Patel is LHAO


We were tipped off to this web site by a reader yesterday. It focuses on some Philadelphia Department of Health/Office of Food Protection violations that Ekta has received.

The site is owned by someone identified as Patel who extols Ekta owner and chef Raju Bhattara to wash his hands. It’s an odd site as Patel seems genuinely freaked by the sanitary conditions but also praises the “unity of spices” at Ekta.

Ironically we received this email as we were polishing off some Ekta leftovers. We’re happy to report that we’re feeling fine and Ekta was as tasty as ever.

Ekta Indian Cuisine – Raju Bhattarai Wash Your Damn Hands [Certainly not the Official Site]
Ekta Restaurant [Official Site]

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  • jonny

    huh? i’m confused

  • Jonathan

    Just a guess, but it looks like a competitor and/or random d-bag setup the site as a method of blackmailing Ekta into buying the domain.

  • nicole

    I just clicked over to the site, and while that form from the health department certainly looks bad, you have to realize what can get cited in a health inspection.
    Left the metal ice scoop, which is only ever used for clean beverage ice, in the ice bin? Unsanitary.
    Have a hand washing sink, but it’s the only one because you run a small take out joint out of a hundred year old store front, and by necessity it’s tucked in a corner, not right next to food prep area?

    My point is there are very few restaurant’s that pass inspection with flying color’s on the first try. The inspectors come during business hours, when anyone who works in the biz can tell you, you could care less about the ice scoop. But, often times, in cases like this health inspectors are reasonable, and unless the violations are heinous, the establishment is given a second chance to get it right.

    Oh, and to ####, STFU, and leave Ekta alone. It’s the only decent take out in my neighborhood. Hater. (And racist, what’s with the “Patel” thing? You do know that it’s not a first name, right?)

  • David G

    What a jerk.

  • Pete

    You guys really shouldn’t spread slanderous stuff like this. Even things like someone left a mop with the handle facing up one day, go down as violations. Being in the industry its ridiculous how 2 different inspectors can go into one place and find completely different evaluations, especially if one of them is in a bad mood. Don’t let yourselves become a pawn in a smearfest. Its likely a competitor or bitter customer.

  • blee

    I’m with Pete. You should probably delete this post to avoid complicity with Mr. XXXX’s smear campaign.

  • kbor

    In response to this thread I will be ordering Ekta for dinner.

  • Mohammad Izlam

    This smear campaign has been initiated at the behest of Manish Narula (Owner of Tiffin). I just happen to know the inside workings of this feud. Owners of both establishments are in a war of sorts, opening new locations in close proximity. As far as I am concerned, they both are worth getting worked up about.

  • anonymous

    The only thing is Tiffin Sucks. I never had flavorless Indian food until I ate at Tiffin.

  • Mader Chod

    The fight is on. Who will win?

  • Mohammad Izlam

    The winner will be King of Tandoor. The only place for authentic Indian food…and they wash their hands!

  • Harami Bhenchod

    Tiffin is the most over-rated restaurant in existence. Ekta is bearable. Minar Palace is decent! If you can look past the GFG (grumpy fat guy) and Mommie Mean-ar, this restaurant serves the most edible Indian food in center city!

  • Joseph Becnel

    This is so sad that the owner of Tiffin as to put down there former Chef that helped open Ekta.
    Tiffin really should not start butting up food reports like this when they have failed there food report any one can look it up for them self’s same website but Tiffin on the other hand on there food report show that there where mouse
    droppings in the back in the cleaning area and a dead mouse in the basement so they really should not start any thing they can’t finish.