• Buckethead

    I predict another glowing review with no bell rating at all, given Craig and Aimee’s history.

  • Snake

    3 bells is the usual new Starr Restaurant rating from LaBan.

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    LaBan has rated 18 Starr restaurants.
    At the time of their initial reviews this is how it broke down.
    4-bells – 1
    3-bells – 10
    2-bells – 7

    And with Stella going from 3 to 2, LaBan’s rating spread is 9 three-bellers to 8 two-bellers.

    For all Craig LaBan’s bells for Starr restaurants check out this post we just updated. How LaBan Rates Starr’s Restaurants

  • j

    gonna go out on a limb and say 3 stars…never been but that’s the magic number

  • MMH

    Was just there July 11th and think it will get 3 stars.

  • bp

    going in about a week so the timing of this review is perfect

  • misssweeney

    The PR machine is the best part of this place.

  • Count von Count

    Greetings! I am the Count. They call me the Count because I love to count things

    Two, two bells for Talula’s Garden ah ha ha ha ha!

  • StephenStella

    Hello, When will Philadelphia Magazine publish another photo of Mr. Laban? Apparently the previous one is no longer recognizable. Thanks.