• E

    what’s the black stuff?

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    E, the black stuff is actually the wonderfully delicious skin form the rotisserie chicken.

  • pete

    looks kinda small for $6. i’m used to a giant banh mi carbfest for $4

  • Snake

    Yeah, isn’t bahn mi usually about 3.50? Still looks good…

  • Willie

    That does look good, gotta check this place out soon.

  • tk

    That looks lame,the chicken is burned and it is not a bahn mi just because you throw some pickles and spicy fish sauce on it.Stick to what you do.

  • 3rd&Brown

    @snake. Yeah, $3.50 in a shitty south philly storefront that’s probably paying 1/4th the rent. And with organic, farm raised chicken fresh from the rotisserie. Probably not.