Now Closed: Tuscany Cafe

A colleague just informed me that Tuscany Cafe on Rittenhouse Square closed their doors today thanks to what they say was an issue with their lease. “Where am I supposed to get coffee?” she asks. “I am not going to go to La Colombe.” As you can see in the photo, they’re directing folks to two other area locations, which we have to admit we didn’t even know existed.

Because you asked (5/3/2011): Okay, so I agree that my colleague’s Colombe aversion needs explanation, so I asked her. Don’t shoot the messenger. Her response: “1) The god awful scene. 2) The SNL skit-worth pretension. 3) The two coffee drinks I’ve gotten there in the past have been foul.”

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  • mike

    I thought they had one at Washington Sq.

  • Willie

    What exactly does your colleague have against La Columbe?

  • Snake

    That’s too bad. Where is this place? I always go to La Colombe.

  • Pedro Dias

    Went there once, many years ago. Only cup of coffee I can ever recall being unable to choke down – and I’ve been known to drink several-day-old office coffee, in extremis.

    I’ll second the request for more information on your colleague’s odd aversion to La Colombe.

  • Tex

    The Washington Sq. location became something else last year I believe, something like the “Philadelphia Cafe.” This is too bad. I don’t know about their coffee, but Tuscany Cafe was always a servicable place for sandwiches and salads to picnic in Rittenhouse.

  • Rica

    La Colombe is too pretentious for Philly. I wish La Colombe was closing instead of Tuscany. First thing I tell people new to Philly: steer clear of La Colombe. You don’t want to be one of those people.

  • Sara

    La Colombe isn’t that good – unless you like bland, overly roasted to nearly burnt coffee beans. If you want tasty local beans, I give Chestnut Hill Coffee a nod. And now with so many places serving Stumptown, PT’s or Blue Bottle – I never have to drink that crap again.

  • barryg

    Try Pure Fare for salads and sandwiches to eat in Rittenhouse.

  • Willie

    I’m not getting into a coffee war, but personally I love La Colombe. I don’t find it over-roasted at all, and I don’t find the scene pretentious – you go in, you know what you want, you order it, you fix it your way and you leave. Never got any attitude. Maybe people go in asking for ridiculous things that they don’t do. It’s not a Starbucks.
    I like Chestnut Hill, it’s pretty good, but I’m a LC man all the way.

  • jen

    talk about pretentiou — every time I went to Tuscany, they looked down on me because I was probably not grungy/hipster enough.

  • Snake

    I’m certainly not a coffee connaisseur, I got to LC because of the price. It’s cheaper than Wawa and much better. I don’t see it as pretentious at all, yeah there are some people that seem to hang out there all day in some sort of a club but you’ll find that at many coffee places.

  • Jon

    La Colombe beans are greasy and over-roasted. Go try some Counter Culture, Stumptown or Blue Bottle.

  • brie

    Counter Culture is the tits! Spruce Street Espresso brews it very well!

  • Crystal

    I am sad to see Tuscany close. I have been a loyal everyday customer for months and months since relocating from West Phila to CC. They did my drink (red eye) fine but I suppose it’s tough to muck up. I now have to decide where I will go everyday (Tuscany’s main draw was convenient location). I think it might be LaVa even though it’s out of the way. I haven’t tried the coffee at the recently opened Spread around the corner, but considering the prices displayed on the window for food items, I think I will avoid it for fear of draining my graduate school stipend by mid-month.

  • barryg

    La Colombe makes a good cup of drip but their espresso drinks are a bit lame and not worth the crowds and barista attitudes. Then again there isn’t really anywhere better west of 15th St. I do like the cups and saucers and the caneles they get are awesome.

  • rory

    west of 15th? On 15th go to elixir. 21st just south of market has nook (formerly walnut bridge), there’s also pure fare for blue bottle (good stuff, but not worth the coffee-nerdboy-obsession. Guess I’m not a west coast style coffee guy), try cafe l’aube if you can get to south street, and there’s also spread.

    I’ve had the pretentious experience with some of the staff at La Colombe. Dude, you aren’t doing me a favor, you’re doing your job. I asked for an espresso. nothing special. You can also go to the place on fifteenth above chestnut (blanking on the name) for La Colombe made with slightly less condescension.

    I also find La Colombe’s stuff overroasted. but a lot of people like dark, dark roasts. Don’t get me started on that trend. And their espresso is burnt, imo. I’m not a fan. And some of the people who go there…but I can’t blame La Colombe for that.

  • barryg

    Yea I’m down with Elixir (that’s why I said west of 15th), not too fond of Nook’s coffee though I liked their baked goods. Haven’t tried coffee at Pure Fare yet, good point.

  • celested

    Tuscany closed b/c the building owners seem to not be renewing any of the leases there. We inhabited part of an office in the same building, and we moved out last month b/c of the lease. As for La Colombe, well, the coffee is cheap, it’s pretty good (not Stumptown, e.g., sure), and the attitude? really? you can’t handle someone just making your coffee and giving it to you? Geez, I’m from the west coast and I find them perfectly amiable, if a bit low-affect. There’s always Metropolitan Bakery for coffee, though, as well as the best goodies near the square.

  • chrissmari

    speaking of pretentious–it’s kinda pretentious to argue about coffee shops.

  • rory

    Barryg–Pure Fare’s pretty good coffee. A little mild, but I prefer mild over over-roasted. Wanted to try their iced coffee today, but they’re still figuring out how much to make per day and today they made too little. Out of it by 11 am :( At least they seemed more hurt by it than I was.

    Celested–When that’s all the attitude is, it’s fine. But I’ve been skipped in the line before, glared at, and not waited on while trying to get a word in edgewise to get a spoon they forgot to give me–because they were chatting with each other while taking new orders. And everyone I know in person has had similar experiences. It’s more than just making my coffee and giving it to me. In fact, that’s all I want from a coffeeshop.

    Chrissmari–it’s kinda weird to come to a food blog and not expect people to argue about food.

  • chrissmari

    oh i’m not saying it’s not expected–i expected it. it’s also pretentious. “juss sayin”

  • adam

    you do realize tuscany cafe had been serving La Colombe coffee for years , right up until its closing , right ? and La Colombe Cafe is pretty much as straight to the point , without all the bells and whistles kind of place as there is. sounds like a crisis of perception .

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