree, if the business is slow, let folks sit where they want. Unfortunately, it seems the restaurant biz is where idiots and incompetents are at their most visible. Sure, there’s a Lot of pros out there, and you know ’em when you see ’em.
    We had Cigar Club events here Twice, and the food was hot & tasty [chicken strips as big as 1/4 breasts, cheesesteaks, kielbasa in puff pastry] and the beverage service was outstanding. Then again, we were outside, but I’m sure they use the same kitchen and waitstaff. their outside bar is great during Summertime and CCSips. HEY All You food biz folks above-If a Big Mahoff comes into your place, why not flush Your attitude and accomodate them as best you can, Instead of ‘she needs to be taken down a peg?’ So much for the ‘hospitality’ attitude. Same one you use during RestWeek & CCSips? It shows.

  • suzy8track

    All I can say is that I’m not surprised that the 12th and Chestnut street location is now closed, it was the worst service I’ve ever encountered while eating at a restaurant. Went there for lunch with a co-worker and 10 minutes after I ordered, was told that they were out of what I wanted and had to order something else….I then ordered something else, and while I waited, my companion got their food. Then I was told 5 minutes later that I would have to order something else…again, because they ran out of the second thing I wanted! By the time I finally got my food, my companion had finished their meal. I received no apology from our miserable waitress who had a serious attitude problem. After placing my third order, we never saw our server again! She never came back to apologize or see if everything was ok. No wonder this location closed. Never went to the other locations because my experience at the 12th and Chestnut location has soured me on Marathon Grill.