Wander Inn to Become American Sardine Bar

Photo via Brownstoner

Meal Ticket gets some details on John Longacre’s (South Philadelphia Taproom) second endeavor, the former Wander Inn at 18th and Federal. The name will be American Sardine Bar and they hope to open by the end of 2010.

The early word on American Sardine Bar [Meal Ticket]

  • Rebecca

    bummer, was hoping they could keep the name.

  • Willie

    If they have to change from what is a classic name, at least they could have picked something better than that stupidity.

  • Sara

    What? Could youse guys have picked a lamer name? Please tell me that’s a working title joke.

  • RJ

    Love the name! You have to ditch the old name, and all the negatives that go with it!

  • justSaying

    yea…that name sucks. im sure its a joke.

  • J

    I’m surprised the Wander Inn was for sale with so many loyal customers posting here. Maybe they should keep the name.

  • http://fmd.yelp.com Felicia D’Ambrosio

    J, the Wander Inn has been closed for years. You can’t pretend that neighborhood has been anything but depressed for the past decade.

    People like the name.

  • Willie

    Not only do people like the name Wander Inn, American Sardine Bar is just plain stupid. Ok, make a break and don’t call it Wander Inn. Call it anything but American Sardine Bar. But, whatever, it their business and if they do as good a job with it as they do at SPTR (which, BTW, is also a classic name) we’ll all be happy to go to that great bar place with the stupid name.

  • Retardo

    I’m sure you would love the name Wander in if your son or neighbor was one of the many that were shot in there. Longacre say’s the new name is a social commentary on the state of American manufacturing. Love it or hate it, it is what it is.