• http://www.beerlass.com Suzy

    Hey – thanks for the mention friend.
    Lots of fun in week 3.
    It’s super casual. The horseshoe-shaped bar at Bridgids lends itself to a nice communal event.
    You don’t even have to fill out a sheet (yet).
    If you “buzz in” and get the answer right -you get a coaster.
    It’s every man for himself. No teams.
    The person with the most coasters at the end of each round gets a beer. And the end of the 3 rounds they get the grand prize. Last few weeks it’s been a nice 750 of beer.
    All American Craft are $4 from 9 till 11. Live Music starts at 10 after quizzo. It’s like all the fun you can squeeze into a Monday in Fairmount.
    It’s been very well-received.
    I’ll be posting some questions on the ol’ blog when I have a chance.