Tale of the Tape: Barbuzzo

Barbuzzo, the latest from Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran is set to open Wednesday, September 1st. The Mediterranean restaurant will be the first from the couple to include a liquor license.

The Owners

  • Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran have an empire on 13th Street
  • Other Midtown Village properties:
    • Bindi
    • Grocery
    • Lolita
    • Open House
    • Verde/Marcie Blaine Chocolates

The Space

  • The name is a combination of bar with buzzo, Italian slang for belly.
  • 68-seats
  • 14-seat kitchen counter
  • 12-seat bar
  • Outdoor seating, both bars and small selection of indoor tables reserved for walk-ins
  • Open kitchen
  • Wood burning stove
  • Designed by Urban Space Development (APO, Capogiro, Sampan, Tweed) and Provenance Architectural Salvage
  • Walls include Lancaster barn wood and a whitewashed brick
  • Seating is re-purposed chairs and church pews

The Food

  • Wide-ranging Mediterranean concept
  • Chef de Cuisine, George Sabatino
  • House-made charcuterie and pasta
  • Food served nightly to midnight
  • Menu highlights:
    • Piggy Popcorn with apple cider vinegar powder, espelette chile and horseradish aioli
    • Burrata served with red bartlett pear, baby basil, peanut, olive oil and vin cotto
    • Uovo pizza with brussel leaves, guanicale, caciocavallo, fior di latte, truffle and farm egg
    • Fideua, My Way with smoked churico sausage, calamari, shrimp, mussels, roasted shrimp noodle and aioli
  • Dishes range from $3 to $18
  • Full Menu (PDF)
  • Barbuzzo is participating in Restaurant Week

The Drink

  • First restaurant from Turney and Safran that has a liquor license
  • Drink menu highlights:
    • 30 wines by the bottle
    • 6 whites, 6 reds by the glass
    • 6 draft beers
  • Wine by the glass ranges from $8 to $9.50
  • Full Menu (PDF)

110 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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  • Poster Nutbag


    i feel in love with bucatini (a type of pasta) in italy a few years back. its like a spaghetti, but has a hole in the middle. kinda like if a rigatoni was as long as a spaghetti and if the hole was not so wide in diameter. it gives the pasta this amazing texture, kinda chewey and 100% delicious.

    there are only 2 other places i have seen bucatini on a menu in the states, twenty manning being one and a place in new york being the other. glad to start seeing this on menus.

  • http://www.anemptyfridge.com Michelle C.

    I think there is a bucatini dish at Amis as well!

  • peter

    only 2 other places in the states? are you serious? you must not eat out very often.

  • Sirius Videman

    Peter THAT was hilarious.

  • Ryan

    You can find bucatini in many supermarkets and specialty stores… must not leave the house much

  • Bri Guy

    I’ll be giving this place a fair shake… pics look like they’ve done a great job with the space.

  • Poster Nutbag

    you see it in specialty stores, but you really have to look. i rarely see it on restaurant menus.

  • Marc summers

    Amazing food! Hit there stride right out of the box. Branzino off the charts as was the gnocchi and truly remarkable pizza. This place is going to be a major hit. Right up there with great Starr, Garces and Vetri establishments. Go before you cannot get in!

  • ryan

    it is perpetually on some menus. babbo comes to mind. all the vetri restaurants have it on the menu at times. i’d venture to guess that at least a dozen restaurants in philly have it on the menu right now

  • Alyssa

    Searched “bucatini” on Philadelphia Menu Pages “Find A Food” search option. Received 17 hits including Amis, Core de Roma, Girasole, LaScala’s, M Restaurant, Ristorante Pesto, and Upstairs at Varalli.

    Reservations at Barbuzzo this Friday.. looking forward to checking it out.

  • barryg

    How about a Foobooz infographic on pasta shapes and where they are served in town?

  • Susan

    Has anyone heard anything about Moore Brothers Wine Company and Georges Perrier opening a restaurant together? At a friend’s house someone mentioned they’d heard this over the weekend.

  • Portal Princess

    @Nutbag – hilarious! An ignorant food snob… I buy bucatini at SuperFresh.

  • Bri Guy

    @Susan – Perrier is looking at something in Mt Airy (closer to his home?). No idea if this is a collab w/ MBWC.


  • Jimmy

    Poster Nutbag – Stop eating at Spaghetti Warehouse and you will find many places that serve bucatini.

  • SteveInOakland

    Nice photo of authentic pizza. You will be a success if your product mirrors that photo.