Rick Nichols On Talula’s Garden

Huzzah! Rick Nichols is back in the Inquirer today with a prose-based tour of Talula’s Garden.

[A]s evening falls, the space transforms, the seed packs and jelly glasses, the dramatic drum lamps and wood flooring muting and blending, losing their identities, becoming background music.In the classic, tall-ceilinged space, the room rises a short level or two under the drum lights toward an altarlike, 2,000-pound salvaged stone counter – the stage for Olexy’s star performers, her pet artisanal and farmstead cheeses.

Intimacy writ large [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Talula’s Garden [Official Site]

  • Willie

    Well this is just freakin ridiculous. Who gives a crap, what about the food?? Place has been open for a week now, I don’t want a guided tour of the room, I want to know about the food. Jeez.

  • Matt

    Well, this sounds like probably the most self-aggrandizing restaurant in Philly history.

  • daytimedrinker

    thats Ricks shtick
    he’s not a reviewer of food
    He likes to throw back the drinks and bounce around restaurants, talk to chefs and peek his head about
    Nice guy

  • http://afterdinnersneeze.wordpress.com t

    here’s our humble review of the place (with some crappy iPhone pictures)! we’re no super-discriminating food critics or anything, but we thought it was delightful!