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  • WTF is a Hogwarts? “Dandelion is like an Abercrombie but with Arthur Kade. And Narragansett tall boys.”

  • Dex

    Yelp is for hipsters.

  • Jimmy

    I understand the unsightliness and risks associated with fake-tanning, but what’s wrong with being a successful, young professional? I don’t get it.

  • Michael G

    Hogwarts sounds like good eating…

  • jlg

    when did it become news that a starr restaurant is fillied with yuppies??

  • Gregg

    It became news at the same time that we learned hipsters believed they were the only ones entitled to eat good food or try new restaurants.

  • eldondre

    the crowd seemed pretty mixed agewise last night. id guess many were yuppies when they were younger but this is rittenhouse.

  • Snake

    I never understood why the word yuppies is an insult while it really should be viewed as an aspirational goal.

    Ms. D’ambrosio, most of us in the crowd last night at Johnny Brendas were yuppies as well, we just were dressed different.

  • blee357

    People in there 20s and 30s are either “hipsters” or “douchebags”. If neither of those labels fit, then they must be “yuppies”. From the tone of Ms. Ambrosio’s comment she seems to mean the crowd was non-hipster, which should have been obvious because Dandelion is north of Spruce and south of Vine.

  • Tiggles

    Dandelion is like a Disney version of an English pub. Packed to the gills, but the food is mediocre and it is a knock-off of other menus in town.

  • Snake


    Starr restaurants always go that route. They feel like Epcot Center.

    Good beer list at least?

  • JulieM

    The word “yuppie” is sometimes thought of as an insult because it implies that the individual is mostly interested in climbing the corporate ladder or having a sharp focus on not just making money, but dressing and acting as if work success is the most important thing. Those of us who do not place as much value on these things see the word “yuppie” as not a thing to aspire to. It’s not that we don’t want to be successful, we just don’t want to be assholes.

  • Say what?

    JulieM – how does someone dress and act as if work success is the most important thing? My line of work requires me to wear a suit every day and otherwise maintain a neat appearance. Incidentally, I also (gasp!) have career goals and try to earn money for my family. I guess you can safely peg me as a yuppie and an a-hole, even though you have never said two words to me. Sounds like you are judgmental, and an a-hole. Enjoy mocking the other “yuppies” at Dandelion and eating that shite food.

  • Daytime Drinker

    You people all need to lighten up and spare us the social commentary. Yuppie simply means young-urban-professionals. Just because people are well dressed does not mean they are assholes. Go to the restaurant and eat the food. If you don’t like it don’t go. Anyone can be a food writer in this town,yelp is useless as are the social observations of it’s writers.
    Miserable people whether hipster or non hipster focus on labellling other diners instead of enjoying themselves. Grow up people.

  • eldondre

    expensive beer and mediocre food is authentic england I don’t know what is. actuall, the fish and chips are good…does it feel like disney? I guess, it looks like a fancy english pub, end of story. I suppose disney is the master of recreating things as if they’d been ripped out of their home and moved so if that’s the meaning, then it’s an apt comparison. the main problem is the prices are too high otherwise it’s fine.
    Julie-isn’t that stereotyping? I mean, aren’t some hipsters good people and others douches? yuppies are people and some are better people than others I’d imagine. so what if they work in an office and wear conservative clothes. is that anymore douchey than having trendy tattoos, large earings, facial hair, and trying not to do your job well as some misplaced protest?

  • Tiggles

    @Snake – Yep, good beer list. That would draw me back.

  • I just have one question: How the hell did this turn into a conversation about hipsters, AGAIN? Sooooooo boring. Please get a new unoriginal dead horse to beat. My proposal for 2011’s indirectly despised societal group is gypsies. Fuckin’ gypsies man, with their Slavic magick and their infant-stealing, taking up all the good seats at Johnny Brenda’s…GYPSIES BRO, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

  • Lappidis

    @drew lazor – that is good stuff. but in all seriousness, i believe the answer to your question is the reference to yuppies, the other beaten dead horse, in the line of the week. felicia d’ambrosio cast the first stone.

  • meh-

    Yuppies usually get hated on by the Poors.

  • NE food boy

    @drew lazor, LMAO Damn gypsies, hold on to your babies when you are at the bar. Drew you always make me laugh.

  • I hereby place a Freaky Friday-esque gypsy hex on every hipster and every yuppie in Philadelphia, causing them to switch bodies for a 24-hour period that will result in madcap hijinks aplenty, as well as both groups learning about themselves — and each other

  • Andy P

    You hipster! Well, at least you have a nice bust.

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    ‘Gypsy’ is an ethnic slur, so sorry. Did you mean the Romani? Besides, what the fuck do I know? I’m from the ‘burbs, so all manner of yuppies and hipsters feel free to heap scorn upon me.

  • Speaking of the beer. Here’s what’s currently on cask:

    Ridgeway Oxfordshire Blue Bitter, Greene King IPA & Lewe’s Castle Brown Ale. (On deck: JW Lee’s 2009 Vintage Barleywine.)

  • CEF

    This is ridiculous. @lapiddis, no she did not cast any stone. She tweeted something. Then Foobooz/PhillyMag put it up as a chuckle.

    If we are all accountable for every last thing we tweet for fear of public retaliation or ridiculous irrational drunken tweets (@foodsyoucaneat, I’m looking in YOUR direction), then why have the damn service?

    If Ms. D’Ambrosio wrote a post/article about how she disliked Yuppies and Mudbloods, then I say she’s accountable.

    Lastly, why doesn’t anyone have a damn sense of humor anymore? I’m a loud-mouth Kraut food writer that grows a beard because I’m lazy and will sell out to the highest bidder for my services. I get my hair highlighted in the summertime because I hate how dark it got with old age. I’m a mother@#$%ing Yupster.

  • T-Mac

    I have Irish gypsy blood which is not at all the same as the Romani gypsy. We are referred to as Pikeys or Gypos or Tinkers. All derogatory and all very cool. I like that people hate me because they just stay the fuck away. Felicia is amazing and has forgotten more about food than any of you yuppie scum ever knew. To paraphrase Steven Wells – she gets paid for her opinion, you don’t therefore your opinion is worthless.
    Go back to eating at Marathon and living in the Naval Square. Leave the real Philly to the grown folks.

  • Snake

    But I still don’t understand if her review was insulting, positive or negative. Eldondre doesn’t seem to like the place and everybody else is more caught on the crowd and verbiage.

  • Tiggles

    @T-Mac – Angry much? You’re soooooooo anti-establishment!!!

  • Goober

    Wow, I didn’t know FB had this many readers.

  • meh-

    Many angry yuppies must have started with the Philly Mag transition!

  • cameleopard

    And here I thought that hipsters had completely replaced yuppies as the sketchily-defined group that everyone hates. As for me, I’m still complaining about those damn beatniks.

  • rory

    look people, we all know who the real scourge of society is: