Mamma Foobooz’ Mexican Pizzas

From time to time we like to feature a recipe from Mamma Foobooz. With the Day of the Dead festivities being talked about today we figure why not post mom’s Mexican Pizza recipe. It’s simple and tasty.

  • 6 6″ soft-tortillas
  • Chorizo, 1 stick from Martin’s in the Reading Terminal Market
  • Salsa, your choice but mom gets hers from the 12th Street Cantina
  • Cheese, grated (sharp cheddar and Italian Fontina work)

Saute chorizo on stove top.

Place tortillas on baking tray and top tortillas with salsa, chorizo and cheese.

Place tray in 350º oven and heat until cheese melts.

Place under broiler till browned.


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