What is a Dive?

With Guy Fieri in town visiting Memphis Taproom, Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat and Good Dog we wanted to bring up a recurring question, what is a dive and is Good Dog or the other spots Fieri visited for Drive-ins, Diners and Dives truly a dive?

Is Good Dog a Dive?

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  • Terry

    Good Dog is not a dive – the food is way too good. McGlinchey’s is a dive.

  • Pete LaVerghetta

    Run another poll: Does Guy Fieri (really, it’s Ferry but everybody wants to be Italian) have any talent? ()Yes ()No

  • Food Phan

    Shouldnt he have gone to “The Dive”? And since when does a dive have to have bad food?

  • Jimmy

    Is Silk City a diner? Does Fieri have a serious goatee?

  • Anthony

    I want to see him interview the “chef” about how they make the hot dogs at the Glinch.

  • I’m not your pal, Guy… (South Park joke)

    But really, how on earth is Good Dog a dive. They serve quiche!

    How about Locus Rendezvous, or better yet Locust Bar. Dive central.

  • Robot2007

    Dives can have good food, but, for me, they can’t have a big hipster clientele—and good god, Good Dog definitely has that.

  • bonzombiekitty

    El Bar == Dive
    Good Dog != Dive

  • least important person

    Dive bars don’t have chefs but may serve food

    FOOD being deviled eggs, pickles, potato chips, peanuts, and hot dogs swimming in hot water, ETC ETC

  • Dan

    Good Dog is on the borderline; it is pretty dank, dark and dirty. They don’t seem to have sunk a dime into that place in the last three years or so.

    I vote no, mostly because of the gastropubesque variety and the prices. Prices aren’t bad mind you, but nowhere close to the true dives about town.

    Meanwhile, I’m surprised by how upset people are getting about this. Maybe it’s just because nobody likes this Guy Fieri character. But my better guess is that it is the hipster know-it-all-ism at work. I must say, this quality is pretty damned unattractive and is probably the number one reason folks don’t like hipsters. You exemplify the same uninhibited snobbish anti-establishmentism, which in itself is the height of conformity, and it is not very fetching.

  • Josh

    It’s not a Dive bar, but it affects the qualities of a gritty city bar, so it’s a “Dive” for Guy. Most of the places he visits on the show don’t always fit the title, its just a better (or worse or they both suck) version of Rachael Ray’s travel show.

    He should have gone to Triangle Bar or Chawley Bears or Brother’s Two down in South Phil for a real dive.

  • Jd

    It depends on who you ask, and a dive doesn’t not equal bad food.

  • least important person

    Meanwhile, I’m surprised by how upset people are getting about people like Dan. Maybe it’s just because nobody likes this Dan character. But my better guess is that it is the Dan know-it-all-ism at work. I must say, this quality is pretty damned un-Danny and is probably the number one reason folks don’t like Dan. You exemplify the same uninhibited Dan-ish( That’s not Danish, I love the one’s with warm cheese in them!!) anti-Danentism, which in itself is the height of Danity (not Kane), and it is not very Dan-dy!!!!!!

    Can everyone just shut up and stop making yourself “feel” better by putting other people down
    Enough is enough with the “hipster” comments. Hipsters = Hippies. which is most parents of people in their
    20-‘s and 40’s
    unless they were squares

  • Teenie

    Since when does the term dive describe the food? I consider a dive to be a dark, informal, local bar. Sounds like the Good Dog to me.

  • Dan

    Touche – very ironic.

  • eldondre

    not sure exactly what a dive is, really, good dog is on the edge. if dives all had bad food, it wouldn’t be in the shows title. that said, if you actually watch the show, it’s really more about visiting mom and pop’s that have interesting dishes and do things right. it’s nothing like rachel ray’s travel show, this is more about where real people eat. it’s friggin genius. (no, I don’t watch his actual cooking show). that said, visting dump/dives like the triangle would make for an interesting show, just not a food show but diners, Drive ins, and assorted locally owned businesses doesn’t have the same ring. I’d guess he’s there for the good dog burger. I respect him, he realizes how lucky he is, to get paid to travel around the country eating for money. he can be a bit annoying but so can most people.

  • kbor

    DDD definitely showcases places that don’t fit into the three categories in the title. Like most people, I absolutely hated Guy Fieri when I first started watching the show. But, the places he goes are so “money” that I couldn’t stop watching. I can now comfortably watch it and just be amused by his douchebaggery.

  • mazza3

    i’m with kbor….actually i have no other comment since they nailed it.

    and the rest of you airing out your snippy comments…ugh, you make for boring ass reading. if i wanted to read this type of crap i’d go to philly.com.

  • least important person

    mazza – i know that wasn’t directed at me because my post was far from boring. in fact i just read it again and laughed more

    Dive bars – Rays happy birthday Bar, Friendly lounge, The fire, The Dive, Mc Glinchy’s, Etc Etc
    What’s the common factor?
    Smoking, No cooked to order food, no chefs, and usually cash only, dirty bathroom and a passive aggressive chain smoking bartender or two
    How many times have people responding been to these 5 Dives in city?

  • kbor

    I’m beginning to realize my comment was unnecessary and this discussion has nothing to do with DDD.

  • Barry G

    He should have gone to Cherry St Tavern.

  • G

    How bout this poll? More doucheness: Guy Fieri or Buddy Vallastro?

  • Dave

    Dolphin Tavern = dive

  • Food Phan

    McGlinchys doesnt cook food to order? Pretty certain it does.

  • Josh

    Does Dolphin still do amature night?

  • Dave

    The “Dives” in “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” doesn’t necessarily refer to “dive bars”. I see it more as, of the three in the title, places that are a bit more under the radar. That, and the description of the show itself, from foodnetwork.com, really only says “Join Guy Fieri as he visits classic “greasy spoon” spots…”.

    So that said, I’d definitely consider Good Dog a “Dive”…but perhaps not a “dive bar”.