Hawthornes Adds Everyday Breakfast


Hawthornes Beer Cafe has added weekday breakfast and updated its lunch menu. Breakfast on weekdays at 9am.

Hawthornes has also recently added 16 outdoor seats and has plans for adding four new draft lines bringing the total to 20.

Check out the hours and menus after jump.

Kitchen Hours:
Breakfast and Lunch Monday through Friday 9 am – 4 pm
Lunch Monday and Tuesday until 9 pm
Dinner Wednesday and Thursday 5 pm – 9pm
Dinner Friday and Saturday 5 pm – 10 pm
Brunch Saturday 9 am – 4 pm and Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Breakfast Menu (.Doc)
Lunch Menu (.Doc)
Hawthornes [Official Site]

  • Growler King

    how about trying not to ass-rape their customers?

  • Christian

    A 30 dollar growler fill is perfectly reasonable. (sarcasm)

  • http://foobooz.com Foobooz

    Expensive beer makes for expensive growlers. $12 for Dock Street West Pale Ale on Saturday seemed reasonable to me.

  • Mark

    I got a bottle of the Bruery Saison de Lente at Hawthorne’s on Saturday, it set me back a little over $13. I went to the new Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting later that day and saw the same bottle for $8.99. Lame. Its the second time I’ve been in there and I think it’s my last. Oh, and the owner has the audacity to put a $15 minimum on debit cards but yet charges $30 for a growler of beer that would cost $10-$15 in a six pack?

  • Rob

    Nice to know it isn’t just me that thinks the prices are high. I’ve seen bottles for cheaper at bars.

  • bob newhart

    i love places that feel like my mom decorated them. not!

  • Marianne

    Definitely overpriced. The owner, while I’m sure he knows his stuff, was super cocky and refused to let my bf see him fill/seal the growlers because it’s “proprietary.” Dude, its not rocket science, it’s taking the air out of the growler. Get a grip.

  • Buddy Hackett

    Bob, your mother has awful taste and she is a whore.

  • Christian

    Many of the Philly area beers have been priced really well, including the Dogfish on now. Some of them, however are a bit much, especially when compared to what pints average at bars. And the cost for an empty screw-top there doesn’t really show good faith.

  • Joe K

    @Mark – Visa and MasterCard don’t allow minimums to be set for purchases. You can report them if you’d like. Probably better to just politely remind them though next time they try to enforce it. Not sure it applies in this case since you said “debit” — but it probably does because as long as the card is branded with a Visa or MasterCard logo, then the restriction still applies.

  • bob newhart

    hey buddy,
    i mean chris, my mom is dead and your place still sucks. fuck off. i wouldn’t be surprised if you ratted out the memphis taproom.

  • Bri Guy

    Bob get a grip. Why would a distributor & co rat out a bar? Bad for their own business.

    For my part I concur with Christian