Vetri Abandons A La Carte

In March, Marc Vetri is going to stop offering his a la carte menu and will go to tasting menus only each night Vetri is open. Vetri will offer a classics menu option, the more inventive degustazione, a pasta tasting, and a vegetarian menu.

LaBan highlights several other successful tasting menus, namely at JG Domestic where 25% of the meals are tasting dinners and Tinto where tasting options make up 35% of the orders. In Conshohocken, Chip Roman sees 45% of his Blackfish customers ordering the tasting menu.

So we ask, do you think this is a good idea for Vetri and do you expect other chefs to follow suit?

No more a la carte: Vetri moving to tasting menus only in March [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Degustazione [Vetri]

  • Brian

    Great post. Was wondering if anyone recognized the slicer in the background? I have seen one at the Art Museum cafe as well.

    • Foobooz

      It is described on Vetri’s web site as a vintage 1940s model #21 berkel slicer.

  • p2a

    this is VERY VERY sad news. Vetri is my favorite restaurant, and I am a regular. Ala carte affords me the option to eat there casually and often – I normally order a few half portions of pastas, an onion crepe, and that’s it! Not anymore..

  • p2a

    pretty positive no poor people go there. those are the ones who go there and complain about portion size.

  • Dex

    I guess you’ll need to sacrifice the onion crepe and either become a regular at his other spots, or hope the pasta tasting isn’t outside your budget.

  • Kirsten Henri

    Dear Major Philadelphia Law Firm Employee:

    Stop what you’re doing in the comments. You know what we’re talking about. Don’t make us ban you.


  • p2a

    don’t get me wrong – i spend easily over $100 per person quite often, i just enjoy the flexibility. I’m a regular at Osteria as well.

    What was the ‘philadelphia law firm’ employee doing?

  • Johnny

    I think he made an inappropriate remark or two.