• mike

    That is great news. I live near Ro-Zu, and my meals with chef Todd were some of my most memorable. I was hoping he would turn up somewhere, and I see some of my favorite dishes of his have made the new menu.

  • Dan

    That menu looks amazing. Considering its pedigree, I would be surprised if the new Khyber is anything less than great.

  • Sara

    Awesome! Problem is, those angry regulars were likely old heads who hadn’t actually seen a show at the Khyber since 2005 and hadn’t witnessed their decline. Bring on the Japanese grub!

  • Miss Lady

    Incredible menu + cool rock-n-roll history = bring it on!! I can’t wait for this to open.

  • jonny

    i’m so excited for this! i’ll even lift my ban on old city for this one.

  • RML

    Love the owners, but this seems like a terible idea. Good luck.