Retro-Raunt: Pub Tiki

Photo via Arkiva Tropika

Drawing for Food visited the Pub in Pennsauken a bit back, a retro experience in and of itself but they also did some research on the history of the Pub that we found fascinating.

  • There were once 5 Pub locations
  • Founded by Morris “Duffy”J. Shoyer (1914-1995)

Here are some fun facts we found about Pub Tiki:

  • Opened in the mid-1950s
  • Closed in 1977
  • Interior featured a glowing map of the South Pacific and a waterfall
  • The Missionary’s Downfall was the most expensive cocktail at $1.20
  • A Hawaiian hukilau of special rums and fresh exotic juices served in a whole fresh pineapple

  • All drinks had a minimum of 1 1/2 ounces alcohol
  • 3 Tiki mugs from Pub Tiki recently went for $188.49 on eBay.
  • GQ food writer Alan Richman took a date to Pub Tiki in 1965, his senior year at the University of Pennsylvania and also mentioned the restaurant in his book, Fork it Over: the intrepid adventures of a professional eater .
  • Phyllis Stein-Novack reminisced that the “Polynesian” food served there “was sort of Chinese, the addition of cherries and pineapples.”
  • Dinner Menu from Pub Tiki [Arkiva Tropika]
  • Cocktail Menu from Pub Tiki [Arkiva Tropika]

Are we ready for a Tiki renaissance?

The Pub [Drawing for Food]

  • Midnight Toquer

    Nice work! Philly was also once home to Marriott’s Kon Tiki flagship. I wish Stephen Starr would do a Tiki themed project. Maybe he could turn the Broad Street Diner into a gastro-Polynesian diner.

  • Adam

    I can say, without any irony, that I would definitely patronize a 1950s style Tiki Bar. I’d even wear an aloha shirt.

  • acmestyled

    Now we know what should go into the “ginormous restaurant space” Hotel Monaco on Independence Square.