• Northwood

    This is a shame, I had really hoped that that space would become a night club of some sort. For all of the quality beer bars and restaurants, Philly has an embarrassing lack of legitimate night clubs (I am not counting G and Demi..Whisper in that category) where people can dance to good music. Every time I go to the Piazza I yearn for that space to fill the void. Oh well…

  • duh

    You can’t have a nightclub on the first floor of an apartment complex, you realize that people live there right?

  • Willie

    Northwood, you’ve got to be either a troll or an idiot.

  • Northwood

    Ha, I’m neither, though I was aware that my comment would be considered somewhat of a faux pas on this blog. Yes i’m aware its an apartment building, though that certainly doesn’t preclude it from also hosting a night club. PYT has a dance floor and a DJ friday and saturday nights. I don’t think there is a practical difference.

  • Lord Chezza

    They mightaswell have a nightclub… I doubt residents would notice, not with that Massive TV screen glaring into their rooms all night.

    Anyway, can we have a foobooz photo caption contest using this pic?

  • RJ

    I’ll start the captions…

    Marc: “Are you hiring?”

  • http://philadelphia.foobooz.com Foobooz

    Marc: Wait, simply standing in front of Speck will get me a post on Foobooz?

  • Resident

    He was cooking for the Mural event on Wednesday.

  • mike

    Maybe he is trying to buy some of the kitchen equipment that Shola bought for Spec. I heard there was some pretty high tec stuff that Raw will probably have no use for.

  • Dave

    Marc: Whaddya mean I can’t get into this nightclub with jeans on?!