Top Bars by the Numbers

Our 2010 Top 50 Bars list sure has gotten some attention. Visits to the site has been up 63% since we published the list. Here are some other numbers we’ve pulled out:

  • Six bars on the list face Passyunk Avenue.
  • 14 bars are located South of South Street.
  • TJ’s and Teresa’s Next Door were the only two suburban bars on this year’s list
  • 21 bars made the list that weren’t on last year’s Top 50, including the number one bar, Franklin Mortgage.
  • 6 cocktail bars make the list.
  • We count 11 spots where beer is the primary draw including 2 brew pubs.
  • Number of comments complaining about hipsters, five.
  • Number of panelists who self-identify themselves as hipsters, zero.

Top 50 Bars [f8b8z]

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  • orchidmask

    The comment threads are classic!

    Is there a stock photo of a hipster available? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • bp

    do hipsters ever self-identify?

  • michael

    the number one hipsters are the ones accusing everyone else of being hipsters, they frequent the same bars and restaurants, except they are a bit more “edgey”, there jeans have one more rip in it and they just have a half hour more facial hair than the 5 o’clock shadow, and they don’t use as much product in there hair and they don’t wear “retro” graphic tees they have the originals, they spent a weekend searching all of the hot vintage stores for the most obscure one.

    If wearing nice clothes, nice shoes, having product in my
    hair, wearing some facial hair from time to time and hanging with like minded people makes me a hipster, then yes I am a hipster.

    I’m the first to admit it, other hipsters be free and admit your social status as the person who likes good food, good drink, nice clothes, nice neighborhoods and frequenting a place with socially conscience people where you don’t have to worry about a bunch of douche bags or meat heads or slutty bitches.

    Be a hipster and be proud.

  • Mike

    I was thinking the same thing BP. Really though, it’s because the list is largely lacking in places where you’re likely to find popped collar bros, buckets of domestic pony bottles, or snookalikes, that people deem it “Hipster”.

  • Drew Lazor

    We’re all adults here — can we please move away from the hipster discussion? It’s the most dull, overwrought, cliche and brain-numbingly pointless conversation topic this side of zoning variances. The word “hipster” is meaningless. It’s nothing more than an excuse for disgruntled people to force their urban ennui onto a social class that is not afforded the chance to defend itself — because it doesn’t really exist. Unhappy with something? Blame those damn dirty HIPSTERS for ruining EVERYTHING! It’s that easy. What exactly dictates who is a hipster and who is not? Pants size? Musical tastes? Facial hair? I say nothing.

    I fully expect to be called a hipster for having this opinion. Cheers!

  • Willie

    I think Mike is right on the money.

  • rory

    only a hipster would act like they don’t know what a hipster actually is. thus, drew is a hipster, obviously!


  • PLaVerghetta

    I think hipsters are teased because they don’t take baths or wash their clothes. That makes hipsters smell bad and spread bed bugs. If they simply washed up they would be ok.

  • Josh A

    It’s funny cause I used to call the smelly scene kids ravers or hippies.

    Maybe it’s just grown into hipsters over time?

  • michael

    i agree with drew, I wrote what i wrote to make a point, who cares who a hipster is and isn’t. I just want to go to a place to have a good time isn’t that why we go to a certain establishment in the first place?

  • Food Phan

    Can I still blame them for the bike lanes on Pine and Spruce?

  • Mike

    You can THANK them for the bike lanes.

  • PhiladelphiaSpeaks

    Honestly, half of these places I wouldn’t consider bars but that’s your call on how you organize things and who you ask to take part in the survey.

    I’d have to vote for O’Neals and I can’t believe it was left off. I’m sure that the lack of cool cachet that South Street has at this point plays into it, but their neighbor Dark Horse is also a great bar that I’m suprised to see missing from the list. Both have extensive beer lists and good food. I also love Paddywhacks, along with the hundreds of other people who pack it each night while many of the listed bars are empty, but I understand how it wouldn’t be the favorite of the panelists.

    I think that the suggestion that was made to allow for reader participation would make your list a little more diverse. Many of us got to know your site by reading Metro on the El and it seems like our neighborhoods and our tastes may have been overlooked. There’s a real lack of bars to watch Eagles games in on this list.

  • Jimmy

    “Urban ennui.” Check out the big brains on Drew Lazor!!

  • caga tio

    O’Neals is not what it used to be.

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    List posts are great. They cost nothing, are guaranteed to drive up traffic and generate clicks. Everyone has an opinion and guess what, they all stink.

    But seriously, I have to question some of the chops of your panelists. A blogger with like ten posts who has been into craft beer for A Whole Year! is invited to participate. Take this list with a very large grain of smoked sea salt.